Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Court Sentences

The Muslim Brotherhood was dismayed at the farcical sentences issued in the espionage and the storming of prisons cases, which include the President of the Republic Mohamed Morsi and a large number of leaders of National and Islamic work. The group affirms that the life imprisonment and death sentences today (Tuesday) are null and void, issued by judges and a Mufti who have sold themselves to the murderous military junta, judges and Mufti who do not deserve to sit on their esteemed seats, but in history's waste-baskets, where seats have been booked for them.

The group stresses that these unjust court sentences represent a trial for the January Revolution, its objectives and gains and its participants, that the "constitutional and revolutionary" legitimacy established by the January Revolution is the basis of the real struggle in the streets now, and that these sentences and trials are null and void.

Every day, the brutal military coup regime declares it does not respect the mind or will of the Egyptian people, having run over their will with tanks, it announced today the execution of the will of the people, to begin a stage of oppression, tyranny and repression as experienced by Egypt since the coup and until the Revolution defeats it fully and unequivocally.

With many legal irregularities and crimes committed in the trials, the murders in the name of law and religion, turning a blind eye to torture, kidnapping and enforced disappearance, and then exaggerated and intensely politicized sentences, the judiciary and the Mufti have reached the end point where there is no repentance or turning back.

Democracy and freedom endorsed by the January Revolution and the Egyptians' sacrifices of the patriotic people will not be lost in vain. With their sentence today for the execution of the elected President and the homeland's honorable leaders, the traitorous military junta have cut off all routes of retreat, and set themselves up for fair retribution. Meanwhile, international silence about these crimes being committed in Egypt in the name of the law reinforces the international system's procedures in the killing and suppression of people for the sake of its own lowly interests.

The group demands that all active forces at home and abroad to continue and escalate their revolutionary struggle against the military coup regime and its security, political, economic, media and judicial tentacles, who sold the homeland in order to entrench injustice and oppression.

The group urges the homeland's patriotic people to rise in a massive popular protest Friday, a protest against executions, arrests, abductions and forced disappearances, a protest against the fascist criminal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang, a protest of farmers, workers, the destitute, the oppressed, intellectuals and ordinary Egyptians who reject oppression and injustice, a protest to uproot these killers – for a free, proud and sovereign homeland.

The Revolution continues, a comprehensive, just and strong Revolution. The struggle watered by the blood of thousands in the streets, and the lives of patriotic people spent in prison or hunted, the groans of the tortured, and the honors violated - all these will not be lost in vain. The day will come for the inevitable retribution. God's verdict against all those corrupt murderers has already been issued, "They say: When is it? Say: It may be soon".

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Tuesday - June 16, 2015

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