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Regarding RAYPUR- VICTORY of REFUGGE Movement By
Since 1947 the ill-fated evacuees from East Pakistan were thrown heartlessly to the various parts of India, particularly into the deep forests, the unknown area of unknown language, culture and climate where they were greeted by various types ferocious wild animals also. Some of them were sent to Mana camp, the headquarters of Dandykaranya Project, where merely livelihood was a challenge there at that time. Mana is now in the divided Chhattisgarh state. In the mine time much water has flown through the river Ganga, but the livelihood condition of the Bengali- refugees has not changed much. On the other hand the govt. imposed various discriminatory black act, on them, like the citizenship amendment act of 2003, where citizenship of the Bengali refugees is in jeopardy.
In this condition, with the leadership of Dr. Subodh Biswas (Nagpur), NIBUSS organized various movements in the various parts of India for a long time, and in the recent past a mammoth meeting was held in Raipur ( In the big playground of Mana camp) on 19th December 2015. A large number of female delegates had participated there. On 20th and 21st Dec15 the refugees of the whole state made a mass rally on the streets of the capital, shouting slogans for1) caste certificate, ii) land right, iii) learning of mother tongue (Bengali) in the school level and vi) to cancel the new amendment of the citizenship act, 2003 and other civil rights. Later on they marched to the assembly house of Chhattisgarh, but Police stopped them on the way, where they started meetings and shouted slogans continuously.
In the meantime the opposition (congress) leader Shri. T.S. Singdew and Shri. Bhupesh Bogwel of the assembly raised the question of the Bengali refugees and supported their demands.
In reflection of this movement one M.P of Lok sabha Sri Vikram Honsendi delivered a long speech in favor of the movement of Nikhil Bharat Bangali Udbastu Samannay Samiti and on 21st Dec. the chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Mr. Farnavish promised to fulfil the demands raised by NIBUSS within 7 days in an urgent press conference in Raipur.It is historic and a great victory of the organization where almost all the demands of the association were considered to be fulfilled by the government in a short time.
Leadership of the program:
Dr. Subhodh Biswas, Ashim Roy, Manoj Mondal, R.R. Bagh, Tapan Roy, Rajesh Choudhury, Bikash Pal,Manmatha Mandal, Manmatha Biswas, Sudhir Mondal, Pabitra Ghosh, Tarun Chartterjee, Suhash Sarkar, Patiram Mondal , Rabindranath Sarkar, Ranjit Mondal, P.K. Mondal, Gopal Das, Arun Kirtania, Ramkrishna Babu, Jagatbandhu Biswas. Smt Sabita biswas,(ms)nirmalendu haldar (ms) santu biswas
Subodh Biswas's photo.
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