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e-Initiatives of Patna High Court: Supreme Court's archives

e-Initiatives of the High Court

Video Conference Hearings

  • Hearing of cases by way of Studio Based Video Conference was started on March 19, 2020, making Patna High Court the first High Court to do so.
  • On April 11, 2020, a Special Help Line Service was started on for technical assistance to lawyers in joining court proceedings through Video Conference.
  • From May 12, 2020 onwards, all the Courts of Patna High Court started virtual hearing of cases making Patna High Court the first High Court of India to do so.
  • Since March 24, 2020 till 18.04.2022, 1,66,278 cases were instituted, 2,48,482 cases have been heard and 1,21,513 cases have been disposed of in High Court. The data has also been reflected on the official website of Patna High Court. Similarly, District Courts of Bihar have heard 9,29,293 Remand Cases and 8,27,117 Regular Cases during the pandemic period mostly through Virtual mode.
  • “Microsoft Teams” Video Conferencing Software has been provided to all the Judicial Officers of the Bihar for e-hearing of proceedings through Video Conferencing in view of Covid-19 Pandemic situation.
  • “Microsoft Teams” and “Cisco Web-ex” Software have been provided to all the Judges of this High Court for e-hearing of proceedings through Video Conferencing in view of Covid-19 Pandemic situation.
  • On October 8, 2020 “Studio Based e-Courts” were made functional in Patna High Court. The facility extended to District Courts as well, with two “Studio Based e-Courts” in each District and one in each Sub-Division of the State of Bihar to facilitate the Virtual Court proceedings and narrow down the Digital Divide.


  • E-Filing of cases started for the first time in Patna High Court on May 29, 2020. E-filing of 1,69,108 cases have been done on fling portal of Patna High Court including Test and Live Server. The total number of Ld. advocates registered on filing portal is 3510.
  • Temporary AOR numbers were provided to facilitate e-filing of cases by non-AOR’s whereby, 1,458 Advocates registered themselves.


  • About 22,000 files containing more than 17 Lakh pages of pending cases have been digitized to facilitate Virtual Court hearings during the Pandemic period. Also 1,66,278 Cases have been efiled upto 18-04-2022 which are available in digitized form. The digitised files of pending cases are uploaded on the special portal available on the website and each Court and Court Master attached with the Court has been provided credentials to access such documents online. The Technical Assistants attached with the Court Masters have been trained to prepare a master e-Document to facilitate the functioning of the eCourts.

E-Lok Adalat

  • On 12th December 2020 – E-Lok Adalat organized in the District Courts of Bihar in which 40655 Pre-Litigation Cases and 4605 pending cases disposed.
  • On 10th July 2021 – 31,091 Pre-Litigation Cases and 8,593 pending cases of District Courts disposed in e-National Lok Adalat.


  • Live streaming of the Court Proceedings has started on10/12/2021 without spending a single penny utilising the Hardware and expertise of Technical Team under the guidance of Hon’ble the Chief Justice. The Court Proceedings of 4 Courts, including three Division Benches have been live streamed on daily basis on YouTube channel of Patna High Court.

Integrated Criminal Justice System (ICJS)

  • In June, 2020, ICJS (Integrated Criminal Justice System) has been implemented in all Districts and we have consumed FIRs and Charge Sheet data in CIS application of all 894 Police Stations. All 59 prisons and 3 FSLs are also integrated with ICJS.

Juvenile Justice Webinar

  • On 11th July, 2020, a National level e-Webinar has been organised by the Juvenile Justice Secretariat, Patna High Court which covered important topics related with subject.
  • Several Online sensitisation programme have been organised thereafter by the Juvenile Justice Secretariat, Patna High Court for the stakeholders of POCSO and Children Court.

National Judicial Data Grid

  • 11,86,118 Judgements and Orders of Court uploaded on the National Judicial Data Grid site (NJDG) and the same are also available on
  • Delay reason in pending cases (more than 2 year) has been completed about 94% on the NJDG site and a mechanism for monitoring on regular basis has also been initiated by involving the Nodal Officers in each District.
  • On 01-12-2021, on the basis of initiative taken by Chief Justice, a Live online demonstration of NJDG has been done by Ashish J Shiradhonkar, HOD(eCourts), NIC Pune, where all Judges of this Court and more than 1360 members of District Judiciary participated. This has spread the working knowledge regarding the functionality of NJDG.


