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Drinking Oil?clear cut money laundering case against those who rule and represent us,we the Indian People!

Who gets the benefit most as Oil Crashed so dramatically?

$10 oil: Crazy or the real floor beneath the oil crash?CNN questions!

Start Up India launched to kill the producers and retailers!

While oil prices flashing across traders' terminals are at the lowest in a decade, in real terms the collapse is even deeper.In such a situation Start Up India means something quite different as It is clear cut money laundering case against those who rule and represent us,we the Indian People!

Ku Klax Klan,Genocide master Columbus and if Donald Trump become the Next President of America!

Trump speaks Hindutva! Hate Speech to capture America!Obama stands with Humanity!

We have so many Trumps at home to voice the same hatred against Islam!

Palash Biswas

Who drinks the oil?Just guess as Income tax exemption to startups for first three years, says PM Modi!Oil seems to be cheaper than mineral water.In shorter time frames, supply-and-demand issues influence prices. To Meryl's point about excess oil supply, there was an excess in capital expenditures in .... That's when emerging markets and commodities started to crash.

Let us talk then about its impact on commodities.In India,the impact is no impact as the savings diveted to big pockets which controls the governance.Anybody may call the names so I refrain. As Good days of Unicolor Tsunami Ku Klax klan blended inflict India and the result,despite the regular crash,we have no relief in a decontrolled,deregulated market of commodites and services and ironiclly the retailers must die!

Funny thouh it should sound,globally Petrol will soon cost less than bottled water as the relentless decline in oil prices sends fuel down to 86p a litre, it has been claimed.But we have lost the subsidy already and the trickling growth like relief never to reach our pockets or say the kitchens as we stand as headless chickens provoked with blind nationalism!

You have to pay Rs,twenty for a mineral water bottle and in a wonderful global turnaround it is almost twenty or even ten Dollars only per barrel crude oil rate.

The oil crashed.It means fuel should have been cheapest in the decontroled market in accordance with open market logic an grammer and the people should have the money back in their pocket.

Air Tickets,Railway tickets,Bus Tickets,Taxi fare should have been slashed to one fifth as far as mathemetics dictates.Since transport cost goes down,every essential commodity and every essential service should have been cheapest.Nothing happpensin India in Indian interst as we reudced India in making in FDI PPP Gujrata Model India of reforms to make every criminal act leagal as well as constitutional to sustain Manusmriti rule.

While oil prices flashing across traders' terminals are at the lowest in a decade, in real terms the collapse is even deeper.In such a situation Start Up India means something quite different as It is clear cut money laundering case against those who rule and represent us,we the Indian People!

Mind you,CNN reports:It's gotten so bad in the oil world that investment banks are practically falling over themselves to predict just how low crude will go.But the rating agenicies which govern the economies worldwide has yet another plan as Oil will turn into a new bull market before the year is out as the price rout shuts down sufficient production to erode the global glut.Be aware.

Oil prices crashed below $30 a barrel on Tuesday for the first time since December 2003. It's also a stunning 72% plunge from levels just 18 months ago.

Few Wall Street firms saw the oil glut that has caused prices to collapse coming. Goldman Sachs infamously predicted in 2008 that an oil shortage would cause the commodity to skyrocket to $200 a barrel.

But doom-and-gloom is all the rage now -- and price estimates keep falling.

Just this week Morgan Stanley warned that the super-strong U.S. dollar could drive crude oil to $20 a barrel. Not to be outdone, Royal Bank of Scotland said $16 is on the horizon, comparing the current market mood to the days before the implosion of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Standard Chartered doesn't think those dire predictions are dark enough. The British bank said in a new research report that oil prices could collapse to as low as $10 a barrel -- a level unseen since November 2001.

Here you are!

It is clear cut money laundering case against those who rule and represent us,we the Indian People!

Thus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ambitious 'Startup India' Movement to boost digital entrepreneurship at the grassroots level. He spelt out the various salient features of the action plan that was unveiled today.

In a major announcement, he said there will be income tax exemption to startups for the first three years. He also promised faster patent registrations and quicker exits for companies.

Norms will be relaxed for public procurement of startups, he added

"Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has already spoken in different contexts about simplifying taxation and initiatives are already in place," he said.

The Good days eloped.The bride has escaped.Those who drink the oil gets tax holiday,relief and incentive.Latest is the Startup India Stand Up India on Gujarati PP Model growth High way.We all know how privatization has become legalized loot of national resources.

What is start up at all?It is digital monopoly in the market to kill the retailers without formal FDI single or multibrand and they have not to pay the tax.The Money saved from OIL Crash pumped into PPP model to benefit the section of the desi videshi capitalists who have invested most for the regime as claimed to be buisness friendly which kills the production and Indian economy is reduced to service oriented Start Up!

What is Statr Up?Which has to create employment for the unemployed young India?

No production system.

No production unit.

It is service all the way.

Everyone Bazar ka DALLA!

Whatever you want, commodity or service,knock the start up with apps downloaded in your android mobile.It is the economy making in and killing the ninety nine percent as all national resources and government properties and companies have to be divested.

This disinvestment ratio is all about the growth saga.

A startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. Startups are usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. These companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, or that the founders believe is being offered in an inferior manner.

In the early stages, startup companies' expenses tend to exceed their revenues as they work on developing, testing and marketing their idea. As such, they often require financing. 

Startups may be funded by traditional small business loans from banks or credit unions, by government-sponsored Small Business Administration loans from local banks, or by grants from nonprofit organizations and state governments. Incubators can provide startups with both capital and advice, while friends and family may also provide loans or gifts. A startup that can prove its potential may be able to attract venture capital financing in exchange for giving up some control and a percentage of company ownership.

The market is decontrolled.Market control means:Supervision or management of the distribution of goods and services by a government or other entity. Market control is an attempt to achieve specified economic or political goals through the deliberate manipulation of factors such as supply, demand, pricing, transportation, or taxation.

Decontrolling the market means:Decontroling means the price should be decided by the trends in market and the prices should not be controlled.

RBI and the experts as well as economists pitched on high note to decontrol the oil as the companies run in loss as they claim.Diesel decontrol will give oil marketing companies (OMCs) — Indian Oil, HPCL and BPCL — the freedom to fix prices of diesel based on their own cost and profit calculations. For years, the Government, to shield the aam aadmi, has been forcing the OMCs to sell diesel, domestic LPG and kerosene at below their notional costs. So, 'under-recoveries' incurred by the OMCs have been corroding their finances. It also impacts the finances of upstream oil companies (ONGC and Oil India) and GAIL, and the Government, which compensates oil marketers.

The oil companies were itching for it, and Raghuram Rajan was pitching for it. Modi sarkar did everything to seize the moment and do the switching? The switching from government-dictated diesel rates to market-based pricing, that is. If this happens, diesel will be decontrolled and follow in the footsteps of petrol.

Thus,it is an Adhaar linked minus subsidy free oil marketto burn us live and we are not allowed to scream!

We remain and live without survival kit whatsoever as Subhumanized in virtual suburbs even in Rural Indian burning ghats having no civic or human rights these days inflicted with fascism! 

However,PM Narendra Modi spelled out the salient features of the action plan for startups!Good days come at last.

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