Thursday, June 6, 2024

Battling a "fake and fabricated case", suicidal Dr Shweta Burnwal reaches Patna High Court, writes to Prime Minister

Dr. Shweta Burnwal filed a criminal miscellaneous petition No. 11352/2024 on January 20, 2024 in the Patna High Court on the subject of quashing of the order of cognizance arising out of complaint of Khagaria Police Station Case No.: 128 dated April 1, 2023. It was registered in the High Court on February 9, 2024. Bipin Kumar is the additional respondent who has got an vakalatnama filed on April 15, 2024 by his counsel. 

It is apparent that the matter is pending  before the Court of Justice Partha Sarthy because some defects have not yet been cured as yet. 

In the meanwhile, in a letter dated May 29, 2024 addressed to the Prime Minister, Dr. Shweta Burnwal has informed that Bipin Kumar, her husband is trying to kill her. She was filed a case against him under Section 498 A of Indian Penal Code on September 12, 2021. She was married to him on February 20, 2020. Because of harassment by her husband, she started living with her parents in Kolkata since March 14, 2021. Her mother is suffering from cancer. She wrote, "my husband has been harassing me and my family in all its forms, both mentally and physically. My husband, Bipin Kumar, is close to the judiciary and has filed false cases against me and my maternal grandparents in just eight months." The notice of the cases against her and her family has not been received by her and her family (father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, two maternal uncles and Mami). She has claimed that all the advocates of the Khagaria Court have refused to take up her case under the influence of her husband. 

In her letter to the Prime Minister, she wrote, "मेरे पति बिपिन कुमार न्यायपालिका में नजदीकि के कारण और अपनी बदनियति से झूठे मुकदमे कर महज आठ (8) महीने में ही crpc 82 और 83 (कुर्की, जपती) मुझे और मेरे ननिहाल के परिवारों पर लगवा दिए हैं ।इस केस (128c/ 2023) की सूचना मुझे और मेरे परिवार वालों(पिता,भाई,बहन, बहनोई,दो मामा, मामी और मैं) को सीआरपीसी 82 लगने तक तक किसी भी माध्यम से प्राप्त नहीं हुई जैसा कि कोर्ट के आर्डर शीट में भी लिखा गया है कि तामिला अप्राप्त (जिसकी कॉपी इसके साथ संलग्न कर रही हुं)." She concluded her letter saying, "यह बहुत खेद के साथ कहना पड़ रहा है कि मैं मानसिक रूप से डिप्रेशन में जा रही हूं और साथ ही मैं इस विकट परिस्थिति में आत्महत्या करने की और अग्रसर हो रही हूं।" 

The other side of the story can be gathered from the FIR and the complaint letter available at which was filed by Vinay Kumar, the brother of Bipin Kumar, a Court Manager in Khagaria Court. In the compliant it has been alleged that Bipin Kumar's wife and her family members have indulged in criminal  intimidation and criminal activities on the body and the property of the family of the complainant including his mother.   


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