Friday, November 26, 2010

Questions for Nitish led alliance in Bihar

Roads and bridges that Nitish Kumar built has brought his alliance back to power. They made his journey safer. The mandate is clear. Caste politics too has a place for the deprived castes need ‘development’ the most. Bihar voters have rejected the self-serving dynastic politics of Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan. The way he reached out to backward Muslims has benefitted the alliance. The restoration of government services also became quite noticeable.

Notably, prior to this victory the boycott of US President Barack Obama's address to the Indian Parliament by Shivanand Tiwari, a veteran Socialist leader and Janata Dal (United) Rajya Sabha member was remarkable. Is it a victory of ‘complete socialism’ as has been observed by Sharad Yadav, the national President of JDU?

Not many people know that the JDU’s ally BJP was founded in 1980, it chose "Gandhian socialism" as its official ideology! The same is mentioned in the Form it submitted to the Election Commission of India at the time its registration as a political party. BJP had discarded this ideology in favour of the temple agenda in the early 1990s. Is it willing to revert back to it?

If so will Bihar now have Common School System as has been recommended by a Committee appointed by Nitish Kumar government? In 2006, he had called for the Common School System to be implemented by the central government in order to ensure quality and non-discriminatory education to all. Bihar was the first state to have constituted a commission on common school system. Since then reiterating the recommendations of Kothari Commission, the Bihar’s Common School System Commission has submitted its 313-page report in June 2007 but Nitish Kumar did not take any step to act on its recommendation that called “for a legislation underpinning the Common School System.” If it happens it would be a trendsetter beyond empty posturing.
Will he able to get Special Category Status for Bihar now? In 2006, the Bihar Assembly had passed an unanimous resolution demanding special category status to Bihar. This decision emerged after a four-hour debate in the assembly on a resolution which was adopted unanimously. Participating in the debate, Nitish had stressed the need for a heavy doze of Central assistance. He had listed grounds for making such a demand saying Bihar has international borders with Nepal and Bangladesh, it is struck by recurring floods, power scenario is critical and also there is a problem of extremism. In a rare gesture of unity and rising above the political affiliation, the members sitting on both sides rose in unison and forcefully approved the resolution calling the Centre to include Bihar in the special category of states. Bihar has been demanding at least since 1999 when Bihar Chamber of Commerce (BCC) met the then Union finance minister and the then vice-chairman of Planning Commission seeking special category state status to Bihar. In 1989, the then PM Rajiv Gandhi had announced a special package for Bihar of over Rs 5,000 crore for various projects but it was never implemented.

Will there be improvement in Bihar's per capita energy consumption which is currently the lowest in the country given the failure of rural electrification campaign? Its per capita energy consumption, at 75 kWh (kilowatt per hour), is the lowest in India and far below the national average of 613 kWh. Only 30 percent of rural households in the state have been electrified. The Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY), a centrally-sponsored programme started in 2005 to provide electricity in rural areas is a failure in Bihar. The RGGVY norms are inadequate in any case because it considered villages electrified if 10 percent households and some important structures like the panchayat building got electricity. In remote locations, stand-alone systems can be more cost-effective than extending a power line to the electricity grid (the cost of which can range from $15,000 to $50,000 per mile).

Will Bihar adopt small grids for electricity which have become a compelling logic because capital intensive thermal and hydro energy based households do not make any sense when transmission and distribution (T&D) losses of the state electricity boards & distribution firms are almost 55 %?. The T&D losses for the country as a whole are estimated to be in the range of 35%–45%, according to Planning Commission's Eleventh Five Year Plan 2007-12 document. Logically, powering houses or small businesses using a small renewable energy system which is not connected to the electricity grid makes economic sense and demonstrates environmental sanity.  

Will recommendations of D Bandhopadhaya Committee on land reforms be implemented?

Will drainage congestion led flood crisis in the Kosi river basin be decongested by restoring natural land scape by dismantling the politician-contractors-engineers nexus that perpetuates status quo?

Will proposals for irrational projects like Kosi High Dam and Interlinking of Bihar’s rivers be given up for it is against the cardinal principles of river basin approach underlined by the formation of Ganga River Basin Authority? Will Bihar get its share of water from Ganga river?

