Wednesday, May 7, 2014


in the aftermath JDU's announcement in support of AAP in Varanasi, it is confidently contesting the claim of Sushil Modi, BJP's leader of the opposition in the Bihar Legislative Council that "Over 50 JD-U legislators are in touch with the BJP because they are unhappy with Nitish Kumar." and as a consequence the Janata Dal-United (JDU) government would fall after the end of the Lok Sabha polls. Shyam Rajak, JDU leader and Bihar Food and Civil Supply Minister dared the BJP to bring a no-confidence motion against the state government if they have the numbers.

In October-November 2010 assembly elections, BJP had won 91 seats owing to its alliance with JDU.

In 2009, the JD-U had won 20 of the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar and BJP won 12 seats due to alliance with JDU. Both  assembly election and the parliamentary election showed that BJP was JDU's junior partner in terms of electoral performance.

JDU has 116 MLAs in the State Assembly which has 243 MLAs. But currently, six seat are vacant. Ideally, 122 MLAs are needed for a government but in the present situation the the State Assembly has 237 MLAs.  JDU is supported by 4 Congress MLAs and 1 MLA from the CPI. Besides this there 6 independent MLAs, and 89 BJP MLAs. For a government to be safe, JDU is required to have 119 MLAs. Given the fact that CPI is in alliance with JDU, the government on its own has 117 MLAs. After the split in the RJD, out 21 MLAs, 13 have formed a separate group and are allied to JDU.

Notably, JDU MLA in Delhi had supported AAP in the formation of the government. Varanasi may bring JDU and AAP further closer. 

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