  • On June 2, 2021, ePayment facility for online Courts Fee payment has been enabled for High Court and the District Courts with successful integration with OGRAS. 3772 e-transactions have already taken place amounting to Rupees 5,97,931/- as on 18.04.2022.


  • On August, 2020, the facility of NSTEP has been enabled in District Courts to enable real time tracking of service of notices and summons by Courts. 340 Smart phones for Process Servers/Bailiffs have been procured and total 77,138 NSTEP Summons have been Consumed and 41,007 have been delivered in various Judgeships of Bihar.


  • Websites of Juvenile Justice Secretariat (JJS), Bihar Judicial Academy (BJA), High Court Legal Services Committee, Patna (HCLSC) and Bihar State Legal Services Authority (BSLSA) have been developed and hosted on their respective Urls. The special tabs are also available on the website to access the same.
  • Website of Patna High Court made transparent and user friendly by providing special links accessible to all, for –
      • Judicial orders passed during pandemic
      • Status of Criminal Stamp Reporting and Civil Stamp Reporting.
      • Status regarding Covid 19 testing in High Court.
      • Status of Mentioning Slips filed.
      • Status of total e-filing, hearing and disposal.

Other e-Initiatives

  • Online Token Generation for filing of cases was started on November 27, 2019.
  • On August 1, 2020- SECLAN 2.0 was made operational, which provides 2.04 GBPS internet speed to the users in the Patna High Court premises along with Wi-Fi facility.
  • Facility of Online e-Pass Generation has also been initiated for the entry of the Ld. Advocates, Litigants and Staff in order to follow the Covid-19 Guidelines. The same has been synchronised with the Cause List Data so that necessary stakeholders can generate the e-Passes.
  • Web Based VC: MPLS connectivity with Broadband facility has been provided by BSNL as primary connection and by Airtel as secondary connection. MPLS connectivity with speed of 8 MBPS to 34 MBPS has been provided to the each court of the Districts and Taluka to improve the Digital infrastructure.
  • During the pandemic period the Administrative meetings of various Committees of High Court Patna has been conducted through online mode. The Registrars have also been provided with Cisco Webex Licenses. The Full Court references have also been conducted Online through Virtual mode.
  • In October’21 Biometric Attendance System has been initiated and Officers & Staff Management Information System has been inaugurated for effective administration.

e-Sewa Kendra

  • In March, 2021- e-Sewa Kendras have been established at Patna High Court, Patna Civil Court, Bettiah (West Champaran) and Bedauli, Lakhnaur Panchayat (Masaurhi). Further, e-Sewa Kendra has also been made functional at Vaishali, Siwan and Nalanda Districts. A Virtual Display Wall has also been installed in the eSewa Kendra for the digital Display of Case Status in all the Court Rooms of the Hon’ble High Court Patna.


  • The following Rules related with the eCourts Project and allied activities have been formulated and notified to strengthen IT infrastructure including IT Manpower in the State of Bihar:
  • “Rules for Electronic Filing (e-filing), 2021”.
  • “Rules for Video Conferencing for Courts, 2020”.
  • “Patna High Court I.T. Technical Cadre Rules, 2021”.
  • “Patna High Court Officers and Staff (Recruitment, Appointment, Promotion and Other Conditions of Service and Conduct) Rules 2021”.

Artificial Intelligence & Software

  • On October 7, 2021, Artificial Intelligence Committee was constituted in Patna High Court and the Translation Department started working through SUVAS software on regular basis.
  • On November 1, 2021, Officers and Staff Management Information system (OSMIS) has been developed and inaugurated under the guidance of the Chief Justice for effective and efficient e-Administration of High Court. This software contains details of all the Staff and Officers of the Patna High Court including their age, gender, educational qualification and posting history.
  • OnDecember 1, 2021“District Information, Report & Communication Tracker” (Direct), has been inaugurated by the Chief Justice, which will prove another mile stone in achieving the goal of paperless, transparent and efficient administration of Justice. This software solves the problem of physical data management and has been developed to facilitate tracking of the relevant information by the Judicial Officers. It is very helpful as all the relevant data/report related with the Monitoring Cell of Judgeships as well as that of individual Judicial Officers will be available in electronic form. The Judicial Officers can also raise issues related with High Court Administration and track the progress on line.
  • Apart from the aforementioned, 55 other Softwares have been developed in-house, for various Judicial and administrative need in the march towards paperless Court. The brief details and functionality of these Softwares are as follows:
  1. File Movement & Tracking System (e-Karyalay):- This software aims to achieve the target of Paperless Courts. In this software each and every file along with the notes and orders are moving digitally. The highlights are as under:-

All the “Noting” will move digitally.