Will Nitish Kumar undertake a performance evaluation and cost-benefit analysis of existing embankments and come out with a White Paper on it before proceeding with the current programme? 

Will Nitish government realize the disastrous consequences of pushing for biofuels in the face of food riots in 37 countries?

Will his government have the farsightedness to stop the commencement of hazardous industrial projects like asbestos cement factory in Muzaffarpur given the fact that asbestos is banned in more than 52 countries as it causes incurable lung cancer?

Will the NDA alliance have the vision to stop ecologically destructive green revolution type of intervention in agriculture which has turned Punjab into the cancer capital of the country? This has been proposed by the central agricultural ministry.

As things stand while road construction made his return to power smooth, the construction of embankments on the flood prone rivers like Kosi and Bagmati which is underway can prove to be his undoing in future. It was too much to expect a government of 5 years to undo the damage done by the programme of flood control that started in 1954 comprising of construction of embankments on both the banks of the Burhigandak, the Bagmati, the Kamla and the Kosi. But during his second term he should attempt steps to recover and restore the natural flow of rivers in Bihar. There is an emerging unanimity that structural engineering measures such as high dams, embankments, inter-basin and intra-basin transfer of water from rivers is inadvisable. What is required is opening of navigable drainage channels as an alternative to the embankments letting rivers flow without impediments. The benefits of free flowing river outweigh benefits from their damming and diversion besides that it ensures intergenerational equity.

These tasks require application of political imagination and one hopes wise ecological sense will prevail. But the million dollar question is: Isn’t the verdict of the Bihar voters also a call for mid-term Lok Sabha elections given the non-performance of the Sonia Gandhi led alliance?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Governor invites Nitish & Modi to take oath

Bihar Governor Devanand Konwar has invited Nitish Kumar to form the government. He will be sworn-in as the state's 34th chief minister on 26th November. Kumar got the invitation from Konwar in the evening when he called on the Governor at the Raj Bhavan to stake claim.

"The governor has invited me to form the government tomorrow at 2.30 pm at the Gandhi maidan," Kumar told reporters after his 50-minute meeting with Konwar. He was accompanied by JD(U) national president Sharad Yadav and senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley. Sushil Kumar Modi, who was elected leader of BJP legislature party, will be sworn-in as Kumar's deputy.

Earlier, Kumar was elected leader of the NDA legislature party. His name was proposed by state NDA convenor Nand Kishore Yadav and seconded by state JD(U) president Vijay Kumar Choudhary.

Kumar was also unanimously elected leader of the 115-member JD(U) legislature party. His name was proposed by senior party leader Ramai Ram and seconded, among others, by Sahid Ali Khan, besides state JD(U) chief Vijay Kumar Choudhary.

Nitish has cautioned against arrogance over the victory of the NDA or belittling of the Opposition.

Why Sonia led alliance has no Bihar Minister?

Sonia Gandhi led alliance was routed in Bihar long before the Vidhan Sabha elections. Congress recorded its worst-ever performance in the last 10 years. The party got only four seats in the 243 member Vidhan Sabha even its Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) chief Mehboob Ali Qaiser and the Congress Legislature Party leader Prakash Ram lost. The party had 9 seats earlier. Qaiser was brought to appear to represent Muslims who constitute around 16 percent of the state's voting population.

Rahul Gandhi went to places like Samastipur, Saharsa, Katihar, Supaul, Araria, Sitamarhi, Mujfaffarpur, Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Bachcharwa, Munger, Kahalgaon, Barbigha, Hisua, Shekhpura, Buxar, Bhabua, Sasaram and Obra.

Sonia Gandhi addressed rallies in Kishanganj, Motihari, Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Buxar and Bhabua during her three visits to Bihar.

