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Why ban only Maggi? Experts say other brands are just as unsafe

Why ban only Maggi? Experts say other brands are just as unsafe

My Question:Why do we create Icons who feed us with Poison?

Palash Biswas
I have written about the icon economics and the Phenomenon of cheers in the Genocide carnival so many times.Friends should have bright memory,I hope.

No El Nino,not even the bloody global trends ,SENSEX economy without bottom tanks despite rigid RBI Governor obliging the dictates of Hindutva Business friendly hegemony without any logic as the basic problems of the economy have not to be addressed.

It is all about the economy of Free Market Economy making in America and reduced to become made in PPP Gujarati .
SENSEX tanks.Dices thrown into storms.Nestle shares tumbling.
It would be rather amusing what steps  the RBI privatized regime governed by SEBI would take to stop the brand war!
I have written only yesterday that I do not bother least about the on going brand war which is bound to be more intense day by day.
Banning a particular product would not make us healthy as the diabetic nation is inflicted with cancer and live saving medicines seem to be radioactive.

Everything that we eat happens to be poison.

Everything that we drink is nothing but poison.

As we have no roots whatsoever in the Nature and have incidentally ceased to be human.

We have become cloned biometric digital citizens and chose to eat and drink endorsed and branded commodities glittering like gold. 

Whose fault is this?
We have lost our sight and  live with transplanted vision which makes all bloody cheerleaders the experts of food,drinks and life style whom we do follow blindly.
Everyone knew the drinks made of Pesticide.Have we stopped consuming it?Where is that hue and cry against Cola?
Entire Nation is mad about noodles.
What Next?The product would be banned in some states and some states would endorse it with clean chit.
The ads would be withdrawn as the stocks for the time being and later a review would settle the case.
Meanwhile another rival brand would take over the helm of the chemistry of death.
Then the controversial product would be relaunched with yet another brand name!

Another Jingle would make us mad equally and we would die for those Icons who treats us no better than street dogs and we would be very very glad to be run over by their cars!

We,the black untouchable coolie people of India, love to be in romance with any fair thing and the fairness campaign has every right to kill us.We kill our women at home and we love them on screen and the byproduct is this poison.

We opted for the Amrit Manthan and the greatest emerging market is producing the HALAHAL.

The Nector is always reserved for the gods only and all those headless genre of Rahus and Ketus would be also treated as god,Demonized people that we are remain predestined to eat and drink Poison only with Green Revolution killing the GREEN in this MONSANTO times.

What the experts say,please see in First Post!
Why ban only Maggi? Experts say other brands are just as unsafe 

Noted consumer activist and founder of the Healthy You Foundation, Bejon Misra told Firstpost, "Some years ago, MSG was found in the samples of Maggi in Jamshedpur, but the packets carried no advisory. A case was registered against the manufacturer. In our country no one is scared of law; cases are registered, offenders get bails and they move on. Had there been strict adherence to safety laws and regulatory authorities followed a strict quality check, such incidents wouldn't happen. Many ready-to-eat products use MSG. The regulatory authorities should check all other ready-to-eat products available in the market besides Maggi, on whether there's MSG or any other additives beyond the permissible limits."

Ashim, Sanyal, COO, Consumer Voice, said, "Why is it restricted to a single brand? The government should get other products checked and ensure that the companies must follow national standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Food Safety Standards. However, it would be a challenge for the government to prove the contamination of lead and excess use of MSG, because the MNCs generally adhere to rigorous policies and testing protocols."

Besides the ethical aspect of the issue, the consumer activists are also not thoroughly convinced with the technical aspects of the tests.

"I'm skeptical about the issue. No one is talking about the technical aspect. The quality of the tests conducted is paramount. The central agency --Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) should have immediately got the testing of Maggi samples done by the NABL accredited labs and its verdict would have been final. Several testing laboratories at state-levels fail to conform to standards. The equipment used by these labs is often not upgraded and not properly calibrated. This leads to variation in results," Sanyal added.

Meanwhile a Nestle India source said, "We had meetings with the Delhi government and we've apprised them with the situation."

But, the Delhi government is apparently not happy with Nestle's explanation.

"We're not happy with Nestle's explanation. More samples have been collected across Delhi and have been sent for testing. Once we get the results, we'll take action as per rules," Delhi's Health Minister Satyendra Kumar Jain said in a press conference.

Even though Maggi continues to dominate the instant noodles market, the entry of multiple brands and the increasing aggression of existing brands have affected Maggi's market share. According to market research reports, Maggi's share across urban market slipped consistently since December 2009 on an all-India basis.

"Due to various players in the market, who too manufacture instant noodles, there has been a decline in Maggi's share in the urban market. As a result, Nestle has begun targeting Tier-III towns and rural India. We get to see new ads promoting Maggi in the rural sector with new strategy to enhance its sales," said Indrajit Deb, an ad and brand professional.

In midst of the growing controversy, the share of Nestle India Ltd has plunged 10%, causing serious concern for the MNC.

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