Monday, May 26, 2014

Say no to Tata Photon Service--Tata Docomo

Those who have been cheated by  Tata Photon Service--Tata Docomo should boycott Tata products. Look at the long list of complaints against them at

This company is taking consumers for a ride. All those who have been cheated must recall the humiliation of calling customer care service which give automatic pre-recorded answers to your complaints. It goes on asking you to press this button or that button and when you are fortunate enough to get through to the customer care executive, he speaks like robot because his mandate and powers to address the problems is quite limited. This is simply a trick to hide behind the virtual desk to ensure that Tata continues to reap profit even if it amounts to cheating and day light loot.

The answer to this crisis is: Say no to Tata Photon Service--Tata Docomo 

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