Thursday, October 1, 2015 Let Me Speak Human! The Inflated Economy kills not only Agrarian communities,it would kill Indian Business as well as Industry! Me Speak Human! The Inflated Economy kills not only Agrarian communities,it would kill Indian Business as well as Industry!

I am not a politician.I have not to reach the masses in the same way as the politicians and Icons do reach.Just I am speaking the relevant issues for the survival of humanity and nature and I have nothing to do with political equations.But I am not allowed to speak.We have been displaced from Print,we have been deprived of civic and human rights and now,we have to be deported from social media.Just because we,the Indians live in a digital India which has reduced the economy into an inflated balloon without blood,flesh or bone just for trickling trickling growth.

Indian people have no space for public hearing.Even I being a part of media for forty two years at least and associated with Indian Express,I am not allowed to speak out human!I have been warning the CII,FICCI and Indian Inc that the domestic market flooded with foreign capital,companies and interests would not only kill the nature,nature associated people,it would also kill Indian business and industries.

The financial management is only concerned with only one problem and it is the maintenance of cash liquidity,the supply of cash and purchasing power to the public so that the markets would be space into the space!They seem not to be interested to address the basic problems of the economy not at all.

FM lauds RBI move to cut rates quite aggressively to boost the market.The Market is already boosted with seventh pay commission recommended and the pay calculator yet to be implemented.Government employees crowd the market hoping better payscale,bonus and allowances.But they remain quite unaware of the fact that the labour laws being modified,service span reduced to 33 years and payscale linked to productivity ,they might be declared inefficient any time.

Reset development 17 point goals development has the singular point of agenda which is total privatization,total disinvestment and total FDI.Already India overlapped USA and China in FDI flow.Foreign companies taking over every sector would not afford the bear the overloaded manpower in any sector and large scale retrenchment seems quite mandatory.Anybody might lose ob anywhere,anytime.The children would have to opt for service sector as only source of employment in digital India is outsourcing and so our political leader is behaving like a Rock Star in the silicon valley to ensure total surveillance of biometric,digital,robotic,cloned citizenship deprived of privacy and sovereignty.

India becomes south Global amidst diplomatic disaster as India,essentially a hindu Nation right since 15th August,1947 with transfer of power and transfer of population,inflicted with continuous partition,inflicted with continuous population,inflicted with unprecedented violence continuous,continuous displacement and continuous refugee influx.

Thus,India intervenes in Nepal which is going to prove a diplomatic disaster for India and united States of America as the globe is not going to remain as unipolar for many a days as Russia rises from the dust and it has warned that it would not allow the Lebiya drama in Seria! Neither China would tolerate any external intervention.

Indian Hindu Nation wants Nepal to become a Hindu Nation ruled by monarchy again!

But the sovereign Nepal has opted for a secular and democratic constitution.India ends in economic blockade of Nepal.Now,people in Nepal burn the effigy of Indian PM and they burn Indian flag.Indian TV  Channels blocked.Now Nepal has to seek Chinese help.It means India clears the decks for a Chinese intervention in Nepal.It is diplomatic disaster for Indian and US diplomacy which want to stop China!

Let us come back to Economy.Lastweek,the united Nations adopted 17 ambitious goals(SDGs),which aim to wipe out poverty ,fight inequality and tackle climate change over next 15 years!

I am most concerned with this climate change.As Kolkata is very very hot in winter and six sasons have reduced to one.That is Summer only,Rains come within Summer and the winter is also submerged into Summer.

The class rule,the caste class hegemony rooted in Manusmriti and behaving Hindutva to reduce political leadership into the agent of marketing agent,the military state is not concerned with environment, ecology, biocycle or climate change.

The humanity is deculturized,deprived of language, dialects, linguistics, phonetics and aesthetics!

As Sundrelal Bahuguna warned long before that the glaciers melting and glaciers convert themselves into deserts and humanity would be deprived of food and water.I am explaining this human calamity,this Greek Tragedy we opted.And I am blocked!

Indian Express reports:

Modi ahead of us ... visits need to be backed up with action on ground: Raghuram Rajan

Modi ahead of us ... visits need to be backed up with action on ground: Raghuram Rajan

Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan today described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as being "ahead of us" but said his visits abroad need to be backed up with "action on the ground".

