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They have NOT to Kill us,Net Governance would kill us! Palash Biswas

They have NOT to Kill us,Net Governance would kill us!

Palash Biswas

ये है ! मध्य प्रदेश,बालाघाट के पत्रकार सदिंप कोठारी का शव जिसे खनन माफियाओं ने घर जाते समय अगवाकर लाकर महाराष्ट्र के वर्धा में जिदां जला दिया

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They have NOT to Kill us,Net Governance would kill us!

India declares support for multistakeholder model of Internet governance!

Indian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad announced India's support for the multistakeholder model of Internet governance.

The announcement was made  during the opening ceremony of ICANN's 53rd public meeting in Buenos Aires.

What does it mean?

It means denial of alternative media!

It means abortion of the Panchwan Stambh!

It means endless silence!

It means stop blogging while you remain out of PRINT!

It means mailing blocked!

It means privacy hacked!

it means official secret endless!

it means stop leakage of information!

It means complete NET Hegemony!

The State and the  Ruling hegemony have not kill us.They have ultimate purchasing power.As is always had been,the leading icons convert themselves into her Majesty`s Voice.All Ramas have to become Hanuman because Aisa Kaljug Aaya ho ki Hans chug raha dana aur Kauwa chuge moti.The crows have the inherent right to have all the pearls and the swans have to eat the cereluc to survive!

Why they do kill the journalists?

Why they do kill the activists?

Why do they kill writers,poets and professionals,artists?

Neither the State nor those extremists nor those terrorists nor those Mafias ever target the gun against anyone from the billionaire millionaire ruling class,race and caste!

During Naxal movement the cops were bombed,comrades were killed,common men and women were killed but the rebels spared all the pink points of economy!

Even the revolution limited in the Jungle only chose to kill the Adivasi to liberate the Adivasi!They kill the common cares of security forces in ambush.

No ambush may burn the JHANT of the ruling hegemony!

The ARMED forces special power act since 1958 has been used to kill Indian innocent citizens raping and gangraping their women and miserably failed to control the extreme fire,the extreme terror!

Innocents are very very soft target!

In my childhood,I have seen in Nainital Terai,police stations to get the quota crime control with just handing over those innocent Rai SIkh Kaidies locked up without any FIR and never to be produced before any court in between them.Add a desi katta ,add a deshi sharab bottle and fix them with a FIR and the quota done!

What democracy might do to resolve the problems with dialogue and public hearing,ABSOLUTE Power might NOT.

In absence of democracy and public hearing,those who raise the their voices against the hegemony rule and its agencies,have to be killed.

Intelligentsia has no identity whatsoever provided it happens to be intelligentsia at all ,not the iconised bull shit Civil society in accordance to the projected dictates of the world order satanic!

Thus,the intelligentsia has to be killed.

Mind you,Pak Army used their tanks in Dhaka University to kill the professors and the intelligentsia were picked for killing first.

The method is quite scientific,just kill the brain and the body would never resist!

ABSOLUTE POWER what Fascism is all about simply opts for the tested method!

Fascism means endless emergency!

fascism means endless holocaust!

Fascism means endless calamities!

Fascism means endless ethnic cleansing!

Fascism means endless caste system!

Fascism means endless identities to block class polarisation which could change the system!

Fascism means endless Exclusion!

Fascism means communal equations of Vote Bank politics!

Fascism means killing fields endless!

Fascism means mass destruction for the economy,producing communities, working class and even the indigenous business and indigenous industry!

Fascism means inherent inequality!

Fascism means constant injustice!

Fascism means repression endless!

Fascism means discrimination endless!

Fascism means denial of public hearing!

Fascism means denial of information!

Fascism means denial of truth!

Fascism means no representation!

Fascism means corruption!

Fascism means media blitz!

Fascism means Bajrangi Regime!

Fascism means Nagpur RSS Headquarter!

Fascism means corporate funded politics!

Fascism means parliamentary consensus!

Fascism means economic reforms to kill!

Fascism means policy making to kill!

Fascism means endless racial apartheid!

Fascism means regional imbalance endless!

Fascism means dumping the pen!

Fascism means monkeys taking over!

Fascism means HAR SHAAKH Par ULLOO!

Fascism means endless carnival!

Fascism means cheerleaders leading!

Fascism means endless shopping of weapons!

Fascism means green signal for foreign capital!

Fascism means PRESS CENSORSHIP endless!

It is all about the RSS governance of fascism!

It is all about the Free Market economy and this bloody greatest Emerging market!

It is all about the Yoga business bob boom!

It is all about cent percent Hindutva agenda!

It is all about making in MON Key Baaten!

It is all about the trickling growth unbound!

It is all about the truth of ACHHE DIN!

It is all about the Nuclear strategic maggie massala diplomacy of Hindu Imperialism!

It is all about the Bhavya Ram Mandir!

It is all about the AKHAND HINDU Rashtra!

Mind you,African Americans are justifiably proud of having the first black president in the White House. Pride, however, is not the same thing as power. The president's cautiousness may have rubbed off on the rest of the African-American community. It may well be this cautiousness that emboldens racists in America.

The Black President and the black first lady ruling the world order complains of Racial Apartheid time and again!

Are we so blind that might not see the endless rivers of blood flowing?

Are we so blind not to see the burnt bodies of Humanity?

Are we so deactivated that may not see the dark envelop dazzling?

Are we deodrant personafied that may not feel the rot within?

Are we so robotic that may not feel the pangs of pain?

They have NOT to Kill us,Net Governance would kill us!

"The Internet must remain plural. It must be managed by a multistakeholder system," said Prasad. "Not only do we support multistakeholderism, but also we encourage multistakeholderism itself to embrace all geographies and all societies. We will partner with you all to make this a reality. We must work toward this new form of digital democracy."

On March 14, 2014, the United States government announced its intent to transition its stewardship of the IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community.

"Today, with India joining this group of countries that openly support the multistakeholder model of Internet governance, we increase our ranks significantly," said ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehadé. "The decision that was made by India is a significant decision."

CANN also announced the winners of the 2015 Multistakeholder Ethos award - community leader Cheryl Langdon Orr and Africa Internet pioneer Nii Quaynor. The award is given to members of global Internet community who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the multistakeholder model.

"People have put enormous effort to make this multistakeholder effort go, and thank you. Thank you all for this effort. It will be recorded in history," said Chehadé.

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