Thursday, June 11, 2015


RatnaRaj Brahma2:48am Jun 11
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Sujay Ghosh
Sujay Ghosh7:58pm Jun 10
After the Lok Sabha polls, BJP was hoping too much, having a day-dream, as people from CPIM flocked to their folds. TMC has shown BJP its place. .
RatnaRaj Brahma
RatnaRaj Brahma3:25pm Jun 10
So what political alternative do Commies like you have ? Collectivisaton and Communisation of agriculture, peasants suffering under a totalitarian state, struggling in the fields everyday filling up state quotas while they starve to death, when peasants refuse to sell grains to state at low price send the red Army to confiscate grains and send millions of camps to gulags for re-education, if they want to emigrate to the cities prohibit the peasants to go to the cities by circulating internal passports for peasants, still the infallible Communist Party under the wise visionary leadership of Stalin, Mao will fool them by showing them Communist utopia. The workers were promised freedom from exploitation but will live a life of slavery, working 8 to 12 hours a day for a paltry wage with shortage of housing, food stuffs and consumer goods, yet Communist party members become fat by enjoying priveleges, yet the Workers will be fooled by the Party leaders shouting- " Subah Hogi Comrades " when the communist paradise have come everything will be fine, so continue working like slaves. To forget hardships assemble at Red square on a cold frosty day and shout from empty stomachs at the Red Army/PLA marching, sing songs about Socialist Motherland, Carry huge photos and banners of great leaders and march and wave to the leaders watching from top. The Whole country becoming nationalised, numerous office sprang up with bureaucracy and Red tapism wrecking havoc on the common people, bribe a party member to get the jobs done quickly, remain in ques for food from govt food stores, while Fat Communist leaders suffer no privation they will get food from special stores, get luxury goods from abroad. They get food from special farms, enjoy holidays at govt resorts and dachas and rest houses and sanitoriums, where the common people are not allowed to enter. ENJOY COMMUNIST PARADISE- ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN THE REST !!!!
The Intellectual Community ? As long as you obey blindly the Communist party you will enjoy all the priveleges, the moment you point out at corruption, indulgences of leaders, lack of Democracy- You are labelled as a Right wing deviationists and a class enemy and sent to prison for re-education along with all the family members- ENJOY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION UNDER COMMUNISM !!!
The Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat ? One Supreme leader will guide everything, the leader is invincible he is the morning sun, the genuis of mankind and leader of all the progressive humanity, so everything he does is always correct, every word spoken by the leader is pearls of wisdom, Anyone criticising the leader is the enemy of the state and is liable to be purged.
Enjoy the NEW DEMOCRACY and under COMMUNISM.
Rights of people under Communizm ?- The Secret police will always be there to keep an eye on you, your rooms will be bugged, your telephone talks intercepted, your correspondences will be intercepted and opened. The citizens will have to give up private property but Yes. Communist Leaders can enjoy private priveleges. HAIL !!! THE COMMUNIST PARADISE.
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Palash Biswas
Palash Biswas1:55pm Jun 10
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कैसे नहीं दोगे जमीन,देखते नहीं कि सड़कों पर उतरने लगे हैं युद्धक विमान कि झीलों और समुंदरों की गहराइ...

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