Even the former PCC chief Sadanand Singh, former PCC chiefs Ramjatan Sinha and Avdhesh Singh have lost. The reason for the rout of Congress lies in the answer to the question why Sonia led alliance at the centre has no Bihar Minister?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nitish led alliance storms back to power

Nitish Kumar led alliance is back to power in Bihar. It has taken decisive lead over Lalu Yadav led alliance. The JDU led alliance has gained landslide victory far above the half-way mark required for any coalition or party to form a government in the state is 122 seats out of 243 members in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha. Lalu Yadav conceded defeat saying the results were unexpected and said he accepted the people's mandate.
JDU got 115 seats.
Bharatiya Janata Party got 91 seats.
Indian National Congress got 4 seats.
Lok Jan Shakti Party got 3 seats.
Rashtriya Janata Dal has 22 seats.
Communist Party of India got 1 seat.
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha got 1 seat.
Others got 6 seats.
Bhojpur District has 7 constituencies namely: Shahpur, Barhara, Arrah, Sandesh, Jagdishpur, Agiaon and Tarari.
Bihar - Shahpur
Result Declared
MUNNI DEVIBharatiya Janata Party44795
DHARMPAL SINGHRashtriya Janata Dal36584
KRISHNA BIHARI SINGHBahujan Samaj Party11274
SRISHIVAJEET MISHRAJanata Dal (Secular)10166
MD. FAZLUR RAHAMANIndependent3100
MALTI DEVIIndian National Congress2348

Bihar - Barhara
Result Declared
RAGHWENDRA PRATAP SINGHRashtriya Janata Dal46102
ASHA DEVIJanata Dal (United)45019
BHAI BRAHMESHWERIndian National Congress6084
RAJIV RANJANCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)3672
DR. SIYA MATI RAIIndependent1690
ARUN KUMAR SINGHNationalist Congress Party1656
MRITUNJAY BHARDWAJBharat Vikas Morcha1361
VIJAY SINGHIndependent1110
VIMAL KUMARBahujan Samaj Party1070
NIRMAL SINGHIndependent993
SHYAM SUNDER PANDEYAll India Forward Bloc410
SUKHLAL YADAVLoktantrik Samata Dal303

Bihar - Arrah
Result Declared
AMRENDRA PRATAP SINGHBharatiya Janata Party56504
SHREE KUMAR SINGHLok Jan Shakti Party37564
MEENA TIWARICommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)5314
MD. JAWED IQBALIndian National Congress2717
MOHAMMAD NASIMIndependent1175
RABISH KUMARBahujan Samaj Party1041
AWDHESH YADAVIndependent892
MANGAL SINGHNationalist Congress Party851
UMESHWAR MISHRABharatiya Jagaran Party814
RAM NARESH PRASADJawan Kisan Morcha723
VIJAY KUMARIndependent504
SAMRIDH DEEPAKRevolutionary Socialist Party478
BHARAT BHUSHAN PANDAYAkhil Bharatiya Jan Sangh455
JYOTI KALASHIndependent373
RAHUL KUMARIndependent366
KHAGENDRA KUMARSamajwadi Party336
BABLU SINGHJai Maha Bharath Party246
RAM DINESH SINGHIndependent238

Bihar - Sandesh
Result Declared
SANJAY SINGH (TIGER)Bharatiya Janata Party29988
ARUN KUMARIndependent23166
BIJENDRA KUMAR YADAVRashtriya Janata Dal16779
RAMESHWAR PRASADCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)15095
SANJAY SINGHIndependent10219
RAJEEV KUMARIndependent2824
SHEO BIHARI ROYBahujan Samaj Party2256
SATYENDRA MEHTABharat Vikas Morcha2190
SHASHI KUMAR SINGHIndian National Congress2067
BAIJNATH YADAVJawan Kisan Morcha1445
JITENDRA KUMAR SINGHNationalist Congress Party1273
DAROGA THAKURIndependent967
HALIM MANSURIIndependent618
JITENDRA KUMARIndependent578
SANOJ KUMARIndependent567

Bihar - Jagdishpur
Result Declared
DINESH KUMAR SINGHRashtriya Janata Dal55560
SUDAMA PRASADCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)16129
HUSSAIN IMAMIndependent3784
MANGAL SINGHIndian National Congress1961
BEETU SINGHBahujan Samaj Party1360
MAHENDRA CHAUDHARYProutist BolcIndia1125
MANOJ KUMAR RAINationalist Congress Party1068
JAYANTI DEVISamajwadi Party901
Bihar - Agiaon
Result Declared
SHIVESH KUMARBharatiya Janata Party29257
SURESH PASWANRashtriya Janata Dal24008
SIDHNATH RAMCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)21739
ASHOK KUMARIndian National Congress4024
SUBHAG RAMIndependent2946
NATHUNI RAMIndependent2008
BRAHMDEV PRASADIndependent1728
RAMSUNDAR RAM KANAUJIAJanata Dal (Secular)1697
MANU RAM RATHAURIndependent1333
SUDHA DEVINationalist Congress Party1261
RAM PRASAD RAMLoktantrik Samata Dal975
VIMLESH RAMIndependent878
RAMDEO PREMJIWANBahujan Samaj Party511