  • Each and every Administrative file is computer traceable.
  • Keeps track of time elapsed by every individual in performing the work.
  • Contains a digital seal of each and every user, thus making the signature legible and identifying the Person who has prepared/made notes/minutes.
  • Obviated the need of digitization of administrative files wherever same has been implemented.
  • Contains dashboard for Registry Officers which shows which employee has done how much work on dailybasis.
  • Helps enormously in efficient use of resource & manpower management.
  1. Judicial File Tracking System: – Many times, it happens that the dealing assistant is full day busy in search of a particular file and is very tough to locate. This software can keep track of every movement of Judicial Files. It also maintains the history of when and where the file has actually moved. Hence, any Judicial File can be located on a single button click, thus, saving time and manpower.
  1. e-Dakiya: – This is an android based application meant for Process Serving. This application is directly connected with GPS. Major features are as following:-
  • Process server can take the digital (computerized) signature on the hand held device / mobile.
  • Can take Photograph of the person being served.
  • GPS position i.e. Latitude & Longitude are automatically captured in the back end.
  • Data could be saved easily on the server.
  • Concerned authority can know as to when and where the Process Server has actually delivered/visited for Process Serving.
  1. e-Meeting: – All the meetings of various committees of Patna High Court can be traced from anywhere inside the premises. Provision for digital storage of all the Agenda and its compliance as well printing of Minutes has also been made to keep a digital copy of the all the meetings held in High Court. The features of the software are as following:-
  • Centralized booking of meeting, hence, minimizing the possibility of multiple meetings being fixed for same member, time and location.
  • Paperless meetings can be held where the respective Sections can upload Agenda, additional Agenda if any and Minutes for any specific meetings.
  • Progress of steps being taken by registry in respect of specific minutes can be monitored.
  • Search for Agenda or Minutes possible by single click.
  1. Patna High Court Employee Management System:- This is a web based application, which contains the details of all the employees of Patna High Court viz. Their:-
  • Personal Details
  • Professional background
  • Family details
  • Leave details
  • Annual Career Progression
  • Increment details
  • Pay slips
  • Annual confidential reports
  • Permanent confidential reports
  • Allegations & proceedings if any
  • Promotion Details
  • Transfer & Postings
  • Chronological memo issued
  • Terminal benefits etc.
  1. e-HR: – This application is hosted on LAN network of Patna High Court, which provides many facilities as mentioned below:-
  • All the employees can mark their attendance online.
  • Keeps track of time elapsed by an employee in Patna High Court premises.
  • Can mark their auto generated application for leave request online.
  • Auto forwarding / rejection of leave applications at different hierarchy levels.
  • Auto generation of Daily, Weekly and Monthly working hours report of each and every employee.
  • Dashboard for Registry Officers by which sitting in their Chambers, they can see which employee is present in which department and the time of marking attendance and can analyse the working hours of them which may assist them to a great level in maintaining discipline at work of employees with regard to timely presence in office and working hours.
  • Eliminated the use of manual attendance registers and leave applications. Hence, an effort towards paperless Courts.
  1. Comprehensive Budget Management & Information System: – This software is one stop solution of all the budget related information of Patna High Court. This software has various features like:-
  • Auto generated centralized bill number generation.
  • High Court expenses Passbook which contains all the details of expenses, head details, money credited for High Court budget, etc. in Patna High Court just as in banks.
  • Auto pay bill generation for pay expenses. Travelling allowance details claimed by various officials.
  • Conveyance allowance details.
  • GPF details.
  • LTC details.
  • Leave Salary.
  • Office expenses.
  • Liveries expenses.
  • Gratuity
  • GIS
  • Electric charges expenses.
  • Sumptuary expenses etc.
  1. Comprehensive Section Management & Information System: – This software provides inter-departmental communication system with various other features to cater the needs of various departments of Patna High Court:-
  • Inter department mailing facility
  • Centralized Index Register
  • Roaster details of all the employees
  • Duty Chart of employees
  • Ongoing works/projects, etc.
  1. Vigilance Automation System:- We were facing many problems as to many complains/allegations are received of same type against same officer out of which some are exactly the same and due to this our manpower had to take extra and multiple efforts for the same complaint/allegation. We made a software which keeps track of all the pending and disposed allegations against a particular officer and reflects whether any similar allegation has been filed against the said officer or not and if yes then its current status. Hence, saving time and efforts of manpower. It also helps in instant generation of vigilance report against a particular officer as and when required.
