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Climate Change Is Coming To A Place Near You

CC News Letter 07 Oct - Climate Change Is Coming To A Place Near You
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Binu Mathew

Climate Change Is Coming To A Place Near You
By Rasmus E. Benestad

We have both information and knowledge that can be used as guidance in decision-making and climate change adaptation. However, we need to rethink our questions and look for cases where climate science can provide reliable information that have a direct relevance, even if we cannot get a complete answer. At least, we should look for ways to improve the information basis for decision making by looking at the type of information and data that has been used in the past. One way to do that is through a dialogue and co-production of knowledge

Why Resistance Is Not Only Fertile, It's Essential
By Mark Boyle

In this extract from Mark Boyle's latest book, Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi, he explains with beauty and great feeling why we have to stand up for Nature and defend the well-being of the Earth, our home, with ferocity

#GlobalGoals? The Truth About Poverty And How To Address It
By Rajesh Makwana

It's high time UN agencies and the mainstream media acknowledge the true scale of global poverty and engage in a long overdue public debate on how ambitious and transformative the international development agenda really is

Dialogues For Justice, Public Interest And The Common Good
By Shobha Shukla

A day after 193 member states of the United Nations adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) together with grassroots activists, faith-based groups and NGOs organized a side event at the margins of the UN summit to discuss pressing issues affecting the marginalized and frontline communities in the context of the post-2015 development agenda

Cows Are Protected; Humans Are Not: A New Reality In Digital India!
By George Abraham

The ongoing saffronization of secular institutions, and the silence of those who are in power when minorities are attacked may only lead to more political instability and social disharmony at home. Speaking on a seminar on communal amity, Vice-President of India, Hamid Ansari said the following: 'article 21 of the Constitution provides for right to life and it was the responsibility of not only the government but people as well to ensure that every Indian is secure. "We have our own religious books, but as a citizen, the constitution is one religious book. It says the right to life is a basic right of every citizen" he said

The Most Criminal Treaty In History Is Finally Presented For Signing
By Eric Zuesse

As of 5 October 2015, a super-secret 12-nation treaty called TPP is set to be signed by the 12 nations, and the terms of this massive international contract will be kept secret until the contract has been in force for four years, at which time the contents might (but won't necessarily) be revealed. This will be a large new international government that has been negotiated for years by international corporations, and which is now to be rubber-stamped by corrupt politicians on their behalf. Whereas those international corporations know the contract's terms, the people who elected and are ruled by those politicians don't, and (for four years, at least) they won't

Bangladesh Beyond The Threshold Of Disorder
By Taj Hashmi

While Bangladesh is fast moving toward an untracked territory – possibly to the kingdom of disorder and insecurity after the unresolved killing of two foreign nationals – politicians are busy playing a no-holds-barred blame game against each other. The latest vitriol against BNP chief and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia is a highlight of the game. Awami League's Mahbubul Alam Hanif publicly asserted Mrs Zia might have a link with the recent killing of an Italian citizen in the capital

Open Letter To The Vice-Chancellor Of Victoria University
By Dr Vacy Vlazna

I wish to pay my respects to the Victoria University academics who protested the mendacious talk last week by Israeli soldiers, Raphael Wein and Naftali Gross, who had taken part in the 2014 monstrous Israeli war crime, Operation Protective Edge against Palestinian families sealed in by land, sea and air. It is outrageous that Victoria University condoned what its decent academics censured as "an exercise in propaganda and apologetics for military violence . This meeting gives a platform to [Israeli Defence Force] soldiers for them to celebrate the very conflict that led to such massive Palestinian loss of life" and the mass homelessness, trauma, maiming, unemployment and the grief and suffering that in now daily life in Gaza

Flagless Germany
By Linh Dinh

"Generally, the only Germans who display flags are far-right ones. During big soccer matches involving the national team, it's also OK to display flags." Nationalism has become a dirty word for many Germans. Along the Karl-Heine-Kanal, I spotted a sticker that said in English, "FIGHT NATIONALISM AND NAZIS," then beneath that, "BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY."

The Pornography Of Hatred
By William John Cox

The United States Voters' Rights Amendment ( is a comprehensive voters' Bill of Rights with multiple sections to remedy all of the ills of the current electoral process at once. Enactment of the Amendment would transform the United States government into finally becoming a truly representative democracy. Ratification would be a major step towards ensuring equality of opportunity and freedom and, ultimately, the reduction and elimination of racial, social, and religious hatred and bigotry. Millennials, the inspiring generation of young people now coming of age in America have the most to lose, which is why they must lead the march, but we all have a responsibility to pave the way

Let People Lead The Development Agenda
By Moin Qazi

Through my four decade association with the development sector in the country I found that one of the key deficiencies in the development model is the absence of participation of the people whose development is being sought to be achieved .They are the primary stakeholders in the project and unless they are unloved in the entire process right from planning to the final execution we will not be able build their ownership
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