Sunday, January 20, 2019

Political parties must include peoples' demands in their manifesto

 Peoples' demands

1.      Set up a High Powered Committee to examine all the treaties, agreements, commercial contracts, laws and rules signed and framed at the central and state levels to ensure that they are in compliance with constitutional provisions including its preamble. Support the international treaty to regulate transnational corporations and other business enterprises.
2.      Setup a constitutional body for protection of natural heritage to secure inter-generational and intra generational equity with block level units.  Recognize the legal right of rivers and water bodies and the right of non-human species for water and habitat.
3.      Setup a natural heritage museum. Undertake study of laws and verdicts that safeguard natural heritage and resources.
4.      Impose ban on hazardous waste trade and create an exhaustive inventory of chemicals, plant, animal and insect species.     
5.      Setup a Trans-Disciplinary High Powered Committee to study the findings of all the people who have won Nobel Prizes till date and incorporate them in courses and policies in India. This committee must also be tasked to procure and undertake study of existing thesis of researchers across the globe.
6.      Create a State Fund for political parties for transparency in electoral finance.
7.      Ensure one law for regulation flow of foreign money in the profit sector, political sector and non-profit sector.
8.      Bring monetary and non-monetary investments of international financial institutions and export credit agencies under legislative scrutiny. Setup a High Powered Committee to study the role of global bankers in subordinating democratic institutions and people through convergence economy at the behest of transnational commercial czars.
9.      Setup a High Powered Committee to examine the implications of leakage of data from centralized databases for country’s sovereignty and national security. 
1.  Disband UIDAI and stop UID/Aadhaar database project to stop ongoing deprivation, exclusion and starvation deaths of citizens.
1.  Abolish regressive colonial laws on sedition and surveillance which remain an assault on civil liberties and reform the criminal justice system in order to make it citizen friendly.  
.  Setup a Trans-Disciplinary High Powered Committee to study the findings and revelations made by Wikileaks and Edward Snowden in the light of the deliberations in legislatures of Europe, USA and other countries and verdicts in foreign courts.
1Set up a committee to undertake an assessment of the number and details of foreign nationals from Europe, North America, South America, Central America and Asia.
1  Ensure universal public distribution system and set up procurement centres for agri-products by reviving institutions like Food Corporation of India and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd.(NAFED)