Thursday, July 9, 2015



Ashok T Jaisinghani


   Which girl or woman will like to be told that SHE is ONLY one MOMENT of PLEASURE? How many WOMEN will AGREE that their VALUE is EQUAL to JUST ONE MOMENT of ENJOYMENT? Are ALL the WOMEN like CALL G1RLS or PROST1TUTES?

   Can the PRESENCE of daughters be considered ONLY as a MOMENT of PLEASURE? Can their LIVES have the VALUE of ONLY a MOMENT of ENJOYMENT? Can they really be compared ONLY with a MOMENT of PLEASURE, like what happens at the MOMENT of an ORGA$M, which a MAN experiences when he reaches the CLIMAX of the SEX act? Only in a SEXUAL ORGASM, can a MAN describe his FEMALE partner as a MOMENT of PLEASURE!!

   The PRESENCE of daughters should be considered as a LIFE of HAPPINESS, JIVAN KHUSHEE KAA or ZINDAGEE KHUSHEE KEE. 

   With this song, which is telecast many times every day on DD channels, the CRAZY song writer, and the IDIOTIC Doordarshan officials, have made the DAUGHTERS seem HORRIBLY CHEAP like the CALL G1RLS and Prost1tutes. 

*****Narendra Modi is MAIN PROMOTER of this INSULTING Song!*****

   Why are there NO PROTESTS by women against this HIGHLY INSULTING song, which makes them appear so CHEAP? 
How many women will DARE to PROTEST against the TERRIBLY INSULTING words of the song, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the MAIN PROMOTER of "BETIYAAN To Hai LAMHAA KHUSHEE Kaa"?

   Narendra Modi has become the MAIN PROMOTER of this song, as it has been made a part of his "Beti Bachaao, Beti Padhhaao" campaign, which was launched by him on 22 January 2015 in Haryana. It is not surprising that the famous GLAMOROUS Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit is the BRAND AMBASSADOR of the PM's "Beti Bachaao Beti Padhhaao" campaign!! For this campaign, Narendra Modi could not think of any other SIMPLE Indian girl, but ONLY Madhuri Dixit, the GLAMOROUS SEX SYMBOL of Bollywood, as the BRAND AMBASSADOR!! 

   Now, why was a MINOR BOY made to sing this song about DAUGHTERS for Doordarshan's TV channels? Did the BOY know what it was to be a HUSBAND and a FATHER? The song should be sung ONLY by a MAN who can become a FATHER. Did the BOY have the experience of LOVE, ROMANCE, and may be even an ORGASM, which could make him sing about the "GIRLS" (DAUGHTERS) being a MOMENT of PLEASURE!! The MINOR BOY could NOT have been a FATHER of any DAUGHTERS!! The BOY should have been made to sing about his SISTERS, and NOT about his DAUGHTERS who DID NOT EXIST!! 

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