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Kashmir is burning,My Nation!Senior journalist attacked by Police under RSS Governance! Neither Modi's visit nor Geelani's million man march will help Kashmir For Muslims and Hindus alike, New Delhi's response is similar: 'We are willing to give you bribes, but don't expect justice, not ever.' Massive Crackdown in Kashmir to Guarantee ‘Peaceful’ Modi Visit Palash Biswas

Kashmir is burning,My Nation!Senior journalist attacked by Police under RSS Governance!

Neither Modi's visit nor Geelani's million man march will help Kashmir

For Muslims and Hindus alike, New Delhi's response is similar: 'We are willing to give you bribes, but don't expect justice, not ever.'

Massive Crackdown in Kashmir to Guarantee 'Peaceful' Modi Visit

Palash Biswas

Senior journalist attacked by Police in Anantnag : Daily : 

Chattan " Srinagar :

Bad news from Kashmir!

Kashmir times reports:

Doyen of journalism in J&K, the founder editor and chairman Kashmir Times group of publications Ved Bhasin passed away late this evening after a brief illness.

He was 86. 

Bhasin breathed his last at his residence at Gandhi Nagar at around 11.00 PM with all the members of his family by his side.

His cremation will take place tomorrow at Jogi Gate Cremation Ground at 4.00 PM.

Bhasin is survived by his two daughters Dr Anju Bhasin the Professor of Physics at the University of Jammu, Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal senior journalist and Executive Editor `Kashmir Times', son-in-law Prabodh Jamwal Editor Kashmir Times and its other publications and grand-daughter Saba Jamwal.

His wife Vimal Bhasin stood by him and supported him in his struggle for creating an egalitarian society till she lost her struggle against cancer 25 years back.

A distinguished journalist, a human being par excellence, who will always be remembered for fearlessly upholding the freedom of the press, Bhasin was born on May 1 in 1929 in Jammu. An alumnus of Prince of Wales College, Jammu (now G G M Science College), Bhasin was known for his fearless, bold and independent journalism. He is regarded as a pioneer and a legend in the field in Jammu and Kashmir who maintained highest standards and ethics in journalism.

With the firm belief that humanity is the core of life, he always sided with the oppressed and down-trodden and took up their cause.

He was active for almost 70 years in active journalism and was also close to politics. Politics, in fact, was his first love, that eventually gave way to journalism. He had been close to players that mattered in Kashmir and witness to unreported histories. His journo-political career gave him the privileged inside out view of many events. He was also known for his contribution to the field of literature and culture and was engaged in social movements.


Ground Zero report should be looked into.If 

we want to unite India I agree with Omair 


@omairtahmad !

Neither Modi's visit nor Geelani's million man march will help Kashmir

For Muslims and Hindus alike, New Delhi's response is similar: 'We are willing to give you bribes, but don't expect justice, not ever.'

Whoever is committed to the causes of humanity and Nature he should be worried!

Mr Narendra Modi will visit the Kashmir Valley. The hardline Kashmiri ideologue, and former MLA, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has called a "Million Man March" to protest Mr Modi's presence!

The Prime Minister is not welcome in Kashmir!It does not mean everyone in Kashmir should be engaged in sedition or everyone of them should be treated as anti national and Pro Pak elements despite some Pak or ISIS flags are hoisted.

Media prints those flags only and skips or underplays the plight of Indian citizens who have never been treated as Indian citizens and we claim that Kashmir remains an integral part of India.

We have made an enemy of Nepal and pushed it into Chinese lap to make it Hindu regime yet again rejecting sovereign Nepal`s democrat and Secular constitution and using the Madheshi and Adivasi grievances as tools of Hindutva Agenda.

We are doing exactly the same case and Hindu as well as Muslim,whoever live in Kashmir are subjected to infinite repression.

For Muslims and Hindus alike, New Delhi's response is similar: 'We are willing to give you bribes, but don't expect justice, not ever.'

It is the point we always did miss!Media reports:

Security forces have detained nearly 400 Kashmiri separatists to prevent them marching in protest during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit on Saturday, police said, raising tension in the disputed territory.

Modi is making his first trip this year to Kashmir where militant violence continues, although it is nowhere near the level of the 1990s when armed revolt against Indian rule erupted.

Nuclear powers India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars since independence over Kashmir. India has long accused Pakistan of pushing separatist Muslim militants into India's part of Kashmir to foment revolt in the disputed Muslim-majority region. Pakistan denies those accusations.

Kashmiris have in addition been protesting about the lack of federal government aid more than a year after the worst flooding in over a century devastated half a million homes.

Police rounded up top separatists after hardline leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani called for a million people to walk to the centre of summer capital, Srinagar, near a stadium where Modi will address a rally on Saturday.

"Our rally will be a message to India to read the writing on the wall that Kashmiris are against Indian occupation," said Ayaz Akbar, a spokesman for the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, an umbrella group of separatist political and religious parties.

Over the past week, 389 people have been taken into preventive custody, most of them separatists but also activists who have in the past led stone-throwing crowds in anti-government protests, an officer said.