Bihar - Tarari
Result Declared
ADIB RIZVIRashtriya Janata Dal34093
KAMTA PRASAD SINGHCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)30111
AJIT ROYIndependent1847
SATYENDRA ROYBahujan Samaj Party1565
JAY LAKSHMIIndian National Congress1427
KRISHNA DAYAL SINGHNationalist Congress Party902
Buxar District has 4 constituencies namely: Buxar, Rajpur, Dumraon and Brahampur.

Bihar - Buxar
Result Declared
PROF. SUKHADA PANDEBharatiya Janata Party48062
SHYAM LAL SINGH KUSHWAHARashtriya Janata Dal27879
KUNWAR VIJAY SINGHBahujan Samaj Party12643
MANJU PRAKASHCommunist Party of India (Marxist)9317
RAJ ROUSHAN YADAVSuheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party5119
SUNITA DEVIIndependent4474
ANIL KUMAR TRIVEDIIndian National Congress3783
OM PRAKASH SINGHJanata Dal (Secular)2068
RAM KRIPAL SINGHJanvadi Party(Socialist)1412
TAFIR HUSSINIndependent1284
AGNI DEO RAYShivsena1065
ANOOP PRAKASHIndependent948
RAJIV KUMARIndependent712
YOGENDRA CHAUHANNationalist Congress Party586
HARI KISHUN RAMIndian Justice Party566
UPENDRA KUMAR DUBEYRevolutionary Socialist Party543
GAYATRI DEVIIndependent504
UMA SHANKAR RAYSamajwadi Party416

Bihar - Rajpur
Result Declared
SANTOSH KUMAR NIRALAJanata Dal (United)54802
CHHEDI LAL RAMLok Jan Shakti Party39563
PANKAJ KUMARBahujan Samaj Party18389
MANJU KUMARIIndian National Congress5614
SHIV KUMAR RAMJanvadi Party(Socialist)3912
RAMASHANKER RAMCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)3715
RAJ KUMAR RAMIndependent2546
RAJENDRA PASWANJanata Dal (Secular)1741
MADAN RAMIndependent1234
HIRAMAN PRASAD PASWANNationalist Congress Party921
SANJAY PASWANRashtra Sewa Dal678
PARSURAM PRASADSamajwadi Party567

Bihar - Dumraon
Result Declared
DR. DAUD ALIJanata Dal (United)42538
SUNIL KUMARRashtriya Janata Dal22692
DADAN YADAV (SAMHAR)Janata Dal (Secular)17956
AYODHYA KUMAR SINGHCommunist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation)6573
DADAN YADAV (MANPA)Bahujan Samaj Party6551
PRATIBHA DEVIIndian National Congress5889
RAJ RAM CHOUDHARYSuheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party3220
HARE RAM SINGHIndependent3100
RANJIT SINGHIndependent2765
GORAKH NATH SINGHIndependent1676
KAMALA DEVIIndependent1150
SATYENDAR PRASADJai Maha Bharath Party954
BINOD SINGHSamajwadi Party701

Bihar - Barhampur
Result Declared
DILMARNI DEVIBharatiya Janata Party46196
AJIT CHAUDHARYRashtriya Janata Dal25854
DADAN YADAVJanata Dal (Secular)13901
ARVIND SINGHBahujan Samaj Party10083
SATYENDRA KUMARIndian National Congress4735
KEDAR SINGHCommunist Party of India4180
HARENDRA PRASAD RAMCommunist Party of India(Marxist-Leninist)(Liberation)2497
INDU DEVIIndependent2070
KIRAN MISHRAIndependent1898
SHIV NARAYAN SINGHSuheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party1353
PRAMOD SINGHSamajwadi Party1118
SAYEEDUL AZAMIndian Justice Party1069
BINODHAR OJHANationalist Congress Party1036
MANOJ KUMAR SINGHRashtra Sewa Dal1030
RAJU MISHRAIndependent669
ASHOK KUMAR OJHAIndependent613
SHIV SHANKAR DASIndependent443
SHIVNATH RAMIndependent287

