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Madhya Pradesh Government has imposed another bureaucratic and dictatorial order on school kids and their parents

Madhya Pradesh Government has imposed another bureaucratic and dictatorial order on school kids and their parents
Madhya Pradesh Government has been pressurising schools to get the children registered with SSMID, which is another magic number after UID of family identification from M. P. government. Children are sent with a form to the parents to get the SSMID (Samagra Samajik Suraksha Mission Identification) number. This form also says that it is compulsory for children to get the SSMID number. The parents are suffering with humiliations at various government offices to get this new SSMID number. Poor parents are finding it a financial burden also to first spend money on xeroxing of the IDs of all family members, then to go to the court and get an affidavit made on Rs. 10/- stamp paper ans also pay Rs. 30-40 the typist for the typing. 
When contacted a principal of a school, he said that state government has continuously been putting pressure to collect the SSMID numbers of all the kids studying in the schools, therefore we have given the forms to all students. When I told him about the story of UID that it can be made compulsory according to the law, he said, If you don't want to give then give us in writing with reason mentioned. We will send it to the government." Obviously, most of the parents would follow what schools have demanded from them. This is a nexus which needs to be challenged.

One can see the details about this scheme on this link:http://samagra.gov.in/default.html, and see the attachment too.
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Please find attached few relevant documents and few Hindi stories that will be be helpful in the campaign against biometric aadhaar. We need to seek boycott and civil -disobedience of biometric identification initiatives of govt and non-govt players to safeguard democratic rights of the present and future generations. The biometric database will mean end of political rights as well.   

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