Saturday, March 1, 2014

AAP's Letter to Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Date 21.02.2014
Respected Shri Narendra Modi Ji,
The Anti Corruption Branch of the AAP government filed an FIR against Shri Mukesh Ambani in the Gas Scam.
The allegation is that some of the ministers of the UPA Government have taken a decision to hike gas prices with the intention of providing undue benefit to Shri Mukesh Ambani. In the year 2000, the ruling NDA Government had allocated few gas wells for gas extraction to Shri Mukesh Ambani. Mr. Ambani was supposed to supply gas to the government for 17 years at the rate of $2.3 per unit. But subsequently, by applying periodic pressure on the government, Shri Mukesh Ambani hiked the gas price to $4 per unit. It is alleged that the extraction cost of the gas from these wells is even less than $1 per unit. This means that the Central Government is paying Shri Mukesh Ambani $4 per unit against a commodity costs less than $1 per unit. Now, the Central Government has exceeded all limits, and passed an order with effect from 1st April 2014, to pay Shri Mukesh Ambani $8 per unit for gas. It is being said that Shri Mukesh Ambani will get an undue benefit of Rs. 54,000 crores annually. The annual budget of the entire Delhi State is Rs. 40,000 crores. This means that the government is facilitating undue benefit to Mr. Mukesh Ambani, above and beyond the total annual budget of Delhi. And this excess money shall come from our pockets. But why?
Panic will spread within the country from 1st April.  The CNG price shall be hiked adversely. The transportation cost will go up in the entire country. As gas is used for power generation in the country, electricity tariff will also go up. The same gas is used for producing fertilizer, thus raising the prices of all food items. You may anticipate the rise in inflation in the country because of this gas price hike.
Despite these catastrophic events, why are you and Shri. Rahul Gandhi silent over this issue?  As you are a Prime Ministerial candidate, the common man wants to know if upon forming the government your party intends to pay Shri Mukesh Ambani a rate of $8 per unit or $4 per unit for gas?
When the Anti Corruption Branch of the AAP Government filed FIR against Shri Mukesh Ambani in this matter, the senior leaders of both the BJP and the Congress strongly opposed this move. Are both the parties hand in hand with Mr. Mukesh Ambani?
Shri Parimal Nathvani is group president of Mr. Ambani’s companies. He has recently become Rajya Sabha member with your help. It raises doubts in the minds of the people about relations between you and your party and Shri Mukesh Ambani.  
You and Mr. Rahul Gandhi use helicopters and private planes for transport within the country and abroad. Who are the owners of these helicopters and planes? According to newspaper reports you fly in the planes owned by Sri Mukesh Ambani. People say that Shri Rahul Gandhi also uses their planes. Do you use these planes for free or do you rent them at a price? People are also discussing the crores of Rupees that are spent on each of your rallies. What is the source of these funds? Some people say that Shri Mukesh Ambani is funding you. Is this true?
From the Nira Radia tapes, Shri Mukesh Ambani’s proud statement that the Congress is his shop has become public knowledge. People say that the Government decides the postings of central ministers and senior officers according to the desires of Shri Mukesh Ambani. People say that in reality Mr. Mukesh Amabani runs the UPA Government.
If Mr. Mukesh Ambani is also funding you then it will be a great disillusionment for the people. And if you did become the Prime Minister, then would it mean that Mr. Mukesh Ambani will run your Government too?
In your speeches, you talk about bringing back money from the Swiss banks, but the Ambani brothers themselves have illegal bank accounts. The bank account numbers are: 5090160983 and 5090160984. If you have such good relations with Shri Mukesh Ambani and if he is funding you, then how will you bring the black money deposited in foreign accounts back to India?
Therefore with folded hands, I request you to break your silence over this issue and answer the following questions to the public:
  1. If you form the government, will you pay the rate of $4 per unit of gas or $8 per unit of gas to Shri Mukesh Ambani?
  2. What relations do you and your party have with Shri Mukesh Ambani?
  3. How much money is being spent on your election campaigns and what is the source of this money?
Since important issues related to the common man have been highlighted in this letter, I am making it public. You may not reply to this letter directly to me but if you express your views over this in public then the doubts of the people will be cleared.

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