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Wir brauchen die Natur aber die Natur braucht uns nicht

Wir brauchen die Natur aber die Natur braucht uns nicht

Mazin Qumsiyeh <>
Wir brauchen die Natur aber die Natur braucht uns nicht
We need Nature but Nature doesn't need us
نحن بحاجة للطبيعة ولكن الطبيعة ليست بحاجة لنا

I like this slogan which I saw in many places. My 13 day trip to Europe
comes to an end after visiting 10 cities including 9 museums of Natural
History and several botanical gardens and giving over a dozen lectures. It
was tiring, exotic, beautiful, and productive. Most of all I thank the
many, many kind people (hard to list over 100) who helped me along the ways
with hosting, with time, with ideas, with books, and much more. The
potential for collaboration with the great European museums is very high.
Excellent people there and we need their support. I miss Palestine and now
I am thinking about the hundreds of follow-up items I have to do from this
trip and many more accumulated for me because of my absence from Palestine
(museum, students, volunteers etc). I stop by in Jordan to visit my friend
Zuhair and for a potential small/minor surgery. I look forward to see
colleagues upon my return and to welcome any of the global visitors who
wish to see us including those who like to volunteer.

Good news: Now is the time to apply to two master programs that I am
affiliated with
- Master program in Environmental Biology at Birzeit University
- Master program in Biotechnology at Bethlehem University

According to survey that we did for UNESCO and the Ministry of Higher
Education in 2012, Research & Development in Palestine suffers from
significant obstacles but has certain potentials and possibilities for
improvement. We highlighted that certain areas are missing even from the
poor structure of R&D in Palestinian areas. These include R&D in sectors
like biodiversity, agriculture, and healthcare (including environmental
issues affecting human health). Creating the human resources in these areas
is critical. At Bethlehem University we created a minor in medical
technology in the biology department (for Bachelor Degree) and (with the
Polytechnic University in Hebron) established a Master Program in
Biotechnology. The Palestine Museum of Natural History and the Palestine
Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS) at Bethlehem University
were established in 2014 to research, educate about, and conserve our
natural world and our Palestinian culture and heritage, and to use this
knowledge to promote responsible, empowered human interactions with all
components of our environment. Thus, we now have an integrated system for
research and education to address areas in need in Palestine: healthcare,
environment, and agriculture (especially permaculture). Thank you to those
of you who responded to volunteer your time and in some cases your money
for the Palestine Museum of Natural History ( The
museum is important to present young people with alternatives to the harsh
reality and a new way of looking at themselves and their environment
(empowerment and nature conservation). Things are moving along: a beautiful
garden is flourishing, animals are happy in natural settings, research is
expanding, we were nominated for an environmental award and for membership
in many professional societies, our database is growing, students are here
learning every day, and much more.  But we could still use your help in
many areas so do contact the museum via and do
come visit us in Palestine where we would be happy to host you.

United Church of Christ Votes (80%) to Boycott & Divest from Companies
Profiting from Israel's Occupation!pressrelease/c1a36
But the Episcopal Church Bishops gathering in Chicago ignored theology and
justice and calls from Palestinian Christians and succumbed to pressure in
rejecting calls for BDS

Israel once again commits an act of state piracy in the Mediterranean

The Obama administration has clearly stated it will not enforce the
ant-boycott language of the Trade Bill it signed, which extends protection
to the disputed territories.[sic]

Stay human...

Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor and Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH)
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS)
Bethlehem University
Sustainability, Youth Education and Empowerment
Tel 970-22773553

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