  1. Online Grievance Redressal System: – This software logs the grievances and the same is directly reflected on the dash board of respective department / officer who in-turn takes necessary step towards redressal of the grievance and replies back within the stipulated time.
  1. District Court Infrastructure Management System:- This is a software which keeps track of all the relevant details of District Court Infrastructure:-
  • Condition of Court buildings
  • Condition of Court Rooms
  • Condition of Toilets
  • Condition of Drinking Water Facility
  • Condition of Litigant Shed
  • Franking Machine
  • Server Room
  • Information Centre
  • Filing Centre.
  • Ramp for Handicapped
  • Lifts/Canteen, etc.
  • Availability of Land
  • Availability of Canteen
  • Condition of Quarters, etc.
  1. Automated Quarter allocation system: – This software contains the details of each and every quarter under High Court Pool viz. its occupancy details. This also reflects unoccupied quarters as well as the quarters which are going to get vacated in near future. Also, contains complete waitlist for the candidates and the wait listed applicants may tentatively know the prospective quarter which may be assigned to them.
  1. Protocol Automation: – Protocol department deals with the travelling of all the Judges and Registry members. This software helps maintain the log and all particular travelling details. This software contains the features of auto generation of letters to be communicated to various authorities with respect to travelling of Judges and Registry members. Also, capable of tracking complete history of travel itinerary incurred in the same.
  1. E-Statistics: – This is a web based software having facilities of auto generation of graphical statistics of High Court. Various kinds of report generation viz. filing, pendency, disposal, old cases, etc. on various parameters viz. Nature wise, Subject wise, Time Period wise, Judge wise, etc.
  1. Online display board: – This software helps people know especially sitting in the outside world to know which case is currently being taken up in which Court.
  1. Android Application for Online Display Board:- Using this software, the Court’s Progress, Cause list and case status can be viewed on mobile phone itself.
  1. Online Cause Title:- Facility for filing Online Cause Title has been provided to Lawyers and the said data being fed by the A.G. (Advocate General) Office is also being fetched in the system directly hence reducing work pressure of data entry operators involved.
  1. Advocate & their Clerks MIS: – This software contains all the particulars of the Advocates including their mobile number and e-mail address via which various communications are made and the registered clerks associated to them. Also, with the help of this software, Identity cards are issued to the registered advocate clerks and it automatically flashes the list of advocates without clerks and the details of the clerks whose registration has expired or is going to expire in near future.
  1. Patna High Court Online Recruitment Management System: – This is a comprehensive recruitment management system whereby the recruitment process is completely automated. Each and every stage of recruitment is fully computerized:-
  • Publication of Advertisement.
  • Online filling up of forms.
  • Online Payment of application fees.
  • Online Scrutiny of applications.
  • Auto generation of selected and rejected list after scrutiny.
  • SMS & E-mail of every step to respective candidate.
  • Auto generation of Admit Card.
  • Auto & Random generation of Roll Numbers.
  • Auto allocation of Examination Centers.
  • Auto generation of attendance sheets.
  • Final Publication of Result.
  1. Online Typing Test: – This is a web based application and by using this, we have successfully conducted many examinations. This application not only logs the data typed by the candidate, but also gets locked itself at the end of time line provided and generates instant result on the screen of the candidate so that he/she gets to know his performance as soon as he ends the examination bringing complete transparency in the recruitment system. Also, we are using this software to give training to our already recruited stenographers and data entry operators.
  1. Online Objective Test: – This is web based software. We have successfully conducted examinations through this software. Examination containing objective type questions can be conducted. The questions get randomly generated on each Computer Screen. After the end of examination, the software is capable of auto generation of Results, Merit List, etc.
  1. KOHA (Provided by E-Committee, New Delhi): – This software as recommended by E-Committee, New Delhi is in use in Patna High Court for the Integrated Library Management System. All the cataloguing of books is being currently done in the software. Soon we are going to implement the same full-fledged i.e. for all kinds of library related activity like requisition of book, issue of book, etc.
  1. E-Court Monitoring System for E-Committee, New Delhi: – E-Committee Supreme Court of India requires quarterly data of the progress of E-Court Project in the state of Bihar. For that they have provided a format which consist of 55 Columns in the excel Sheet. That Excel Sheet is communicated to each and every district and every district send their report and at High Court the excel sheet is again consolidated and sent to E-Committee, Supreme Court of India. To save time and manpower and having records, we developed a software via which the district courts can feed the data online which will be consolidated automatically and can be downloaded in the specified format. We can also share the view only right with E-Committee for viewing the same online.
