Sunday, June 28, 2015

ABVP attacks Thrissur law college screening of ‘Ram Ke Naam’, screening attracts bigger crowd

KeralaSaturday, June 27, 2015 – 16:48


In what should encourage the ABVP to rethink their strategy, an alleged attack by them on a small group of apparently non-political students trying to screen the documentary 'Ram Ke Naam' blew up on their face when students of leftist groups entered the fray and ensured that the documentary was screened to a larger audience.

'Ram ke Naam' is a controversial documentary produced by Anand Patwardhan on the Babri Masjid conflict.

On June 20, a small group of students gathered within the premises of the Government Law College in Thrissur and planned to screen the documentary. But a small group of ABVP supporters, not more than 25 according to reports, arrived at the screening and forced the students to stop playing the documentary by creating a ruckus.

Following this, the Student's Federation of India (SFI), student organisation of the CPM, stepped in and aired the documentary on June 22 outside the college premises on a huge screen with a theatrical projector, to a much larger audience. The ABVP tried to intervene during this screening. SFI activists then formed a human chain around the students who were watching the movie. They remained so till the end of the screening.

"What is it with ABVP and Law Colleges and my films???" asked Patwardhan on his Facebook page following news reports of the incident.

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