Soldiers patrolled the streets of Srinagar on Friday while police set up barriers around the city, inspecting vehicles. Cellphones will be blocked during Modi's visit, the Indian army said.

Militants have in the past sought to carry out high-profile attacks whenever a top Indian leader has visited the Kashmir Valley. On Thursday, militants attacked a paramilitary camp in Srinagar with grenades, wounding 11 soldiers.

Modi, whose party shares power in the Jammu and Kashmir region, is expected to unveil an economic package to help the state recover from the floods. But a state government minister said he expected the Indian leader to also reach out to the disaffected youth.


"The PM's visit can't be described in economic terms alone," said Education Minister Naeem Akhtar. "It is true that Kashmir needs economic impetus but it is equally true that political engagement especially with youth is essential."


On November 7, Mr Narendra Modi will visit the Kashmir Valley. The hardline Kashmiri ideologue, and former MLA, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has called a "Million Man March" to protest Mr Modi's presence - although none of us know what the prime minister has to say. In response, dozens of people have been put under "preventive detention" aka arrested, and the police and security forces are deployed at their peak.

What will happen tomorrow is that Mr Modi will give a speech, announce another package or two and lambast his opponents. His supporters will call it "very generous", "statesman-like", "in the footsteps of - or even better than - Vajpayee".

Geelani's supporters will say, this is how India treats Kashmiris, "locks us up, and then tries to appease the easily-bribed by some money." Both sides will be happy to be unhappy, their points proved, and go back to sulking at each other.

Senior journalist attacked by Police in Anantnag : Daily : Chattan " Srinagar :

KPCC today said People arescared due rising intolerance in country.
Statement added continuous statement by BJP leaders attacking various personalities is a deliberate move to disturb the peace. "BJP leaders want to make people feel their existence and show that India is being run by Saffron Party (BJP),"General Secretary, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) Surinder Singh Channi said."Returning of awards by prominent personalities of the country aiming to agitate their anger against rising intolerance under BJP's rule is quite genuine, which the BJP leaders are unable to digest, for the fact, they do not believe in secular India and religious tolerance which is very unfortunate, Surinder Singh Channi said. Expressing concern over the continuous   efforts by "anti peace forces"vitiating atmosphere of communal harmony, he said,"India being a largest democracy of the world have always been secular, but it is quite anguishing that efforts are being made to affect the secular identity of the country."Referring to  statement against famous film actor Shah Rukh Khan by "some BJP leader", Surinder Singh Channi said, "The so called BJP leader wanted to prove as he was the only patriot and there was no one else in the country, but the fact remains that such type of leaders are doing such things to vitiate the atmosphere of brotherhood for the vested interests."Blaming BJP leaders for creating atmosphere of discord in the country, Surinder Singh Channi said that Prime Minister NarinderModi should clarify his stand.


Massive Crackdown in Kashmir to Guarantee 'Peaceful' Modi Visit


The government is arresting separatists and shutting down social media to thwart the 'Million March' challenge to Modi's Srinagar rally tomorrow

A CRPF jawan stands guard outside the venue of Narendra Modi''s forthcoming rally outside the Sher-e-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar on Thursday. Credit: PTI

Srinagar: In his last public rally in Srinagar in December 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had talked of fulfilling his predecessor Atal Bihari Vajpayee's Kashmir vision. "I will fulfil Ataljis' dream of Insaniyat (humanity) Kashmiriyat and Jamhooriyat (democracy)," he had promised his audience at the BJP's election rally at Sher-e-Kashmir stadium on December 8.

Soon after, the People's Democratic Party in Kashmir shook hands with the BJP, which had swept the parliament elections, claiming that it saw an "opportunity" in the alliance to end political uncertainty in the state. In the past nine months, however, almost nothing that has happened on the Valley's political front has followed the PDP's script; from failing to shrink the space for separatists to pushing for dialogue with Islamabad and the latest debate over the intolerance, the party has been continuously drawing flak for allying with the right-wing BJP.

Given this growing criticism, the PDP is now pinning its hopes on Modi's visit to Srinagar on Saturday, when he will address the first joint public rally of the alliance partners and is expected to announce a one lakh crore rupee development package for the flood-hit state.

However, even before the package has been announced, questions are being raised about its intent and effect. As a close aide of PDP President Mehbooba Mufti put it, "An economic package alone will give the impression that the Modi government too is continuing the policy of treating J&K as an economic problem. That's disappointing as we want things to move on the political front as well."

"High hopes"

Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has been repeatedly invoking Vajpayee's historic Srinagar visit when he offered friendship to Islamabad and an olive branch to separatists, in a bid to stress that the path shown by the former Prime Minister is the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Speaking to reporters in Srinagar on Tuesday, Sayeed said, "I am hopeful that Modi's visit to Kashmir will be path-breaking and help in building an atmosphere of trust that could pave the way forward on political issues." He then proceeded to praise Modi as being "all inclusive" and "not at all intolerant" at a time when the Prime Minister is being criticised over his silence on the various acts of intolerance and violence in the country.