Pay off time for PM Modi: India displaces China, US as the top FDI destination in 2015

First Post reports:

The report titled "India grabs investment league pole position" was forwarded by the Finance Ministry, according to a PTI report. The report has come just as Modi has concluded his tour of Ireland and the US. He is slated to visit the UK in November.

The FT report said India has attracted $31 billion of FDI in the first half of 2015, ahead of $28 billion of China and $27 billion of the US.

"A ranking of the top destinations for greenfield investment (measured by estimated capital expenditure) in the first half of 2015 shows India at number one, having attracted roughly $3 billion more than China and $4 billion more than the US," the FT report said.

The report also said the country is in the pole position to pass both China and US in FDI flows this year as it has outperformed others in economic growth, bucking the apparent slowdown in emerging markets.

"With midyear data on greenfield FDI now in, 2015 looks to be a milestone year for India following its impressive performance in 2014," the report said.

India is tracking well ahead of where it was at this time last year: it has more than doubled its midyear investment levels, attracting $30 billion by the end of June 2015 compared with $12 billion in the first half of last year.

India's achievement this year is particularly significant, considering that 97 of the 154 countries that are counted as emerging markets are seeing a decline in capital spend year on year in greenfield projects, the report pointed out.

The report said that in 2014 India ranked fifth in terms of capital investment, after China, the US, the UK and Mexico.

"In a year when many major FDI destinations posted declines, India experienced one of 2014's best FDI growth rates, increasing its number of projects by 47%," it said.

That year India saw a capital inflow of $24 billion, while China topped with $75 billion and the US at the second slot with $51 billion. The UK with a $35 billion capex was the thrid and Mexico ($33 billion) the fourth.

For sure, the FT report will help the government answer the criticisms on frequent foreign tours made by Modi and also the slow pace of some of the much-needed reforms. The officials are already projecting the report as a stamp of approval for the various measures taken by the government over the last one year.

"In the past one year, the government has initiated a number of measures to improve the investment climate and ease of doing business. Several policy initiatives and reforms have also been undertaken. The higher FDI inflows are reflective of the growing positive sentiment about India as an investment destination," economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das has told the Business Standard.

With inputs from PTI

And the alarming reality:

Oct 01 2015 : The Economic Times (Kolkata)

Revival Hopes Push Valuations Ahead of Profit Growth

FY15 NET PROFIT for one out of every three of the BSE 500 companies is lower than what it was 5 years ago; PEs above FY11 average levels

ET Intelligence Group: The gap between reality and expectations has widened in Dalal Street as investors continue to bet on hopes of a revival in the Indian economy. The outcome is valuations of some of the top companies running well ahead of their profit growth.

And, chances are that a greater number of market participants would bet on a better economic environment after RBI's decision to aggressively cut rate. They also hope that lenders would pass on the cheaper rate.

According to the ETIG's analysis, the current trailing PE multiples of 121 out of BSE200 stocks are above their five-year-ago (FY11) average levels. The cause of concern is that the FY15 net profit for one out of every three companies is lower than what it was five years ago.

Market trackers believe that the bloom in valuation reflects high hopes of a better profit growth in the next two years.

"Growth stories for these companies have changed over the past five years. Their current valuation multiples reflect the growth expectation in the next two-three years," said Hitesh Agrawal, research head, Reliance Securities.

He added that companies with sound management and proven business models would continue to command higher valuation despite a profit deceleration caused by slack demand. Most of the 39 com A panies (out of 121) that reported lower profits compared with the five-year-ago level belong to cyclical sectors like banking, capital goods, cement and power. The rest are in businesses like entertainment and media, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, real estate and telecom.

ACC, Adani Power, Bajaj Finserv, BHEL, Crompton Greaves, Grasim Industries, Hindalco, Larsen & Toubro, Shree Cement, Tata Power, and Wockhardt are some of the companies that continue to enjoy higher PE multiples but reported lower profits for the full year ended March 31, 2015 than that recorded five years ago.

"Over the past two fiscals, we have witnessed that analysts begin the year with high growth expectations only to taper them by the end of the year. Investors are now hoping that growth will resume in the next two years, which has generated valuation froth," said Daljeet Singh Kohli, MD, IndiaNivesh.

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