Total Results:
Agiaon: Shivesh Kumar(BJP)- Wins
Alamnagar: Narendra Narayan Yadav(JDU)- Leads
Alauli: Ram Chandra Sada(JDU)- Leads
Alinagar: Prabhakar Choudhary(JDU)- Leads
Amarpur: Janardan Manjhi(JDU)- Leads
Amnour: Krishan Kumar(JDU)- Leads
Amour: Saba Zafar(BJP)- Wins
Araria: Zakir Hussin Khan(LJP)- Leads
Arrah: Amrendra Pratap Singh(BJP)- Leads
Arwal: Chitranjan Kumar(BJP)- Leads
Asthawan: Jitendra Kumar(JDU)- Wins
Atri: Krishna Nandan Yadav(JDU)- Leads
Aurai: Ram Surat Rai(BJP)- Leads
Aurangabad: Ramadhar Singh(BJP)- Leads

Babubarhi: Kapildev Kamat(JDU)- Leads
Bachhwara: Abdesh Kumar Ray(CPI)- Wins
Bagaha: Prabhat Ranjan Singh(JDU)- Wins
Bahadurganj: Md.Tousif Alam(Cong)- Leads
Bahadurpur: Madan Sahni(JDU)- Leads
Baikunthpur: Manjeet Kumar Singh(JDU)- Wins
Baisi: Santosh Kumar(BJP)- Wins
Bajpatti: Ranju Geeta(JDU)- Leads
Bakhri: Ramanand Ram(BJP)- Wins
Bakhtiarpur: Vinode Yadav(BJP)- Leads
Balrampur: Dulal Chandra Goshwami(IND)- Leads
Baniapur: Virendra Kumar Ojha(JDU)- Leads
Banka: Javed Iqbal Ansari(RJD)- Leads
Bankipur: Nitin Nabin(BJP)- Wins
Banmankhi: Krishna Kumar Rishi(BJP)- Wins
Barachatti: Jyoti Devi(JDU)- Wins
Barari: Bibhasha Chandra Choudhary(BJP)- Leads
Barauli: Ram Pravesh Rai(BJP)- Wins
Barbigha: Gajanand Shahi(JDU)- Wins
Barh: Gyanendra Kumar Singh(JDU)- Wins
Barhara: Raghwendra Pratap Singh(RJD)- Leads
Barharia: Shyam Bahadur Singh(JDU)- Leads
Baruraj: Brij Kishor Singh(RJD)- Wins
Bathnaha: Dinkar Ram(BJP)- Leads
Begusarai: Surendra Mehta(BJP)- Wins
Belaganj: Mohammad Amzad(JDU)- Leads
Beldaur: Pannalal Singh Patel(JDU)- Leads
Belhar: Ramdeo Yadav(RJD)- Leads
Belsand: Sunita Singh(JDU)- Leads
Benipatti: Vinod Narayan Jha(BJP)- Leads
Benipur: Gopaljee Thakur(BJP)- Leads
Bettiah: Renu Devi(BJP)- Wins
Bhabua: Anand Bhushan Pandey(BJP)- Leads
Bhagalpur: Ashwini Kumar Choubey(BJP)- Leads
Bhorey: Indradeo Manjhi(BJP)- Wins
Bibhutipur: Ram Balak Singh(JDU)- Leads
Bihariganj: Renu Kumari(JDU)- Wins
Biharsharif: Sunil Kumar(JDU)- Wins
Bihpur: Kumar Shailendra(BJP)- Wins
Bikram: Anil Kumar(BJP)- Leads
Bisfi: Haribhushan Thakur(JDU)- Leads
Bochaha: Ramai Ram(JDU)- Leads
Bodh Gaya: Shyam Deo Paswan(BJP)- Leads
Brahampur: Dil Marni Devi @ Dilmani Devi(BJP)- Leads
Buxar: Prof. Sukhada Pandey(BJP)- Leads

