Monday, March 31, 2014

UNELECTABLE: Nandan INVALID as a candidate for any party and any Indian election

IF a candidate does not believe in the supremacy of Parliamentary form of decision making with respect to laws, schemes and policies for what reason should the voting people get fooled by him/ her? 

Did the UIDAI chief run away from answering questions of the standing committee of parliament and probably also at the National Advisory Council? 

He refused to answer audience questions at many public talks? 

Why will any voter waste her /his vote on someone who has consistently influenced policy and schemes through being close to the UPA chiefs?

The same trend was earlier seen in his approach creating political buy in with CM of Karnataka during 1999-2004 for the Bangalore Agenda Task force (BATF)?

He has also disrespected many Supreme  Court orders by not withdrawing the mandatory backing of UID numbers

The voter does not need any identity to be given by UIDAI? but yet he was misled that UID was an ID card while it is only an id number

This resulted in enrolments from the same people that the former UIDAI Chairman had asked to TATTOO the UID number they got so that it was not lost or forgotten?

something only = to a prisoner number

but the pressure of the same voters led to the delinking of UID and LPG and the Supreme court delinked UID from the rest of us

TODAY is No fools DAY 


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