Thursday, June 11, 2015

SDPI holds march in Delhi to protest oppression of Rohingya Muslims

SDPI holds march in Delhi to protest oppression of Rohingya Muslims

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By TCN News,

New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) on Thursday conducted a rally protesting the ongoing oppression on the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. A memorandum was submitted to the Ambassador of Myanmar and the President of India on the occasion.

Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmed, SDPI vice president, led the protest rally along with Delhi state president Advocate Aslam Ahmad. The rally started from Teen Murti and headed towards the Myanmar embassy but it was stopped on the way.

"The cruel subjugation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has crossed all the boundaries," said Sharfuddin Ahmed and expressed anguish over the beastly treatment of Rohingyas in Myanmar. "Buddhists are considered practicing peace lovers whereas the picture in Myanmar shows differently and they are seen here as barbaric and inhumane."


Referring to the media reports, Ahmed recounted that the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims has been persistently continuing for over a number of years in Myanmar. The Myanmar government has annulled the citizenship of more than four lakh Muslims. "Buddhist radicals with the support of the government have been brutally murdering Muslims, including women and children," he said and urged the UN to immediately intervene and resolve the issue.


Addressing the gathering, Aslam Ahmed said the Rohingya Muslims are being brutally and systematically murdered consistently for a number of years. Referring to the Rohingyas on boat, the ones trying to escape Myanmar, he said, "The terrible and the most embarrassing subject about the ongoing persecution of Rohingyas is that no country is offering them refuge in any way."

He urged the Indian government to play a diplomatic role in putting an end to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar.

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