Chainpur: Dr. Ajay Alok(BSP)- Leads

Chakai: Bijay Kumar Singh(LJP)- Leads

Chanpatia: Chandra Mohan Rai(BJP)- Wins

Chapra: Janardan Singh Sigriwal(BJP)- Wins

Chenari: Lalan Pasawan(RJD)- Leads

Cheria Bariarpur: Kumari Manju Verma(JDU)- Wins

Chhatapur: Niraj Kr Singh(JDU)- Wins

Chiraia: Awanish Kumar Singh(BJP)- Leads

Danapur: Asha Devi(BJP)- Leads

Darauli: Ramayan Manjhi(BJP)- Leads

Daraundha: Jagmato Devi(JDU)- Leads

Darbhanga: Sanjay Sarawgi(BJP)- Wins

Darbhanga Rural: Lalit Kumar Yadav(RJD)- Leads

Dehri: Mohammad Iliyas Husain(RJD)- Leads

Dhaka: Pawan Kumar Jaiswal(IND)- Leads

Dhamdaha: Lesi Singh(JDU)- Wins

Dhauraiya: Manish Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Digha: Punam Devi(JDU)- Wins

Dinara: Jay Kumar Singh(JDU)- Wins

Dumraon: Dr Daud Ali(JDU)- Leads

Ekma: Manoranjan Singh(JDU)- Leads

Fatuha: Dr. Ramanand Yadav(RJD)- Wins

Forbesganj: Padam Parag Roy Venu(BJP)- Leads

Gaighat: Veena Devi(BJP)- Leads

Garkha: Gyanchand Manjhi(BJP)- Leads

Gaura Bauram: Izhar Ahmad(JDU)- Wins

Gaya Town: Prem Kumar(BJP)- Wins

Ghosi: Rahul Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Gobindpur: Kaushal Yadav(JDU)- Leads

Goh: Dr. Ranvijay Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Gopalganj: Subas Singh(BJP)- Wins

Gopalpur: Narendra Kumar Niraj(JDU)- Wins

Goriakothi: Bhumendra Narayn Singh(BJP)- Wins

Govindganj: Meena Dwivedi(JDU)- Leads

Gurua: Surendra Pd. Sinha(BJP)- Leads

Hajipur: Nitaynand Roy(BJP)- Wins

Harlakhi: Md. Sabbir(Cong)- Leads

Harnaut: Hari Narayan Singh(JDU)- Wins

Harsidhi: Krishana Nandan Paswan(BJP)- Wins

Hasanpur: Raj Kumar Ray(JDU)- Wins

Hathua: Rajesh Kumar Singh(RJD)- Leads

Hayaghat: Amarnath Gami(BJP)- Wins

Hilsa: Usha Sinha(JDU)- Wins

Hisua: Anil Singh(BJP)- Leads

Imamganj: Raushan Kumar(RJD)- Leads

Islampur: Rajiv Ranjan(JDU)- Wins

Jagdishpur: Dinesh Kumar Singh(RJD)- Leads

Jale: Vijay Kumar Mishra(BJP)- Leads

Jamalpur: Shailesh Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Jamui: Ajay Pratap(JDU)- Leads

Jehanabad: Abhiram Sharma(JDU)- Wins

Jhajha: Damodar Raut(JDU)- Leads

Jhanjharpur: Nitish Mishra(JDU)- Wins

Jokihat: Sarfaraj Alam(JDU)- Wins

Kadwa: Bhola Ray(BJP)- Wins

Kahalgaon: Kahkasha Parveen(JDU)- Leads

Kalyanpur: Razia Khatoon(JDU)- Leads

Kalyanpur: Ramsevak Hazari(JDU)- Leads

Kanti: Ajit Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Karakat: Rajeshwar Raj(JDU)- Wins

