Saturday, March 8, 2014

Entry of new breed of political activists a ray of hope

People from activism, literature and professions like bank, police are joining various parties.
There are three kinds of people who are joining political parties in this category. There are those who are looking for post retirement rehabilitation. There are those who got enlightened in the leisure of post retirement phase of their life. And then there are those who are putting the prime  of their life and career at stake for the sake of some seemingly achievable ideals like the self-less cadres of parties of the earlier era.

Traditional parties which are allergic to internal democracy and transparency  are frozen in their imagination and are guided by the ideology of their donors. The entry of  people from activism, literature  and other professions is an attempt by them to engineer the political process from within. It is up to the parties to put  their ideas and energy in re-inventing and rejuvenating themselves if they don't want to be extinct. It seems in the current structurally sterile format they have outlived their utility because they are divorced from people's movements and imagination.

To begin with they might patiently  parrot the  party line and comply with the dictates of leaders in whom they have expressed their faith. But once their faith in party line and their leader is put to test in the matters of public policies it is hoped that they will assert themselves instead of paying obeisance to the  irrational stances of their respective parties and leaders. Traditional parties attempted to exact loyalty towards the party and not towards the cause of public interest. This
will begin to change because they are wedded to public cause.

The way likes of Medha Patkar and Arvind Kejriwal  are articulating their stances on core and grand issues of world economy such as "capitalism" and  "free market" merit attention because it reveals
whether or not they are hostage to approved and conditioned belief. And whether or not they are confronting and engaging with political reality. They are dismissing crony capitalism and imperfect free market. They are naming names only to make the issue easily understandable to all  in simple but demonstrative ways. This  seems to underline their comprehension of state capitalism and market capitalism. but they Although they seem myopic in dealing with ungovernable social control
technologies which are altering the traditional political landscape and creating an Orwellian architecture. But it seems they will surely travel few welcome steps despite all odds and ideological conundrum.

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