  1. SMS Log System:- This is the module via which we can keep track of the number of SMSs sent from different District Courts of Bihar which will help us in payment of the said SMSs.
  1. Quarterly Transmission to Supreme Court: – This is a software which keeps track of all the relevant details of District Court Infrastructure:-
  • Details of Owned Court Halls
  • Details of Owned Court Halls on Rent
  • Details of Owned Court Halls under Construction
  • Details of owned Court Complexes
  • Details of Court Complexes on Rent
  • Details of Court Complexes under Construction
  • Details regarding up gradation of Court Complexes
  • Details of Owned Residential Accommodation for Judicial Officers
  • Details of Residential Accommodation on Rent
  • Details of Residential Accommodation under Construction.
  • Details of Funds Allocated for Infrastructure
  • Details Regarding Monitoring of Infrastructure Creation.
  1. Vacancy Monitoring in Subordinate Courts: – This is a software to keep track of all the relevant vacancy details of District Court.
  1. Judicial Officers Database Management System: – This application keeps comprehensive details of all the Judicial Officers of the state Judiciary. Following information are available for all the Judicial Officers:-
  • Judicial Officers of Bihar Judiciary
  • Personal Details
  • Professional background
  • Trainings Undergone
  • Transfer & Posting History
  • Allegations if any
  • Proceedings if any
  • Awards & Recognitions if any
  • Leave details
  • Auto generated list of Judicial Officers due for transfer.
  1. Patna High Court Payroll Management System: – Payroll software facilitates generation of salary slips for Judges, Officers of registry and employees of Patna High Court. It incorporates all the 6th Pay Commission guidelines into Payroll software for employees of Patna High Court. The features of the software are as following :-
  • Auto generated computerized pay slips.
  • Auto calculation of Arrears.
  • Complete details of loans or advance of employees.
  • Auto deduction of taxes.
  • Auto calculation of income tax etc.
  1. Centralized Letter Receiving System: – This is a single window portal for all the communications for instance, letter, case diary, etc. to Patna High Court by any means, viz. Post, Fax, E-mail, Special Messenger, etc. Each any every communication to and from the Court is traceable electronically. This has helped enormously in reducing the delay especially in Judicial departments as any judicial communication like lower court record, case diary, etc. is immediately flashed on the dashboard of dealing assistant and is reflected on the websites as well for information to lawyers and litigants as and when it is received in the High Court.
  1. On Window Automated Certified Copying System: – This software instantly delivers the certified copies of all the judgements and orders since computerization, on window on a nominal payment on per page basis. This software automatically calculates the amount to be paid for each judgement or order, hence, eliminating manual calculation. This has got a great response and has enormously saved the time and effort of Courts manpower and litigants.
  1. Computerized Decree Management System:- All the decree prepared in Patna High Court are now computerized and are easily available on LAN and can well be integrated on public portal for public viewing.
  1. Automated file allocation system for Stamp Reporting: – This is an application which runs in the back end and allocates the files randomly to stamp reporters, hence bringing the transparency in the Court’s work.
  1. E-mail of Judgement & Order: – All the Judgement & Orders are communicated to lower courts with the help of automated software. As soon as the Order is uploaded, with a single button click it is communicated to lower courts via e-mail with computerized signature of attesting authorities, thus eliminating the delay in communication and saving the time and manpower effort.
  1. Auto generated Computerized Order Sheets: – Initially there was a traditional practice whereby the Order-sheets were printed and then the case particulars were written in hand. We eliminated this manual intervention and now the Order-sheet is directly printed containing all the relevant case particulars with the notes, seal and computerized signature of the dealing assistant.
  1. Auto generated Computerized Case File Stickers:- As per traditional practice, files were printed and on the top of the file case particulars are written in hand. We eliminated this manual intervention by introduction of stickers and a module which prints all the relevant particulars and same gets pasted on the case file top.
  1. Centralized Memo Management System: – With the help of this software, all the memos/letters issued are electronically generated with a unique centralized number to them. Hence, any issued memo or letter can be viewed any time with a single click and the same is displayed on the dashboard of Issue section who delivers the same as per the generated particulars as well as is visible on the dashboard of respective departments.
  1. Fax Section Information Management System :- The special features of this module are
  • Capturing of fee receipt details
  • Capturing of additional fee receipt details (if any)
  • Generation of list for additional fax fee holders
  • Ready List of cases ( to be sent through fax)
