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Internal Security Rhetoric: MNIC,UID, Citizenship, Border Fencing, Insurgency, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and Maoism

Internal Security Rhetoric: MNIC,UID, Citizenship, Border Fencing, Insurgency, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and Maoism

Palash Biswas

(Taaki SANAD rahen:The blog was published in 2009 and it seems to be relevant even today in reference to expose RSS Cong BJP combined agenda.)

Nandan Nilekani has a different Plan with his UNIQUE Identity Card, quite UNKOWN to even the most previlleged Indian Citizens, the Members of the Parliament..

One of the most ELEGANT and EMPOWERED ladies in India, the BJP  leader Mrs Sushma Swaraj asked the Home  Minister of India,Chettiar Chidambaram to  clarify the UNIQUE Identity Card Plan and also requested to differentiate between Unique I card and Multi Purpse national Identity card! She was speaking on the demands of Home Ministry and talked on details on the issues of national Security realting it to Development! She as well as Congress MP from Mumbai, Sanjay Nirupam whom we also saw recently in a Reality Show LIVE on TV, in BIG BOSS, emphasised that the NATOIONAL I Cards are very SENSITIVE for national Security despite INDULGING in Blame game with UPROARS!

But the issue was DIVERTED as Chidambaram as well as Extra Constitutional Elements running the Government of Indian Inc Illuminati like Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Sam Pitroda, Sunil Mitra, GP Goenka, Chndrashekhar, Mukesh Ambani, Ratn tata and so on, play a DIFFERENT ball game and know well how to kill the Constitution and by pass the Parliament to defend US as well as Desi LPG Mafia interests INTACT sustaing the Manusmriti Rule in this Geopolitics under TRIIBLIS Zionist World Order!

Parliamentary Minutes and records may not help much just because of Excellent Floor Adjustment similar to END Use Monitoring Understanding endorsed!

Nilekani simply creates a DATA Base allocating Citizenship numbers only and would not give us any card whatsoever, UNIQUE or MPNIC! So waht difference we may focus on. As Branding the ABORIGINAL Population MAOIST, Killer machine acomplishes the ASHWA MEDHA Vedic ygya , MASS Destruction, in the similar way BOOST in the REALTY Sector and the Lumpane capital Flow unrestricted, Unregulated FIIs and FDI have taken over the Economy and another Elite Brahmin from Bengal SUNIL Pal enters to lead DISINVESTMENT Drive, NILEKANI Project has not to be limited within the ILLEGAL Migrants only!

All these years, I was concerend with the Mass Movement to defend the partition Victim Bengalies scatteded countrywide and suddenly dtizenship!

Now, I see that 238 families in Lucknow, had been flushed out and none of them were either Muslims or Bengalies! All of them belonged to Lucknow and adjoining districts. Our noted friend, Social Activist like Sandeep Pandey could not defend them!

The Realty BOSSES would use the CITIENSHIP Amendment Act to EJECT out the underclasses, whatever community they belong to, CAPTURING Prime properties everywhere in the country!

Recently, we were looking for a Place no less than Ten Thousand sqaure feet as we may not get BRIGADE Ground for environment Restriction and BOOK fair venue is not only limited to just eight lac square feet is has been booke already! No land is available all over Bengal. builders and Promoters have CAPTURED!

This bloody Citizenship Act is being INVESTED for REALTY Sector BOOM and it has nowhere linked to National Security! Not on bengali Refugees or Muslims speaking Bengali, but all communities have to feel the BURN son or late!

Neither Sushama nor Sanjay seem to be aware of this fact.

Tribals already DISPLACED, Persecuted, subjected for REPRESSION Infinite had always been the SCAPE Goats for so called Industrialisation and DEVELOPMENT! Most of them have no DOCUMENT to prove their CITIZENSHIP! Specially the DENOTIFIED Travelling tribes! What will happen to them? Not to mention the SLUM DOGS in the METRO!

No MP may dare to ask this question!

I am sorry that I have been quarelling with my father who had contact with all the Prime ministers since Nehru to Bajpayee that the Government of India is not serious enough to stop REFUGEE Influx and Persecution of the Minorities across the BORDER! I also did quarell with his EMINENT friends like ND Tiwari and KC Pant and asked straight questions whenever they visited the REFUGEE Vote Bank base in Nainital! Why the GOI has no national POLICY to Solve the REFUGEE Problems!

Last Night, a Social ACTIVIST friend OMKAR from Punjab had been captured by DRUG  mafia in Bangao, North 24 pargans! The Police had to rescue him. Every area across the INDO Bangla  Border, despite the presence of BSF and Wired Fences, has become a FREE ZONE of DRUG and HUMAN traficking!What is the RELEVANCE of internal securities for the People in Border areas, North east, Himalayan Zone, dandakarany and Tribal Areas, let me know!

One more thing! I have talked to ANANDA SWAROOP verma, who has invested no less than full three decades to create an ALTERNATIVE Media! We always supported him!

But some of our friends meanwhile tried our best to organise PARALLEL Media using NET!

Now INTERNET is ROBOTICALLY Monitored by Pentagon and NASA! Blogs and Groups, Webs and Information are mercilessly wiped out!

Recently, we witnessed a SURGE of DEBATE on CITIZEN`s Journalism Nationwide! Some EMINENT Editors also Contacted me!

What is the RESULT?

This CITIZEN`s Journalism has to be KILLED systematically just RESTRICTING the ACCESS of Foreign Mail and REDUCING the NET TIME, DEPRIVING of NETWORK and INFRASTRUCTURE!

I NEVER know how long I would be able to sustain my BLOGS!

If you consider the CONTENT RELEVANT, Pl save it in DISCS! Lest it would be wiped out sooner or later!

And see! What CHIDAMBARM dealt with?

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