Sunday, June 14, 2015

*****DEPORT Lal Krishna Advani to SINDH!*****

*****DEPORT Lal Krishna Advani to SINDH!*****

Rajesh PatilDRAMA jee,

   For about 8 years, you and your GANG have been threatening to DEPORT me to Sindh, Pakistan, or even to KILL me. After the BJP Governments have come to POWER in New Delhi and Maharashtra, I have really started getting TERRIBLY SCARED of your GANG and I am AFRAID of LOSING my LIFE. 

   I have SHAVED OFF my BEARD and MOUSTACHE, so that your GANG does NOT succeed in IDENTIFYING me and then attempt to KILL ME. I have also started wearing a BLACK WIG with LONG HAIR. I have gone UNDERGROUND, and I come out ONLY at NIGHT from my HIDING PLACE. Every night, I SHIFT from one HIDING PLACE to another NEW HIDING PLACE, so that your GANG does NOT FIND ME. 

   Rajesh PatilDRAMA jee, please SPARE my LIFE, as I want to tell you a VERY GREAT SECRET. Do you know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make the SINDHI LEADER Lal Krishna Advani the NEXT President of India? He is the SAME SINDHI LEADER who had stated that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was REALLY a  GREAT SECULAR LEADER, the SAME FELLOW who is also known as the FATHER of Pakistan! 

   For his statement about Muhammad  Ali Jinnah, Lal Krishna Advani was declared a TRAITOR by many TOP Hindu leaders! Why don't you get Lal Krishna Advani DEPORTED to SINDH, Pakistan, and PREVENT him from becoming the NEXT President of India? So please tell your GANG to SPARE MY LIFE, as I have told you the GREAT SECRET about L K Advani.

      Very Very Sincerely,

      Ashok T Jaisinghani.


On 13 June 1915, Rajesh Patil  <> wrote

Ashok Jaisinghani - Your name indicates that you might be from 'Sindh' ... If you hate the Hindus so much ... ... why do you live in Hindu dominated land ? Why don't you again try to settle  back to 'Sindh' ? 

    Rajesh Patil.

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