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ICSPWI supports this statement and call and in next talk meeting launches international campaign with all kind of actions!

DISCLAIMER: I am posting the feedback as it is to share the social realism ta present and the MAOIST statement rather helps to understand the phenomenon of Maoist Movement in India irrespective of subjective perspective!It would be better for Indian people and Indian state as well if we treat the problem with some objective methodology.
Palash Biswas

ICSPWI supports this statement and call and in next talk meeting launches international campaign  with all kind of actions!


Statement of the Committee in Support of the People's War in India, Afghanistan on the arrest of Comrade Ajith:

Fight for the Release of Comrade Ajith

The reactionary Indian state under the leadership of Modi led Hindu fascist government added another crime to its long list of crimes against humanity. On May 9, this year India's so-called 'Anti-terrorism Squad' stormed a hospital in Pune, Maharashtra state, and arrested an ailing revolutionary intellectual, political activist, and a prominent thinker of the Indian left, comrade Ajith for the crime of belonging to the Communist Party of India (Maoist), and dedicating his entire life to the struggle against class, caste, gender, national, and imperialist oppression and for revolution and social justice.
Yes! Comrade Ajith's crime is to dedicate more than four decades of his life to the relentless struggle against a brutal and reactionary system which is exploiting, oppressing, grinding, and sucking the blood of hundreds of millions of the wretched of the earth. A system which is directly responsible for the daily death of 6000 children due to hunger, poverty and preventable diseases. A system which is displacing tens of millions of people from their habitat and destroying their livelihood in order to extract profit for multinational corporations. 
Yes! Comrade Ajith's crime has been to think and imagine and fight for a better world, in which all these atrocities become history. But for the reactionary Indian state, which shamelessly claims to be the "biggest democracy" in the world this is a crime. This illustrates the fact that in an asymmetrical society divided along class, caste, and gender lines democracy for all peoples is a farce and a façade to cover the ugly reality of the system of exploitation and oppression. As a matter of fact this greatest of democracies is nothing but a political machine of violence and repression for buttressing the hegemony of zombie-like bourgeois comprador and feudal parasitic classes. 
Comrade Ajith is an ideologue of the CPI (Maoist), which is currently leading a revolutionary people's war to demolish the system of semi-feudal, capitalist and imperialist oppression and exploitation and to establish new democracy and socialism. Comrade has dedicated more than four decades of his life for this cause. He was the secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari, which merged with the CPI (Maoist) on May 1, 2014. 
Comrade is a relentless revolutionary activist and theoretician. He has penned several books on revolutionary theory and class and caste issues in India. He is an exemplary communist revolutionary and a committed internationalist. The international communist movement owes much to him. He has served as an editor of the international revolutionary magazine, A World to Win. After the collapse of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, comrade dedicated his intellectual labor to the cause of struggle against neo-revisionism that was responsible for liquidating the RIM. A book length essay of comrade Ajith, Against Avakianism, has been translated into several languages including into Farsi-Dari. 
On May 9 of this year comrade was arrested in a hospital by the repressive forces of the fascist Indian state, while comrade was undergoing treatment for a bypass surgery. Comrade Hamza Ismail was also arrested while he was aiding and attending to his ailing comrade. Let us not allow the reactionary Indian state to get away with this crime.
The Committee in Support of the Peoples War in India--Afghanistan calls on all revolutionary and progressive individuals and organizations, political and social justice activists, and the revolutionary masses to strive and expose and resist the crimes of the reactionary Indian state; defend comrade Ajith and comrade Ismail, and put pressure on the Indian state to allow comrade Ajith seek the medical attention he needs, and demand his immediate release. 
Let us not let any stone unturned in solidarity with the revolutionary people's war and the struggling masses in India and in the fight for the release of comrade Ajith.
Long live revolutionary people's war in India!
Long live the revolutionary Indian masses!
Long live Comrade Ajith!
Down with the reactionary Indian state!
Down with the BJP Hindu fascism!

Committee in Support of the People's War in India-Afghanistan
May 27, 2015


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