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Yoga for Nuclear Disaster! Palash Biswas

Yoga for Nuclear Disaster!
Palash Biswas

Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project - Wikipedia, the free ...

Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project (Marathi: जैतापूर अणुऊर्जा प्रकल्प) is a proposed 9900 MW power project of Nuclear Power Corporation of India 
Practice Yoga for ACHHE DIN!

Practice Yoga for Baba Ramdev Empire!

Practice Yoga to Hinduise Indian armies and security forces!

Practice Yoga to boost the Ultimate Genie to execute the wish commands of Ambani and Adani with RSS Agenda of cent percent Hindutva intact!

Sing Vande Mataram as BHARAT Mata to remain in chained and thousands of East India Companies all set,streamlined to ensure Nuclear Disaster imminent!

LaMo struck Sushama Swaraj might get some peace in UN heaven where she has to be the part of the International Yoga BABA Ramdev Branded.In India,we might learn Yoga from LaMo friend Shilpa Shetty and nude photo session fame PONNAM Pandey as our friend Ashok T.Jaisinghani already wrote *****Most 

Popular Yoga is KAAMA YOGA*****!

Poonam Pandey teaches her own style of yoga; video goes viral

Meanwhile a breather for RSS politics as 

the Maha Ramrathi Iron Man who made 

the Bania party Ruling Hegemony 

performed excellent Yoga and calrified 

that his Emergency comment meant 


LaMo challenges government of India,UKHAD SAKO TO UKHAD LO!I know a little bit of Modi business background rooted in Modi Nagar near Meerut.My friends have personally known MODI involved in IPL Casino for years.I may guess the amount Modi should have to pump in Indian politics.

Meanwhile NO TO Be NOT to be!Everyone inflicted with IPL Casino Disorder has to be saved,the RSS Corruptionfree politics of ethics,moral values and PURITY have clarifed.Sushama as well as Raje to continue!

Vedic Money Laundering is no Money laundering!

Vedic Corruption is no Corruption as VEDIC GENOCIDE is NO GENOCIDE!

I have been worried for my Mumbai friends. Ironically I have been living in Kolkata for last twenty years with a status of NRI. Neither Kolkata accepted me nor I could love Kolkata that blindly for wrong glorified causes.

As I am an untouchable by birth and a son of a partition victim refugee resettled in Uttarakhand.

I have no friend in Kolkata who might invest his friendship beyond my inherent black untouchable identity.I have to leave this city as nobody is going to help me getting affordable home as soon as I lose the job.I am just living in Kolkata on work permit which the Ultimate Genie intends to give all partition victim Hindu refugees on name of citizenship inflaming identity clash across the border.

The caste class dominance in Kolkata and rest of Bengal is progressive liberal feudal Hindutva and is very very scientific.But at the same time,the self destruction mode is alarming!

Mumbai water logging scared the markets as lifline in Mumbai had been stalled and the Ocean seemed to be on high tide.This could happen anytime in Kolkata structured on low waterlogged land.The Sundrabans which had been defending Bengal for thousands of years, is almost destryed as the Himalayas saving Indian humanscape as well as landscape since no less than Five Hundred million years have to melt in the imminent Nuclear disater for which the MILAN ASAN Yoga is celebrated.

Excalibur Tussu wrote:

Mad Left wants to align with Congress to share Power!

Kolkata most polluted metro in India, has highest pollution level among eight countries!

Kolkata and rest of India has the best ever icon in Devdas to justify self destruction. Eating, drinking and breathing poison round the clock,Kolkata is inflicted with incurable cancer and Self Destruction inherent, Kolkata races to Death!

This is the status at present in Kolkata and I have not to go indetailsbut it seems the Robinson Street SKELETON Mystery inflicted India as RSS cupboard disorder spills the SKELETON on streets countrywide and LaMo is not in any sparing mode.Just see live his interviews and the exposure imminent which inflicts the entire Billinaire Millionair Political class irrespective of ideology and party.

Mumbai survived with a worry how to do Yoga on waterlogged streets!

But Jaitapur ahead with Nuclear cluster is the ultimate radioactive danger which Mumbai might not afford.Earlier the Nation failed to save the village named Kudankullam near Kanyakumari being the nuclear zone.Now,it is the turn of Mumbai!

I consider Maharashtra my second home as I have my friends in every part of Maharashtra, Vidarbh, Marrthwada and Mumbai and I always feel at home anywhere in Maharashtra as every part of united Uttarpradesh where I was born,remains my home.

As I could not love New Delhi,the capital which is the root of all calamities and holocausts we,the people have to bear,I may not Bengal which remains in the clutches of scientific Manusmrit Hegemony still so merciless,so brute that the excluded agrarian communities should not any status whatsoever!

Modi DIDI combine should be the best attraction tomorrow as the political honeymoon should be sweeter after the suicidal Left decided to align with Congress and the elevation of Comrade Sitaram Yechuri with Bengal line behind meant exactly to happen this sooner or later which should be national phenomenon.

Haripura nuclear Power Plant is originally an UPA project during LEFT rule in Bengal which had been opposed by Didi.Now Modi DIDI combined Haripura Project is the next danger Kolkata has to face.

In fact,the Ultimate Genie owned by Ambaniand Adani i working round the clock to get India Nuclear as soon as possible and he struck nuclear deal with every nation he visited and which has nuclear reactors or Uranium to sell.

Latest news break with Mumbai saved is abaout Nuclear Future of India which should be made in Japan.

Three big changes that will give boost to India's nuclear programme

NEW DELHI: India's nuclear programme is set to get a huge boost thanks to three big changes. First, Japan has asked India for a dedicated nuclear reactor site, signaling that not only is it willing to shed all inhibitions of doing nuclear commerce with India but is also keen to be counted with the US, France and Russia as a power building nuclear parks here.

Second, India is giving big contracts for six reactors each to US blue-chip companies GE and Westinghouse. This is a big shift f .. 

Third, a critical component of the nuclear industry, the insurance structure, will be activated next month when Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) buys a nuclear insurance policy at Rs 100-crore premium from a consortium that includes General Insurance Corporation (GIC) and a group called Nuclear Risk Insurers from Britain.

By Pranab Dhal Samanta, ET Bureau | 20 Jun, 2015, 10.48AM IST

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