Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meet The Woman Behind #BlackLivesMatter—The Hashtag

CC News Letter 17 June - Meet The Woman Behind #BlackLivesMatter—The Hashtag

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Binu Mathew

Why We Fight For The Living World: It's About Love,  And It's Time We Said So
By George Monbiot

I see the encyclical by Pope Francis, which will be published on Thursday, as a potential turning point. He will argue that not only the physical survival of the poor, but also our spiritual welfare depends on the protection of the natural world; and in both respects he is right

Meet The Woman Behind #BlackLivesMatter—The Hashtag
That Became A Civil Rights Movement
By Liz Pleasant

Alicia Garza and two friends first tweeted #BlackLivesMatter to spark a conversation after the death of Trayvon Martin. Three years later, their hashtag has become a movement

Oppression of African Americans Is Not A Liberal Invention
By Matt Peppe

The most important accomplishment of Black Lives Matter has been to make these issues visible to so many people across the country. Unfortunately, many who benefit from white supremacy are determined to keep it invisible. As the national conversation shifts to confront systemic racism and discrimination, conservative confirmation bias is difficult to overcome. But in the end the facts speak for themselves. The more they lead to real social change, the stronger the conservative backlash will be at those who bear the message. Fortunately, the movements that have developed have shown every indication they are up for the challenge and are in the struggle for the long haul

Ten Myths About Greek Relations With The European Union, The IMF And The USA
By Jon Kofas

Greek myths advanced by apologists of austerity and neo-liberalism

Neil Young Is Starving The Poor! The Pro-GMO Lobby's Latest Scapegoat
By Colin Todhunter

The pro-GMO lobby's latest scapegoat is Neil Young who recently released an anti-GMO/ Monsanto album

Just Politics: Iran, Like The Rest, Is Not Blameless
By Ramzy Baroud

Iran is part and parcel of ongoing conflicts, has contributed to some, reacted to others; it labored to defeat US ambitions, but also cooperated with Washington when their interests intersected. It is as sectarian as the rest, and abashedly so. This is not an attempt at implicating Iran, but an attempt at an honest reading into a war involving many parties, whose hands are equally bloody

Fake Degree-Organized Racket Defaming Indian Education Standard
By Mousumi Roy

Recent arrest of Law Minister, Jitendra Singh Tomar, of present Delhi local government has added to new dimension, to show the extent and level this organized racket is operating in our country. In lighter side, this episode has become talking point as "Munna Bhai LLB"

Fact Finding Report On Illegal Detention And Custodial Torture Of Juvenile
By Koraput Youth Association

Shaken by the media reports of illegal detention and custodial torture of a 13-year old Dalit boy Sankar @ Rahul Garada, members of the Koraput Youth Association (KYA) decided to intervene into the matter and make all efforts to give justice to the juvenile victim. A first step in this direction was conducting a fact finding and for this five youth members of KYA visited the victim and his family to get to the core of illegal detention and custodial torture incident

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