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US To Station Troops, Heavy Weaponry On Russia’s Border

CC News Letter 15 June - US To Station Troops, Heavy Weaponry On Russia's Border 

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Binu Mathew

 US To Station Troops, Heavy Weaponry  On Russia's Border
By Barry Grey

In a brazen move to prepare for war with Russia, the United States is planning to permanently station battle tanks and other heavy weaponry and maintain a force of up to 5,000 US troops in the Baltic States and other Eastern European NATO countries that were once part of the Soviet Union or its periphery

US May Change Its Baltic-East Europe Policy: Military Strength May Increase
By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava

US defense ministry has decided that Eastern European countries now need the better military preparedness hence strength full military needs to be stationed in this part of the Europe. According to a report in "New York Time" USA may station 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers; and with equipment sufficient for about 150 soldiers may be placed at three Baltic nations; Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and about 750 soldiers may be placed at Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and possibly Hungary

US, UK And Anglosphere Human Rights Abuses
And War Crimes Trash Magna Carta 800th Anniversary
By Dr Gideon Polya

15 June 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede. Magna Carta notably gave English "free men" freedom from arbitrary, non-judicial imprisonment, dispossession, outlawing, banishment or destruction by the ruler, a freedom that was variously progressively extended to all citizens and subjects in the Anglosphere over the next 8 centuries. However the US, UK, Apartheid Israel, and Australia have continued to grossly violate this freedom in the 21st century

Ignoring Reality, Subverting Morality: GMOs And The Neoliberal Apologists
By Colin Todhunter

Because any type of critical analysis that links the GMO issue with the system these neoliberal mouthpieces defend and which touches on the concerns outlined in this article is met with mockery and name calling from them - it's all 'anti-capitalist' twaddle or conspiracy theory mouthed by a bunch of 'green blob', immoral, self-serving hippies, so they say. They seem to think projection passes for debate. It doesn't

Why We Should Support Raif Badawi
By Devika Mittal

Raif Badawi is undergoing the punishment for the charge of "insulting Islam". He is imprisoned. He had received the first 50 lashes in January. But since his wounds remain unhealed, the punishment has not been repeated. Badawi's case is or should be for everyone who speaks and respects "Freedom of Speech", "Secularism" and "Justice". Here's why we all should support him and demand his immediate release

An Open Letter To Mr Gajendra Chauhan By An FTII Student
By An FTII Student

As protests against the appointment of Mr Gajendra Chauhan as new chairman of the Institute gather steam, with students on an indefinite strike since 12 th June and a joint protest being organised in Delhi on Tuesday at 11 am in front of I&B ministy in solidarity with the strike, here is an open letter written to the newly appointed Chairman by a FTII student. Facts are also coming to the fore that not only Mr Chauhan but four of the eight members nominated under 'Persons of Eminence' category to the society also have saffron connections further demonstrating how the Sangh Parivar is keen to change the very ethos and nature of these institutions and establish its regressive agenda

Where Do Ram And Allah Live?
By Ram Puniyani

Lord Ram and Allah are almighty and the mortals like us, including the breast beaters from communal formations, should prefer to see that the housing is provided to all the mortals, ordinary people so that they don't have to live on the pavements-slums and suffer the ignominy. Can one hope that rather than presenting the past in a one sided; divisive manner we look at the story from all the angles, and put forth the rational one. We need to cultivate our faith for well being of all our society as a whole on the lines of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam

13 June, 2015

Pentagon Seeks Network Of New US Military Bases In Iraq
By Thomas Gaist

The Pentagon is preparing to develop a network of new US military bases in strategic areas of Iraq, General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters Thursday. The new US garrisons will house further deployments of hundreds more US troops, beyond the deployment of an additional 450 US forces announced by the Obama administration on Wednesday

US Imperialist Strategy In Tatters
By Serge Jordan

A year after ISIS captured Mosul, the jihadist group controls about half of Syria and a third of Iraq – more territory than ever before

Exponential Growth
By John Scales Avery

Exponential growth of any quantity with time has some remarkable characteristics, which we ought to try to understand better, since this understanding will help us to predict the future. The knowledge will also show us the tasks which history has given to our generation. We must perform them with urgency in order to create a future in which our descendants will be able to survive

Stopping Obama's "Legacy" 'Trade'-Deals: Did Reid Finally Do It?
By Eric Zuesse

President Obama has many times made clear to congressional Democrats that the most important thing in the "legacy" that he hopes to leave behind from his Presidency is his big-three 'trade' deals: TPP with Asia, TTIP with Europe, and TISA for international services including banking and insurance

Rising Corporate Military Complex In India: A Critical Appraisal
By Rahul Varman

The enormous expenditure in the name of nation's security has remained opaque and mostly outside public scrutiny. Most of the data and information employed here are drawn from the print and web media, Government documents available in the public domain, and reports by consulting firms and policy institutions. One could find almost no research studies based on primary data – pointing to the abysmal failure of research institutions to study such a vital aspect of the Indian economy and polity

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