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Our Humanity Is Hanged In Installments: R.I. P Yakub Memon

CC News Letter 30 July - Our Humanity Is Hanged In Installments: R.I. P Yakub Memon

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

Our Humanity Is Hanged In Installments: R.I.P Yakub Memon
By Saswat Pattanayak

Yakub Memon has been killed by the Indian State. And it is our humanity that is hanged in installments. It is not an Afzal Guru, or a Yakub Memon alone

Execution Of Yakub Memon: An Act Of Revenge or Justice?
By Shamim Zakaria

Hanging Yakub Memon makes killers of us all. While the 1993 blasts or any unlawful killing is extremely lamentable, the state awarding capital punishment is simply another act of killing! The mere difference is this is under the legal frame work and is an organized killing; therefore we are bound to accept it. But, the process barely justifies the result, for a killing is a killing, be it legally or illegally!

GMOs, Agriculture And Independence: Hypnotic Trance In Delhi
By Colin Todhunter

We are about to enter August. And that's a special month in India. Each year, on the 15th, the country commemorates the anniversary of independence from Britain. To mark the occasion, official public celebrations take place in Delhi with flag waving and fly-pasts, and the corporate media is awash with patriotic sentiments. Behind the scenes, however, agriculture, the very heart and soul of the nation, will continue to be restructured for the benefit of foreign interests, raising the question: just where does the notion independence sit with such a policy?

No Warlords Need Apply, --A Call For Credible Peacemaking In Afghanistan
By Kathy Kelly & Buddy Bell

A second round of peace talks between Afghan government officials and Taliban representatives, expected to begin before the end of July, 2015, suggests that some parties to the fighting want to declare a cease fire. But even in the short time since the first round on July 7th, fighting has intensified. The Taliban, the Afghan government forces, various militias and the U.S. have ramped up attacks, across Afghanistan

Hiroshima Spring
By Gary Corseri

Author's Note: UNESCO declared 1979 "The International Year of the Child." Fatefully, I found myself in Hiroshima that spring, surrounded by ghosts…. On the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of civilians in a prostrate, defeated Japan—the greatest act of "terrorism" in history, not to end a war, as has been told, but to establish imperial hegemony-- let us look around our world today and consider-- to what end?

Is Zimbabwe Ready For America's Global Shift On Foreign Policy?
By Tsungai Chipato

With both Iran and Cuba entering historic agreements in 2015; it is now official that geopolitics is back and in the forefront of global affairs. President Obama's administration soon will be remembered for when a shift in global foreign policy for the United States of America began in unison with its domestic policy shift, which is rare in American politics. For a country built on disagreement; this symbiosis is no small task and doesn't happen a lot, often occurring during traumatic events such as wars or great economic depressions

Incongruities In The News
By Paul Craig Roberts

Jonathan Pollard, a paid spy for Israel described by Michael D. Shear as "one of the country's most notorious spies," has been pardoned from his life sentence. It strikes me as hypocritical for the US government to sentence anyone to prison for spying when the government itself spies on everyone everywhere. All Americans including members of the House and Senate, congressional staff, military officers, foreign governments including the leaders of Washington's closest allies, and foreign businesses are spied upon. No one is exempt from Washington's spying

Take-Aways From Iran Deal
By Kashoo Tawseef

If this deal is a success then that might give some credit to the nobel prize that Obama received even before doing anything for peace besides his efforts in the resumption of relation with Cuba will add to the legacy of Obama when he leaves the office as his second term is in its last phase. While as some are suggesting that US secretary of state, John Kerry and Iran's foreign minister, Jawad Zarif deserve the Peace Prize as they stopped another war

Dulat's Dulatti!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Punjabi word "Dulatti" describes a very strong kick with hind legs given by a horse while drawing a cart when its driver whips the horse violently. This may sometimes even topple the cart! The way the disclosures about Kashmir's leadership given in the book by Mr. Dulat, the former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief have been hyped up by the media, it is alleged that the intention is to topple not only the cart of the Kashmiri leadership but also discredit its entire society
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