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राष्ट्रिय मूल नीति तर्जुमा गरिनु पर्दछ ! but who will do it the present day corrupt power hungry crooks whom the fool call as leaders ?

Ref:Do ordinary people get chance to comment on the proposed constitution?

Kalyan Bhattarai <>

Dear Dahal ji -i agree राष्ट्रिय मूल नीति तर्जुमा गरिनु पर्दछ ! but who will do it the present day corrupt power hungry crooks whom the fool call as leaders ? we all have watch them closely from 2046- did they did single good work to expect these corrupt will make राष्ट्रिय मूल नीति.you know how these corrupt looted the taxpayer's money in the name pf constitution making they extended the 2 years time illegitimately to 4 years and failed to write one simple constitution simply because their interest was only to loot the nation. 
No sense to repeat their wrong dopings everybody knows it well. do you  think there will be change in their corrupt notion?  they will bring changes in their  dirty nauseating power game ?does your inner mind tells that these corrupt leaders will do any single good work for the nation ? 
Is their single reason why a country like nepal need federalism even the fool knows this is only to create the plump post to loot the nation and appoint their show polisher and underwear washer in the post ., can they nominate Mahabir Pun as president ? 
do you accept these corrupt crooks as leaders if so why simply because they have some goons with them -have you read the book published by election commission where the details on the number of vote they receive etc is mentioned -read it and find one single candidate who is worth to call people's representative and are trusted by the majority of the voters . 
  1. Any democratic person will start nauseating when he/she finds the percentage of votes they received to be elected -
  2. on what ground those who are rejected by majority of the voters of respective  constituents  can be accepted as people's representative ? 
  3. In the name of democracy they are just rapoing the democracy in day light and so called intellectuals are clapping their hands with the hope of getting some lucrative post -what an exhibition of intellectual bankruptcy !
  4. Why there is not enough protest on the looting of the taxpayer's money by the so called leaders? in my opinion all who have looted the taxpayer's money in the name of medical treatment should be hanged to death., 
  5. we were in the street during 2046 Andolan not because we were puppets of any leaders nor we were against the king what we wanted was the democracy, rule of law and  all round development of the country where the citizen could work with dignity and live as human being 
  6. What is happening today ? nothing happens without bribery and the corrupt politician are looting the nation, even the relief fund they looted and why to call such corrupt as leaders ? to call present day corrupt power hungry crooks as leaders will be insult to real leaders . 
  7. The development during the Panchyati period was slow but it was in the process ,the corruption was rampant but no so much institutionalized and there was fear that if the bl king knows it the corrupt will be in problem today from president to all PM, minister are looting and only looting the nation in various pretext  Shamelessly the Pm says he will jail those who misuse the relief fund and to day all papers are flooded with corrupt news and nobody is punished why ?
  8. see the industry they have destroyed all industry any sector from education to health tourism to foreign policy all are in useless stage 
  9.  China and India decides on LIpu :Leckh which belongs to nepal but the puppet PM with slavery mentality can't even protest it .
  10.  Friend this country is rule by goons corrupt hijackers and blackmailers to expect any मूल नीति from these corrupt will be to expect to grow tomato from potato seeds. 
  11. As long as top 500 corrupt present day top leaders are not hanged to death to expect anything good positive democratic and development related work will be only to show  your intellectual bankruptcy. Thanks Kalyan Dev Bhattarai

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 10:43 PM, Siddhi Ranjitkar <>wrote:
It is refreshing to read Kalayn Bhattarai's statement.

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 5:19 AM, Kalyan Bhattarai<> wrote:
Dear friends -i have said many times we are not under the democratic system but under kleptocratic system  -forget about the role/say/opinion of the common people even the so called elected members of CA are treated like puppets (the 601 fools accepted that they are only shoe polisher of the corrupt leaders from their deeds ) and they just only clapped on the constitution  made by few most corrupt power hungry crooks.  I wonder how those who are rejected by the majority of the voters of all constituents are considered elected  there is a case where the candidate who lost his deposit because he was not  able to get the required votes (support from voters) but still consider as elected and the fools call such system as democratic !
 Why h in new constitution  PM is not  elected by the people directly. ? Last 2 decade's  history tells us how the so called  MP were sold in the open market, they were huddled in a hotel like sheeps ,they were sent to Bangkok in taxpayers money in the name of medical treatment to save from non confidence motion, some political parties even hurdled their PM and pleased them showing the blue flim to get the required signatures etc 
90 % of the people are fooled by few corrupt politicians and is being dragged to the wrong direction like federalism simply because the corrupt political leaders are in need of big plump post to their cadres  like CM ,Governor. DCM. and 100s of such unrequired post and these crooks will get salary, perks, residence, transportation facilities etc all from the poor citizen's tax paid money  etc 
I understand well why the corrupt politicians do favor such undemocratic system but wonder why the educated elites also consider such undemocratic system as democracy just to get few important post and ready to polish the shoe of corrupt leaders. 
can anybody explain why the direct election of CEO of the country is not accepted by the corrupt leaders  because they are in politics to loot the nation 
Can anybody explain me why the corrupt should not be hanged to death ? 
can anybody give me singe reasonable reason why a poor small country like nepal need federalism 
can any body tell me how the one rejected by the majority of the voters can be consider as their representatives ? 
can any body tell me under what law the politician from president to PM and almost all leaders are looting millions of taxpayers money in the name of medical treatment  
everybody knows  the PM fooled the citizen not once but many times by saying he will jail the one who misuses the relief fund but today when the 
newspapers are flooded with the corruption news not a single corrupt is arrested why 
why the CA cannot inform the people how many suggestion it received from the people's side and how many of that was incorporated in the constitution .This is because the present day corrupt power hungry politician are not interested for the betterment of the country or the nation and are interested only to loot the country so neither they incorporate the people's choice nor do give attention to the requirements of the citizen because  they  all are looters and should be hanged to death
After more than 45 days of EQ also there are many   real victims who have not received any relief but the cadres of the political parties have taken 95 % of the distributed fund/materials etc this is because  the present leaders are only interested for the better of their party cadres and do not care to the ordinary citizen. 
i request all the intellectuals of the country to come out of their petty interest and speak truth and not to  kill their inner voice . 
see the raping of democracy -  even for the post of messenger some qualification is needed like  cycling ,able to read and write -but no need of any qualification to be politicians why ? this is because the present day  corrupt politicians want to rule this country by goons, corrupt, murderers, looters,kidnappers, blackmailers  hijackers, and all kind of criminals -this is as simple as that but still i wonder why the so called intellectuals  cannot demand to have some qualification to be minister president PM etc why? May be because by polishing the shoe of such corrupt leaders the so called intellectuals want to get some post ?   
Thanks Kalyan dev Bhattarai

2015-06-13 11:20 GMT+05:45 Bijaya Sainju <>:
I think we shall ve "Chance " but coalition govt wont care. It will be just to show..
Bijaya sainju

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