Kargahar: Shiv Shanker Singh(LJP)- Leads

Kasba: Md. Afaque Alam(Cong)- Leads

Katihar: Tarkishore Prasad(BJP)- Wins

Katoria: Sonelal Hembrom(BJP)- Leads

Keoti: Ashok Kumar Yadav(BJP)- Leads

Kesaria: Sachindra Prasad Singh(BJP)- Wins

Khagaria: Poonam Devi Yadav(JDU)- Wins

Khajauli: Arun Shankar Prasad(BJP)- Leads

Kishanganj: Dr. Mohammad Jawaid(Cong)- Leads

Kochadhaman: Akhtarul Iman(RJD)- Wins

Korha: Mahesh Paswan(BJP)- Wins

Kuchaikote: Amarendra Kumar Pandey(JDU)- Wins

Kumhrar: Arun Kumar Sinha(BJP)- Wins

Kurhani: Bijendra Chaudhary(LJP)- Leads

Kurtha: Satyadev Singh(JDU)- Leads

Kusheshwar Asthan: Shashi Bhushan Hajari(BJP)- Leads

Kutumba: Lalan Ram(JDU)- Leads

Lakhisarai: Vijay Kumar Sinha(BJP)- Leads

Lalganj: Annu Shukla(JDU)- Wins

Laukaha: Hari Prasad Sah(JDU)- Leads

Lauriya: Vinay Bihari(IND)- Wins

Madhepura: Chandrshekhar(RJD)- Leads

Madhuban: Shivji Rai(JDU)- Leads

Madhubani: Ram Deo Mahto(BJP)- Leads

Maharajganj: Damodar Singh(JDU)- Leads

Mahishi: Dr. Abdul Gafoor(RJD)- Wins

Mahnar: Dr. Achyutanan(BJP)- Wins

Mahua: Ravindra Ray(JDU)- Wins

Makhdumpur: Jitan Ram Manjhi(JDU)- Leads

Maner: Bhai Virendra(RJD)- Leads

Manihari: Manohar Prasad Singh(JDU)- Wins

Manjhi: Jitendra Kr. Singh(IND)- Leads

Marhaura: Lalbabu Roy(JDU)- Leads

Masaurhi: Arun Manjhi(JDU)- Leads

Matihani: Narendra Kumar Singh(JDU)- Wins

Minapur: Rajeev Kr. (Munna Yadav)(RJD)- Leads

Mohania: Chhedi Paswan(JDU)- Leads

Mohiuddinngr: Rana Gangeshwar Singh(BJP)- Wins

Mokama: Anant Kumar Singh(JDU)- Wins

Morwa: Baidyanath Sahani(JDU)- Leads

Motihari: Pramod Kumar(BJP)- Leads

Munger: Anant Kumar Satyarthy(JDU)- Leads

Muzaffarpur: Suresh Kr. Sharma(BJP)- Leads

Nabinagar: Virendra Kumar Singh(JDU)- Leads

Nalanda: Shrawan Kumar(JDU)- Wins

Narkatia: Shyam Bihari Prasad(JDU)- Leads

Narkatiaganj: Satish Chandra Dubey(BJP)- Wins

Narpatganj: Devyanti Yadav(BJP)- Leads

Nathnagar: Ajay Kumar Mandal(JDU)- Leads

Nautan: Manorama Prasad(JDU)- Wins

Nawada: Purnima Yadav(JDU)- Leads

Nirmali: Anirudha Prasad Yadav(JDU)- Wins

Nokha: Kanti Singh(RJD)- Leads

Obra: Pramod Singh Chandravanshi(JDU)- Wins

Paliganj: Dr. Usha Vidyarthi(BJP)- Wins

Parbatta: Samrat Chaudhary Alias Rakesh Kumar(RJD)- Leads

Parihar: Ram Naresh Prasad Yadav(BJP)- Leads

Paroo: Ashok Kumar Singh(BJP)- Leads

Parsa: Chhote Lal Ray(JDU)- Leads

Patepur: Mahendra Baitha(BJP)- Wins

Patna Sahib: Nand Kishore Yadav(BJP)- Wins

Phulparas: Guljar Devi(JDU)- Wins

Phulwari: Shyam Rajak(JDU)- Leads

Pipra: Awadesh Pd Kushwaha(JDU)- Leads

Pipra: Sujata Devi(JDU)- Wins

Pirpainti: Aman Kumar(BJP)- Wins

Pranpur: Binod Kumar Singh(BJP)- Wins

Purnia: Raj Kishore Kesri(BJP)- Wins

Rafiganj: Ashok Kumar Singh(JDU)- Leads

Raghopur: Satish Kumar(JDU)- Wins

Raghunathpur: Vikram Kunwar(BJP)- Wins

Raja Pakar: Sanjay Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Rajauli: Kanhaiya Kumar(BJP)- Leads

