Wednesday, October 14, 2015

*****Will Bihar VOTE to BECOME a COLONY of Gujaratis?***** by Ashok T Jaisinghani

*****Will Bihar VOTE to BECOME a COLONY of Gujaratis?*****

       by Ashok T Jaisinghani

Why are Narendra Modi and Amit Shah HELL-BENT on winning the Bihar Assembly elections for the BJP by hook or by crook? The two Gujaratis want to RULE Bihar with REMOTE CONTROL by appointing a PUPPET Chief Minister. 

   Ignoring their TRUSTED LOCAL LEADER Nitish Kumar, will the POOR PEOPLE of the state VOTE for making Bihar a COLONY of Gujaratis?

   Will the POOR PEOPLE of Bihar TRUST and VOTE for the party of a high-flying FLAMBOYANT ROCKSTAR like Narendra Modi who is always HOBNOBBING and dealing with the RICHEST PERSONS of the world, ALL of whom are BILLIONAIRES? Should the POOR PEOPLE of Bihar believe in his BOMBASTIC BOGUS PROMISES that the BJP just can NEVER keep?

   *****Baniyaas have Caused MASSIVE INFLATION*****

   The Baniyaas of BJP like Narendra Modi are responsible for the MASSIVE RISE in PRICES of foodgrains, pulses (daals), cooking oil, onions, etc. The Baniyaa CAPITALISTS have EXPLOITED the POOR PEOPLE of India and deprived them from getting the essential commodities at FAIR PRICES by NOT SUPPLYING them in adequate quantities to many states like Bihar. Narendra Modi can NEVER STOP the Baniyaas from PROFITEERING. Can he ever work AGAINST the INTERESTS of Baniyaas who belong to his own caste? 

   India's TOP BANIYAA Narendra Modi is misusing the name of Jayaprakash Narayan, who was a SOCIALIST, even though the friends of Modi are ALL CAPITALISTS. So he just did NOT make Jitan Ram Manjhi the Chief Ministerial candidate of NDA, as the BJP leaders have been using him ONLY for their own selfish political gains. At least, Nitish Kumar made Jitan Ram Manjhi the Chief Minister of Bihar for some time. Narendra Modi has just made Jitan Ram Manjhi a BIG FOOL of Bihar.

   *****Gujarat is a FAILED State!*****

   Narendra Modi's Gujarat Model of DEVELOPMENT has proved to be a BIG FLOP. The MASSIVE PROTESTS by lakhs of UNEMPLOYED people in Gujarat have PROVED that the BJP has FAILED to SOLVE the ECONOMIC PROBLEMS of that state. The BJP has been making BOGUS CLAIMS about its ABILITY to bring about ECONOMIC PROGRESS in India. 

   Will the PEOPLE of Bihar now BELIEVE in the BOGUS PROMISES of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and vote for the VICTORY of BJP in the Assembly elections of the state? How can the BJP solve the PROBLEM of UNEMPLOYMENT in Bihar, when it has FAILED to solve the same problem in Narendra Modi's home state of Gujarat? 

   Kyaa VIKAAS kee BAKWAAS lagaataar karney sey Bharat kaa VIKAAS ho jaayegaa?

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