  • Defective List of cases (fee + disposal date /order date mismatch etc.)
  • Printing of Judgements / Orders ( to be sent through fax)
  • Acknowledgement of ready cases sent through fax
  • Generation of List of Judgements / Orders already sent through fax
  • Defective List of cases (Non pronounced judgements / orders etc.)
  • Update facility for fee receipt information
  • Query Facility
  • Message to Concerned Secretaries / PA’s for pronounce of Judgements/ Orders which are yet to be pronounced.
  1. Online Requisition of Stationary Items: – This is software hosted on LAN of Patna High Court. It facilitates all the Hon’ble Judges, Officers of Registry and Staffs of Patna High Court to make requisition for stationary items online and the same is reflected on the dashboard of Purchase Cell which in turn against the requisition made provides the Stationary to all the concerned.
  1. Automated Visitor Pass System: – All the litigants who come to court for hearing of their cases now get photograph included visitor pass for entering into the court.
  1. E-mail of respective Cause list to AOR’s:- This software is used to send daily cause list to respective A.O.R.’s of this Court only for there respective case listed.
  1. E-mail of Reminders to District Courts:- This software automatically generates reminders and express reminders in the prescribed format and sends through e-mail to respective District Courts for non-receipt of various documents. Recently, e-mail ids of ADC, DM and SP has also been incorporated in the said software.
  1. Computer and Peripheral Inventory Management Software for High Court & District Courts:- This software can keep track of all the computer hardware and peripheral purchased in Patna High Court or supplied to the district courts with details such as date of issue, to whom issued, serial number, date of return if any, availability of stock, etc.
  1. Judgement Writing and Information System:- This software mainly aims to enable PA’s / Stenographers to write the Judgements and orders dictated to them by Judges to type the judgements and orders so dictated in the prescribed format as specified by the Court, mail it to respective district court and upload the same on the website of Patna High Court.
  1. Case Indexing and File Movement: – This software enables the departments to index the Judicial Files and keeps track of the files which are being sent to the Digitization department from Record rooms so that the files can’t get misplaced and a proper record can be maintained.
  1. Writ Disposal Automated System: – This software is designed to ease work of the staffs of Writ Disposal Department to eliminate manual redundant work and save their time.
  1. Software to assist Standing Committee: – A unique and one of its kind software which has been developed to assist Standing Committee in evaluation and Transfer Posting of Judicial Officers which has brought a great transparency in the whole procedure and is currently in its phase of implementation.
  1. E-Court Project Monitoring System:- This is a software developed for pin pointed monitoring of E-Courts project viz. software that contains the details of each and every aspect of E-Courts implementation, issues arising and its resolution thereof with graphical analysis of the overall progress.
  1. Issue tracker: – A comprehensive software to keep track of the ongoing projects, current developments and future steps to be taken with accountability.
  1. Library Information System: – This is software developed which makes ready available data of the books, journals, etc. in the district courts. Challenges and Bottlenecks:- Although Patna High Court has marched ahead a long way in terms of computerization but still, it is necessary to keep motivating staffs of Patna High Court to continue with the pace and usage of computerization and motivating the older generation for the usage of computerization.
  1. POCSO Module:- This software has been developed to facilitate Juvenile Justice Boards across the State to submit online data related to pendency, disposal, etc. for submitting before Patna High Court.
  1. Interactive Digitized Register:-This software was developed to facilitate maintenance of digital Register in the district courts for data regarding details of accused against whom warrants have been issued or who are absconding.
  1. Online Questionnaire module: – Many times, it happens that we need to seek different types of data from Judicial Officers of the State. This software enables online data fetching from judicial officers to reflect onto the dashboard of respective department.
  1. Criminal Appeal Module: –Earlier various types of forms were sent manually to the district Courts relating to release from jail, etc. This software enables auto generation of various forms related to criminal appeal department for needful.
  1. Online JWIMS: –With the outbreak of global pandemic, it was getting difficult for PA’s / Secretaries to come to the Court premises and upload Judgements and Orders. Therefore, we developed a system through which PA’s / Secretaries are uploading the Judgements and Orders directly from their home on to the website of Patna High Court.
  1. Patna High Court Official Mobile Application: –With the growing usage of mobile phones and need for mobile app, a dedicated mobile app exclusively for Patna High Court has been developed with limited features for advocates and litigants so that they are not be required to go over again and again on the website for information but can get it from a resident app in their own mobile phones.

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