Rajgir: Satya Deo Narayan Arya(BJP)- Wins

Rajnagar: Ramprit Paswan(BJP)- Leads

Rajpur: Santosh Kumar Nirala(JDU)- Leads

Ramgarh: Ashok Kumar Singh(IND)- Leads

Ramnagar: Bhagirathi Devi(BJP)- Wins

Raniganj: Parmand Rishideo(BJP)- Leads

Raxaul: Dr Ajay Kumar Singh(BJP)- Wins

Riga: Moti Lal Prasad(BJP)- Leads

Rosera: Manju Hajari(BJP)- Wins

Runnisaidpur: Guddi Devi(JDU)- Leads

Rupauli: Bima Bharti(JDU)- Wins

Saharsa: Alok Ranjan(BJP)- Leads

Sahebganj: Raju Kumar Singh(JDU)- Leads

Sahebpur Kamal: Praveen Amanullah(JDU)- Wins

Sakra: Suresh Chanchal(JDU)- Leads

Samastipur: Ramnath Thakur(JDU)- Leads

Sandesh: Sanjay Singh(BJP)- Wins

Sarairanjan: Vijay Kumar Choudhary(JDU)- Wins

Sasaram: Jawahar Prasad(BJP)- Leads

Shahpur: Munni Devi(BJP)- Leads

Sheikhpura: Randhir Kumar Soni(JDU)- Leads

Sheohar: Sarfuddin(JDU)- Wins

Sherghati: Vinod Prasad Yadav(JDU)- Leads

Sikandra: Rameshwar Paswan(JDU)- Leads

Sikta: Dilip Varma(IND)- Wins

Sikti: Vijay Kumar Mandal(LJP)- Leads

Simri Bakhtiarpur: Dr. Arun Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Singheshwar: Ramesh Rishideo(JDU)- Wins

Sitamarhi: Sunil Kumar Alias Pintu(BJP)- Wins

Siwan: Vyasdeo Prasad(BJP)- Leads

Sonbarsha: Ratnesh Sada(JDU)- Leads

Sonepur: Vinay Kumar Singh(BJP)- Leads

Sugauli: Ramchandra Sahani(BJP)- Leads

Sultanganj: Subodh Rai(JDU)- Leads

Supaul: Vijendra Yadav(JDU)- Wins

Sursand: Shahid Ali Khan(JDU)- Leads

Suryagarha: Prem Ranjan Patel(BJP)- Leads

Taraiya: Tarkeshwar Singh(Cong)- Leads

Tarapur: Neeta Choudhary(JDU)- Leads

Tarari: Narendra Kumar Pandey (Alias Sunil Pandey)(JDU)- Wins

Teghra: Lalan Kumar(BJP)- Wins

Thakurganj: Naushad Alam(LJP)- Wins

Tikari: Dr. Anil Kumar(JDU)- Leads

Triveniganj: Amala Devi(JDU)- Wins

Ujiarpur: Durga Prasad Singh(RJD)- Leads

Vaishali: Brishen Patel(JDU)- Wins

Valmiki Nagar: Rajesh Singh(JDU)- Wins

Warisnagar: Ashok Kumar(JDU)- Wins

Warsaliganj: Pradip Kumar(JDU)- Wins

Wazirganj: Awadhesh Kr. Singh(Cong)- Leads

Ziradei: Asha Devi(BJP)- Wins

In the outgoing Bihar Vidhan Sabha, the ruling parties JD(U) and BJP have 88 and 55 seats respectively. RJD and LJP have 54 and 10 respectively. Congress has nine seats.

Bihar Election Schedule:
1st Phase October 21 (Thursday)
2nd Phase October 24 (Sunday)
3rd Phase October 28 (Thursday)
4th Phase November 1 (Monday)
5th Phase November 9 (Tuesday)
6th Phase November 20 (Saturday)
Counting November 24 (Wednesday)