Tuesday, September 22, 2015

U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia

CC News Letter 22 Sep- U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia

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U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia
By Eric Zuesse


Germany's ZDF public television network headlines on Tuesday September 22nd, "New U.S. Atomic Weapons to Be Stationed in Germany," and reports that the U.S. will bring into Germany 20 new nuclear bombs, each being four times the destructive power of the one that was used on Hiroshima. Hans Kristensen, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, says, "With the new bombs the boundaries blur between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons."

Privatizing The Apocalypse
By Richard Krushnic and Jonathan Alan King


How Nuclear Weapons Companies Commandeer Your Tax Dollars

True Direct Democracy, The 3rd Nemesis Of The Cabal
By John Reid


With the instant communication and information we have today, we have the capability to run and manage the nation without the self-serving treasonous politicians who do next to nothing for the people. True Direct Democracy would enable us to enjoy the greatest freedom we have ever known and, just as importantly, free us from the tentacles of the cabal

The Black Panthers: Revolutions And Dinner Parties
By Fritz Tucker


The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution opens with a metaphor, where three blind men touch different parts of an elephant and alternately conclude that it is a wall, a spear, and a snake. Like these blind men touching an elephant, seeing this movie will not make you fully understand the legacy of one of America's most polarizing mass organizations, operating during one of America's most politically significant decades. Still, the film delivers what it can in–what was for me a riveting–two hours. Plus, any film that pisses off in equal measure dogmatists on both sides of the equation is a success to me

US Labor Law At 80: The Enduring Relevance of Class Struggle Unionism
By Immanuel Ness


By embracing collective bargaining through the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) of 1935, or Wagner Act, organized labor deprived workers of their capacity to contest private and state power. This compromise closed out any possibility of building a mass-based labor movement for decades. Rather than advancing the interests of workers, the NLRA circumscribed workers' aspirations for democratic syndicalist and autonomist unions

Why Arab Refugees Are Dehumanized at European Borders?
Humanitarian Darkness Renewed
By Mahboob A Khawaja


All the Arab States are deteriorating and could fade away with the passage of time. The refugee crisis is one of the important factors indicating the failure and complete disarray of the Arab culture and moral obligations. Foremost of obligations, it should have been the Arab leadership responsibility to manage the refugee episode as it has blown out of proportion for the West Europeans. The Arab leadership insanity embodies complete failure of moral, political and intellectual values for the wellbeing of the masses

The Real Beneficiaries Of ISIS Are The Anti Islam Forces
By Shakeel Mohammed


Baghdadi's Khilafat is hurting Islam and its human values the most. For the same reason this movement is gladdening the hearts of Islamophobes. Netanyahu's statement that supporting ISIS is good should be read along with this

Modi And Monsanto: A Wake Up Call For India
By Colin Todhunter


In the style of the late Hugo Chavez, perhaps it's time for someone to publicly recommend William F Engdahl's book 'Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation' to Narendra Modi. Like Chomsky's book, it too discusses threats and domination. It locates the GM issue and the 'green revolution' firmly within the context of empire via the destruction of indigenous agriculture and its replacement with a model dominated by US agribusiness. Engdahl also locates the Rockefeller-Gates hand behind the great GMO project to a sinister eugenicist strategy of depopulation

Can Muslims And Christians Live In Peace?
By Thomas C. Mountain


Wouldnt it be great if there was somewhere on this planet where Muslims and Christian respect each other, and dwell together in peace and harmony? I live in Eritrea and have seen this all existing for years now, first hand, many, many times

As Europe Closes Borders, Ecuador Says 'No One Is Illegal'
By Federico Fuentes


Governments across the world are erecting walls and tightening laws to keep refugees out, but one country is taking a radically different approach based on the simple premise that "no one is illegal". The Andean nation of Ecuador, with a population of 15.7 million people, is no stranger to the challenges of dealing with refugee crises. Ecuador houses about 50,000 refugees seeking asylum within its borders. This is the largest refugee population in any country in Latin America. The vast majority of these refugees want to become permanent residents

Mann Ki Baat at The Trump Tower?
By Raju Rajagopal


When Prime Minister Modi visits New York this week, will he take the opportunity to call on candidate Trump? After all, the Republican front-runner has been a vocal supporter of his government, and Modi could return the favor with some timely tips on campaigning, governance, and fashion! Who knows, 'President Trump' may join him at the Republic Day Parade in Delhi, come January 2017

The Inadequacy of Human Cognition And Cultural Politics
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan


RSS's All India Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya's opinion, 'secularism is irrelevant in India' is a newly designed software by the majoritarian culture, all set to be forcefully programmed on the collective hardware of Indian sensibility. Vaidya believes that saffron ought to have been the one colour on national flag because different colours represent a 'communal thought'. My question to Vaidya is how saffron stands out as the only non-communal colour? How can colours represent communal thoughts when India had celebrated these colours for ages?

The Persistent Plight of Settlers in Assam
By Aayush Anand


The dead kid in blue shorts and red t-shirt has become the ideogram of the Refugee crisis in Syria and in UK. Enough wrath has been generated by the national and international media infuriating the righteous human inside each, to come forward and raise a concern about the depleting humanity in the pretext of foreign policy and political rivalries.But the noteworthy irony is the same media's ignorance towards our own government's policy as a result of which thousands and lakhs of people are at risk of being abandoned by the country they have considered their homeland for decades
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