Thursday, June 11, 2015

ANTI War Updates worldwide!

Updated June 12, 2015 - 12:00 AM EDT
House Rejects Effort to Force Vote on ISIS War
Escalation Is 'Model' for More Iraq Deployments
 New Advisers to Iraq Aimed at Energizing a Flagging US Strategy
 Marines at Al Asad Haven't Had Iraqi Troops to Train in Weeks
Calls Grow for US to Assist Syrian al-Qaeda
 Carving Out Syria Territory, al-Qaeda Attacks Druze Minority
 Turkey's Erdogan Says West Backing Kurdish Terrorists in Syria
Swiss, Austrians Probe Cyberspying on Iran Talks
 Officials Aim for Compromise on Access at Iran Nuclear Talks
 Support for Iran Deal Stronger Among US Jews Than General Public
House Votes to Defund NSA 'Backdoor Spying'
Crowdfunding a War: Ukraine the Latest, Not the First
Saudi Airstrike Hits Busload of Yemeni Civilians, Killing 20
Obama Does Have a Strategy in Iraq: Escalation  by Phyllis Bennis
Think Tanks and the Iraq War by Gene Healy
Federal Judicial Deference to the National-Security State by Jacob G. Hornberger
Dual Citizenship and US National Security  by Justin Raimondo
Expelled for Life  by Jen Marlowe
America: Addicted to War, Afraid of Peace  by Gregory A. Daddis

More Viewpoints

Pentagon: Price Tag for War on ISIS Is $2.7 Billion
Anti-Terrorist Finance Rules Exact Toll on Aid to Conflict Zones
House Vote on Defunding 'Backdoor' Spying
House Vote Against Requiring War Powers Vote
UN Peacekeepers 'Barter Goods for Sex'
The War at Home
Union: Hackers Have Personnel Data on Every Federal Employee
Patriot Act Reform Curbed NSA; Cybersecurity Bill Would Empower It
Does FBI Use No-Fly List to Pressure Muslims to Become Informants?
Pentagon Watchdog Reassigns Audit Chief After Reuters Report
How Congress Sees the World, in Charts
Inside the Secret World of NSA Art
Proposed Torture Ban Includes New Transparency and Oversight Mechanisms
Virginia Teen Admits He Was Secret Voice Behind a Pro-ISIS Twitter Account
Afghan Prosecutor Killed by Sticky Bomb in Northern Province
Afghan Sikhs Feel Alienated, Pressured to Leave
'Save the Children' Ordered to Leave Pakistan: Officials
Old Chasm Between India and Pakistan Again Echoes With Warnings and Fears
Eight Police Killed in Pakistan's Quetta in a Week
Ethnic Kokang Rebels Declare Unilateral Ceasefire in Myanmar
Questions Grow Over Whether Japanese PM's Military Plans Conflict With Pacifist Constitution
Kazakhstan to Host International Uranium Fuel Bank
China Corruption: Life Term for Ex-Security Chief Zhou
ISIS Says Blows Up Two Warplanes at Seized Libyan Base
Libya's Parliament Rebuffs Pressure to Accept UN Deal
Boko Haram Kills 43 in NE Nigeria Raids: Residents
3 Female Suicide Bombers Die in Failed Attacks in Nigeria
Morocco Dismantles ISIS-Linked Terrorist Cell
Morocco Expels Amnesty Staffers Over 'Unauthorised Study'
Egyptian Policeman Sentenced to 15 Years Over Killing of Activist
Drugs, Divorce, and Despair: Somalia's Forgotten Male War Victims
Colombia's FARC Rebels Step Up Attacks on Energy Infrastructure
Militants Attack Border Post; 61 Killed Across Iraq
Obama: It's 'Not Possible to Know' How Long Troops Will Be Deployed Against ISIS
Rebels Say They Shoot Down Syrian Military Jet in South
Syrian Druse Reconsider Alliances After Deadly Attack
Tariq Aziz Family Says His Body Has Gone Missing in Iraq
Iran Envoy Declines to Commit to Nuclear Transparency Measures
Iranian Oil Invoked to Support Ending US Export Ban
Two Weeks Before Iran Nuclear Deal Deadline, Israeli Delegation to Head to Washington
Rocket Shot From Gaza Toward Ashkelon Region in Fresh Attack
Israel Exonerates Itself Over Gaza Beach Killings of Four Children Last Year
Foxman Bashes Israel for Taking US and Jewish Support for Granted and Not Coming Up With a Peace Plan
Israeli Universities Providing Data on Graduates to Shin Bet
Hamas Begins Patrolling Newly Constructed Gaza Border Road
Madrid Court Shelves 2010 'Mavi Marmara' Gaza Flotilla Investigation
Middle East
Crunch Time Coming for Saudi Campaign as Options Narrow in Yemen
Hezbollah Declares War on ISIS After Extremists Launch Attack Inside Lebanon
Turkish President Erdogan Urges Speedy Formation of Coalition
Surrounded by Fire, Jordan's Tourists Scared Away
Defying Obama, Many in Congress Press to Arm Ukraine
Killings of Soldiers and Civilians Fray Ukraine's Ceasefire
Russia Accuses US of Inflaming Ukraine Conflict
Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Stopped From Boarding France to Canada Flight
Bosnian War Criminals Face Trial in the United States
Australia to Expand on Security Crackdown With Tougher New Laws
Australia PM Tony Abbott Urges Regional Action Against ISIS

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