Sayeed's showering of praises on Modi invited criticism from separatists and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's National Conference, who described his remarks as "surrender of his conscience to the RSS for power".

The Chief Minister and PDP are hoping that Modi's Saturday visit would give a new impulse to the 'Agenda of Alliance', a framework worked out by the coalition partners for governing the state. The opinion within the party is that the "settling period" for the government was over and now the time has come to set rolling the agenda that has political and peace components as well.

A senior PDP leader and a close aide of the Muftis told The Wire, "Vajpayee became Vajpayee in Kashmir only when he talked of resolving the Kashmir issue within the ambit of humanity (Insaniyat ke daiyray mein). November 7 can be the Prime Minister's (Modi's) Vajpayee moment if he chooses to."

Political analyst Rekha Choudhary believes that the Prime Minister's visit is "very important" and "a matter of survival" for the PDP in the Valley after the party's failure to deliver anything concrete on the political and economic front. "These aren't good times in Kashmir…the 2014 flood has left people helpless, there is revival of militancy, separatists are gaining ground in the absence of any political initiative and the youth are getting disillusioned. All this could end up threatening the PDP," Choudhary pointed out. According to her, only a comprehensive political package by the Prime Minister could help the PDP regain popular trust.

That helps explain Mehbooba Mufti's call to people on Wednesday to replicate the peaceful atmosphere that existed during Vajpayee's 2003 visit, when Modi arrives. At the same time, Mehbooba, who is expected to take over the reins of the state from her father next year, did not fail to emphasise the need for a political initiative on Kashmir. She has talked of "high hopes" riding on the Prime Minister's visit in reviving the stalled political process.

The 'Million March' and the crackdown

What threatens to upset the PDP's plans is the call for a 'Srinagar Million March' on November 7 by separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, which has found support from other separatists as well. To make matters worse, the march is expected to culminate at the TRC Ground, just metres away from the Sher-e-Kashmir Stadium, the Prime Minister's venue.

Sensing a major challenge, the state government is now attempting to pre-empt the march, with the J&K police launching one of the biggest crackdowns on separatists in recent times, and detaining hundreds of pro-azadi political activists. Separatist leaders including Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Shabir Shah have been put under house arrest, while JKLF Chairman Yaseen Malik, Nayeem Khan and others are in police custody.

Geelani, who has been served a notice by the government to refrain from taking out the rally, has stated, "Our aim is not to sabotage Modi's rally, but to present to the world the reality of Kashmir." Unfazed, Geelani has said that the rally would be held as planned despite the arrests and the "oppressive measures".

The police is also keeping a close eye on social networking sites as the Million March call has generated a lot of support on social media. Around 200 Facebook pages advocating support for Geelani have already been blocked and many known "internet warriors" are on the police radar.

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah termed the arrests as proof of the PDP-led government's growing "intolerance and authoritarianism". "Modi's Srinagar rally will be historic – for the number of people arrested to make the rally possible. There couldn't be a more tragic end to the 'battle of ideas' hoax," Omar tweeted.

The state police, maintains that the crackdown is just a part of the "security drill" ahead of Modi's visit, given apprehensions that people might come out to breach the peace. However, a senior police official wishing anonymity confided, "The raids are meant to detain potential trouble makers across Kashmir to ensure Modi's rally passes off peacefully." Whether it will or not, remains to be seen.

Security further beefed up for PM's visit
SYED YASIR reports for Kashmir Times:
SRINAGAR, Nov 5: Security has been further beefed up in Kashmir ahead of prime minister Narinder Modi public rally on Saturday. 

As part of the security measure, there would be likely restrictions in the various areas of downtown Srinagar tomorrow to prevent separatist parties to hold protest demonstrations.

In various areas of uptown and downtown areas of Srinagar city, security forces laid cordon and started search operation to prevent any untoward incident.

The NSG has taken control of the venue of prime minister. The building and the road leading to the venue are been closely checked by the special protection force and no one except the security men are been allowed to enter the venue. Scores of check-points have been set-up in and around Srinagar to carry out frisking of vehicles in order to foil any attempts by militants to bring in arms or explosives ahead of the prime minister's visit to Kashmir on Saturday.

Forces today cracked off General Bus Stand at Batamaloo and passengers, drivers and office bearers of Transport Office were asked to come out and assemble in bus yard. Forces suddenly cordoned off General Bus Stand Batamaloo and launched a thorough search operation in the bus yard. Security forces are carrying out thorough checking of the vehicles entering the city from other districts and keeping a record of such vehicles and their drivers.

Security forces have set-up check-points along the roads connecting Srinagar with other districts and entry of vehicle as well as passenger details, including phone numbers of the drivers and the time of their entry into the city. Many CCTV cameras have been installed in and around the venue to keep an eye on the movement of people.

Barricades have been erected at all the entry and exit points of the city with police and paramilitary personnel manning them. In various parts of Srinagar city, mostly in sensitive areas the concentration of troops has been increased to a significant level while the commuters are frisked at various points.

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