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In defence of a beautiful lady in Indian Politics!

In defence of a beautiful lady in Indian Politics!

Palash Biswas

  1. Sushma Swaraj
    Minister of External Affairs of India
  2. Sushma Swaraj is an Indian politician, former lawyer and the current Minister of External Affairs of India, in office since 26 May 2014. Wikipedia
  3. BornFebruary 14, 1952 (age 63), New Delhi
  4. SpouseSwaraj Kaushal (m. 1975)
  5. OfficeMinister of External Affairs of India since 2014

Why should she resign?

Who did defend Union CARBIDE?Who did fight for DOW Chemicals in the court and who did allow Anderson die without the justice to Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims?

Please tell me who did resign for SIKH genocide,Babri Demolition,Gujarat Genocide and for the poison we have to eat or drink daily?

If it is the corrupt connection,then the connectivity in politics rather should be investigated at large scales and a headcount should be initiated immediately which party got how many criminals in top position in Indian Politics!

We know something about greater crimes and none involved directly in those war crimes against human right had to resign rather we make them the members of the Hegemony DEVMANDAL of Class Caste Rule!

Why do we skip the debate on Bhopal Gas Experiment of Mass Destruction?

Why do we skip the debate on Swiss flood gates of defence shopping commission,the basic wholesale source of Balck Money to be pumped in Indian Economy as free flow of foreign capital?

Why do we skip the debate on the policy making and executive decisions which benefits specified individuals and groups? As Hindutva PPP model development REWARIA booty goes two very very special beneficiaries,we have not to name?

Why do we skip the source of corporate funding in governance and keeps secret of corporate lobbying behind Parliamentary consensus to kill the constitution and the people?

Why do we skip the debate on Indian foreign policy and diplomacy which have been reduced to interests of a micro minority India Incs?

Why do we not debate on the greatest scam of Tax Holiday for ABSOLUTE Corporate Mafia Promoter Builder Raj and Tax reforms to shift the burden of entire Taxation back to us,the ninety nine percent population?

Why do we not debate on Railway regime of very very special politicians who have to keep mum on the privatization of Railway?

Why do we not debate on the disinvestment cases,sell off cases,close down cases in which profitable Public Sector unites were handed over to private parties and ministers and politicians got due share.For example,please reopen the files of disinvestment of BALCO,NELCO,JESSOP and so on.For example disinvestment process of destruction in Railway, AIR INDIA, LIC, SBI, SAIL, ONGC,COAL India and so on?

Why do we not discuss the NRI connection to RBI SEBI and Economy management?

Why dare we not raise fingers against GREEN Signal to kill the Green and the mystery economics of billion billion dollars of investment?

Why do we not see the individual super fast growth of the people`s representatives once they get elected irrespective of party and ideology?

Why do we keep silence about the continuous displacement,deportation drive to sell of the Nation and its natural resources, continuous BEDAKHALI from JAL Jangal, Jameen, ecology, environment, weather and life cycle,citizenship,civic and human rights,job and livelihood and remain blind to see the faces of the criminal responsible of ethnic cleansing,war crimes, gang rapes, arson, hate campaign,blatant communalism, racial Apartheid, persecution and regional imbalance associated with geographical discrimination?

Why dare we not raise our voice against recruitment on top positions and the monopoly of dominant castes in every sphere of life?

She is the minster of foreign affairs and Modi connection seems to be predestined for her as she is very religious and speaks Hindutva so loud and certainly believes in Karma and KARMAFAL. Other wise she could have been the PM herself or she could have been skipped Lalit Modi connection.

It did not happen.

Thus it happened and it had to happen.Please see the links as follows:

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    Sushma Swaraj (né Sushma Sharma) was born at Ambala Cantt in a Hindu Brahmin family on 14 February 1952 to Hardev Sharma & Shrimati Laxmi Devi.
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