Wednesday, June 24, 2015

*****Is Narendra Modi Not a SICK MAN?*****

*****Is Narendra Modi Not a SICK MAN?*****
Ashok T Jaisinghani
   Yoga Asanas have NOT made Narendra Modi HEALTHY. He is a SICK MAN who is SUFFERING from chronic SLEEPLESSNESS, as he gets ONLY 3 HOURS of SLEEP in a day.

   In the International Yoga Day program of June 21 at Rajpath in New Delhi, telecast by DOORDARSHAN and other TV channels, how many viewers saw the TREMOR in Modi's HAND, as he was using his thumb and one finger to alternately close his left and right nostrils to perform the breathing exercises? 

   Overworked and exhausted Narendra Modi is a SICK MAN. He requires MEDICAL treatment, PROPER DIET, ADEQUATE REST and MORE SLEEP. Modi should SLEEP for at least 6 HOURS daily to be in REALLY GOOD HEALTH. Adequate SLEEP is necessary for WORKING EFFICIENTLY and for AVOIDING MISTAKES, which may even CAUSE ACCIDENTS.

   Yoga Asanas CANNOT give GOOD HEALTH to anyone who does NOT FOLLOW the LAWS of NATURE. Nobody can DEFY the LAWS of NATURE and still REMAIN HEALTHY. 

   With a waistline of about 58 inches, and suffering from INSOMNIA, and with signs of TREMOR in his hands, Narendra Modi CAN NEVER be a ROLE MODEL for those who seek GOOD HEALTH. Making Modi his ROLE MODEL, who will like to become FAT to get a 58-inch waist, suffer from INSOMNIA and have TREMOR in HANDS? 

   The PEOPLE of India DON'T NEED any Yoga LESSONS from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but they want GOOD GOVERNANCE from him. The GOVERNMENT of India must provide unadulterated PURE FOOD, CLEAN WATER, clothing, shelter, education, employment and SECURITY to ALL PEOPLE. There must be justice, communal harmony and PEACE in the whole country. 

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