Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lalit Modi had some very high profile cheerleaders as well who entertain the Man in exile! Rajasthan link exposed? Did Vasundhara Raje endorse Lalit Modi's application for immigration?

Lalit Modi had some very high profile cheerleaders as well who entertain the Man in exile!

Rajasthan link exposed? Did Vasundhara Raje endorse Lalit Modi's application for immigration?

Palash Biswas

Remember the cheerleaders adding glamour quotient to IPL and getting the sex starved Indian audience trapped in for mega business?We might not touch any one of them as Lalit Modi ,the fugitive God might have! Neither we could know all the cheerleaders as the Swaraj Extra Diplomacy proves.

Lalit Modi had some very high profile cheerleaders as well who entertain the Man in exile!

IPL and Rajasthan Royals and Shilpa Shetty along with other icons of the greatest emerging market selling of Nation abroad and catering poison and poison to Indian citizens had very intimate relations though social media could not get the photos of the all the couch corners and cocktail parties and flashed some veg matter without meat.

Though Shilpa,ex Bollywood queen has been very very involved in that IPL Modi edition during which then Gujarat Chief Minister and now the PM Narendra Bhai Modi with his Party Prsident at present, the Mahaadhinayak to accomplish the agenda of Akhand Bharat with cent percent Hindutva  shared some beautiful photo session as well as the Minister of foreign affairs.

IPL continues and Lalit Modi,the fugitive untouched despite the government of India issued red corner notice and revoked his passport.Breaking diplomatic protocol the Minster of foreign affairs practicing some extra diplomacy just reactivated the Passport and his travel documents.The RSS machinery and its governance of Purity have been engaged in defence of Ms Sushama Swaraj.

They have to.We would never know whether the PM and the Party President who had been more closer to Lalit Modi interacted with Mrs Swaraj or not and she would never tell us.

But the Hotline Rajasthan is quite live as the PM makes the Rajasthan Royal team owner and one of the closest friends of Lalit Modi the guest in Yoga Carnival.Mind you,the Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had fought hard to install the Kesaria tsunami and this Yoga of ANULOM VILOM is Baba Ramdev branded yoga.Mond you Yoga Mahima Aparampaar as Baba EMPIRE Aurvedic DO Hajaar crore paar.

Shilpa Shetty video of Yoga has to be played on Rajpath to celebrate Yoga Diwas and it highlights the Rajasthan connection of the IPL Casino!

Please insist not for the resignation of Mrs Sushama Swaraj which would help the RSS IPL to get yet another clean chit.Let us investigate the cup boards to see which skeleton is located where!

Mind you,Lalit Modi has challenged that many resignations have to follow!What is the ground?

It is something rooted in very deep.Let us expose the roots first.

Meanwhile media reports that 

Vasundhara Raje endorse Lalit Modi's application for immigration?

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has hit out at PM Narendra Modi, holding him responsible for protecting Lalit Modi.

Meanwhile, Vasundhara Raje has denied recommending Lalit Modi's application for immigration, saying that if this has happened, it is without her knowledge. "I have always known Modi's family, but I have no idea about these documents", said the Rajasthan CM to NDTV.

20:15 ISTTuesday, 16 June 2015

Congress leader Digvijay Singh expressed surprise that PM Modi has not spoken out on the Lalit Modi-Sushma Swaraj controversy. He claimed that PM Modi, who was then the chief of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) was close to Lalit Modi, and that the ex-IPL commissioner wanted to create a Gujarat IPL team.

Meanwhile, ex-foreign secretary Sujata Singh said she did not recall 'a single paper trail' related to Lalit Modi's immigration to UK.

19:23 ISTTuesday, 16 June 2015

According to documents released Lalit Modi's lawyers and revealed by a prominent news channel, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje backed Lalit Modi's application for emigration to the UK.

Raje, then leader of opposition in the Rajasthan Assembly, endorsed Lalit Modi's plea for continued stay in UK and wanted this endorsement to be kept a secret from Indian officials, the news channel said.

After this news broke, Congress upped its ante, now calling for both Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje to be sacked from their positions.

18:53 ISTTuesday, 16 June 2015

Earlier, Breaking his silence, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday came out in strong defence of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on the Lalit Modi scandal, saying she acted "bona fide" and with "good intentions" and the entire government and party were one on the issue.

"All allegations levelled are baseless. Her (Swaraj) statement and that of the party President that whatever she did was with good intentions.

"She acted bona fide. The entire government and the party are one on the issue. There should be no doubt on this," Jaitley said at a joint press conference with Home MinisterRajnath Singh held in the home ministry.

Jaitley's defence of his cabinet colleague comes two days after party President Amit Shahand Rajnath Singh had asserted that Swaraj had acted on humanitarian considerations in the matter of helping former IPL boss Lalit Modi get travel documents from Britain.

Modi has taken refuge in London for over five years after the Enforcement Directorate levelled money laundering and other charges against him involving an amount of Rs. 1,700 crore and wants him for investigations in India.

Significantly, ahead of the press conference called to announce a flood relief package for Jammu and Kashmir, Jaitley, Singh and Swaraj met at Singh's chamber in North Block and held discussions lasting an hour.

Speculation has been rife over the "silence" of Jaitley after a raging controversy broke out on Sunday over Swaraj's help to Lalit Modi.

Asked whether Swaraj had acted on her own to help Modi, Jaitley said all ministers in charge of various departments were capable of taking decisions and in all decisions taken by the government there is a collective responsibility.

There have been insinuations by some party insiders suggesting that Jaitley could have a hand in Swaraj's troubles. Party MP Kirti Azad had tweeted about a "snake in the grass" suggesting an insider job. Jaitley parried a question as to who was the "aasteen ka saanp" (snake in the grass) which Azad had tweeted about. "Ask the next question," was his repartee.

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