Friday, October 9, 2015 # BEEF GATE!Thanks Kejri!Hope not a Gimmick again! Kejriwal sacks minister on live TV for corruption! Palash Biswas

# BEEF GATE!Thanks Kejri!Hope not a Gimmick again!

Kejriwal sacks minister on live TV for corruption!

Palash Biswas

Please address the basic problems causing corruption so overwhelming.Free flow of foreign capital and interest!The identity politics.Muscle power and Money Making!Builder Promoter Mafia Commission Raj and indiscriminate industrialization killing the working class.peasantry,business,industries,Nature and Humanity!

I appreciated AAM AADMI PARTY initiative to go beyond identities.I always had been aware of Kejri background rooted in youth for Equality which launched the Anti Reservation movement and thus the Mandal versus Kamandal war broke out and we,the Indian people  have divided and further divided in identities ending in intensive caste war and vertically religious polarizaton.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal meets Home Minister Rajnath Singh - Dinamalar News

Kejriwal sacks Minister over graft charges Kejriwal, announcing the decision to remove Delhi's Environment and Food and Supplies Minister Asim Ahmed Khan at a press conference, said Imran Hussain, first time MLA from Ballimaran, will be the new face in his Cabinet.

The latest update:

Indian Express Reports,

Days after Dadri lynching, mob beats up two over alleged cow slaughter in Mainpuri

Days after Dadri lynching, mob beats up two over alleged cow slaughter in Mainpuri

Violence broke out in Mainpuri district after some people were allegedly caught slaughtering a cow. As the news spread, several people took to the streets and beat up the two men.

It is the trend. The # BEEF GATE has taken over the nation and we have been verticaly divided into Hindutva and Islam!The riots might flare anywhere any time!

Just see:

 Uttar Pradesh: Police strip Dalit couple in Greater Noida who insisted on filing FIR for robbery!

Counter Currents reports!

Dalit Women Stripped: It Is The Republic Of India That Stands Naked!

It is the caste war!

We failed to kill the caste.It is total privatization.It is free flow of foreign capital and foreign interests!And it is the root cause of corruption.Reservation is reduced in political reservation and we would be decoding the reservation quota status as sson as we get the hard Print.

No.I don`t hold Arvind responsible for this caste war.It is defaulted and we opted for a Hindu Nation which is all about the sustenance of the brute caste system and blatant racist apartheid.It has inflicted India.

The Caste war might flare up any time anywhere!

Please address the basic challenges faced by the Nation,the Nature and the Humanity!

Delhi CM dares BJP to axe Raje, Chouhan!

Reiterating the Aam Aadmi Party's "zero-tolerance policy" towards corruption, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday publicly sacked its food and supplies minister Asim Ahmed Khan from the Delhi Cabinet for allegedly demanding `6 lakh as a bribe from a builder.

Announcing the dismissal, Mr Kejriwal dared the BJP to sack Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia and Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan on corruption charges.

The CM also played the audio tape of a conversation purportedly involving the builder, Mr Khan and a middleman and said the case was being referred to the CBI for investigation. "I am sad to take this decision. Till the CBI completes the probe, he (Khan) will not be a minister," Mr Kejriwal said.

He handed over the portfolio to Imran Hussain, a first-time legislator from Ballimaran in Old Delhi. Mr Khan is the second minister in the Kejriwal Cabinet to get the boot in the last eight months. In June, the then law minister, Jitender Singh Tomar, had to resign over a fake degree row. "The government will not tolerate corruption, be it by any MLA, minister, official, Manish (Sisodia) or even by my son. If Manish commits corruption, I will take action, if I commit corruption Manish will take action against me. This is for the first time in history that a minister has been sacked taking suo motu cognisance of graft charges and the BJP should also sack its ministers," said the CM.

"If we can remove our minister, then we can take action against anyone," he added.

Elaborating on the seriousness of the complaint against Mr Khan, the CM said the government had received an audio tape on Mr Khan demanding `6 lakh from a builder to continue construction of a building in his constituency of Matia Mahal. "We received a complaint last night that a building was being built in his constituency. Its construction was stopped and money was demanded from the builder, who paid the amount. There was a mediator between the MLA and the minister," Mr Kejriwal said.

Sources said the approximately one-hour-long audio clip containing telephonic conversations purportedly between Mr Khan, the mediator and the builder over the last one month, was given to Mr Kejriwal by a senior AAP leader on Thursday. The AAP leader was approached by a complainant whose identity was not revealed.

Mr Kejriwal and Mr Sisodia said they listened to the audio clip three to four times Thursday night to ascertain its veracity and concluded that prima facie there was a strong case against Mr Khan. He was summoned Friday morning and, when confronted with the audio clip, Mr Khan confessed to his wrongdoing, the source claimed. However, Mr Khan remained unavailable for comment.

The CM later held meetings with senior AAP leaders, including Ashutosh and Kumar Vishwas. After the meeting, Mr Kejriwal decided to remove Mr Khan though some party leaders were of the view that his portfolios should be changed. The ruling AAP in the national capital said Mr Kejriwal had set a new benchmark in propriety and asked the Modi government and CMs of other states to follow his example.

Mr Kejriwal had begun his press conference by saying that the AAP was born of an anti-corruption movement. "We were forced to contest elections. People trust us only because of our honest politics and anti-corruption stand. We had dreamt of a corruption-free India. And we had said we will not compromise on corruption at any cost." He then announced Mr Khan's sacking. He underlined that this was a decision of the AAP government, and that the media did not unearth this episode.

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