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Fukushima leaks hundreds of tons of radioactive water after Typhoon Etau busts drainage system

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12 September 2015
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Fukushima leaks hundreds of tons of radioactive water after Typhoon Etau busts drainage system | 11 Sept 2015 | Flooding from Typhoon Etau has caused new leaks of contaminatedradiation-tainted water to flow from the Fukushima nuclear power station into the ocean. The incident came after a rush of water overwhelmed the site's drainage pumps. Tokyo Electric Power CO. (TEPCO) informed the public today that hundreds of tons of radioactive water had leaked from the facility, but maintained that the incident posed no risk to the environment. [?!?]
Tropical storm causes a river to burst its banks in Japan, flushing radiation water from Fukushima into the sea | 10 Sept 2015 | More than 100,000 people have been evacuated and thousands of properties destroyed, after rare torrential rains saw a major river burst its banks north of Tokyo in Japan on Thursday. A further 800,000 people across eastern Japan have been advised to evacuate after officials issued pre-dawn warnings of unusually harsh rainfall to 5 million people. Dramatic footage shows people being plucked from their homes minutes before a tsunami-like wall of muddy water gushing from the Kinugawa river in Joso, carry their houses downstream. The huge rains also exacerbated acontaminated radioactive water problem at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant as it overwhelmed the site's drainage pumps, sending radiation-tainted water into the ocean.
82 waste bags with radioactive materials from Fukushima washed away by typhoon floods | 11 Sept 2015 | At least 82 bags filled with contaminated radioactive material from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have been swept away by flood water as typhoon Etau hit Japan, officials said. TEPCO said rainwater from the nuclear plant has been leaking into the Pacific. Flooding caused by Tropical Typhoon Etau has swept at least 82 bags suspected to contain radioactive grass and other contaminated materials that had been collected at the site of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP). Though the Environment Ministry went on to say that most of the bags had been recovered undamaged, local media reported that only 30 of the bags had been found.
Nuclear 'regulators' drop cancer risk study | 08 Sept 2015 |Federal nuclear energy regulators [sic] have decided to end a study they had started to determine the risks of cancer near nuclear power plants. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), which had hired the National Academy of Sciences to conduct the study, said Tuesday that it determined that the cost and time of the second phase of its research would be too high given the agency's budget restraints.
French court confirms Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning| 10 Sept 2015 | A French court upheld on Thursday a 2012 ruling in which Monsanto was found guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer, who says he suffered neurological problems after inhaling the U.S. company's Lasso weedkiller. The decision by an appeal court in Lyon, southeast France, confirmed the initial judgment, the first such case heard in court in France, that ruled Monsanto was "responsible" for the intoxication and ordered the company to "fully compensate" grain grower Paul Francois. Monsanto's lawyer said the U.S. biotech company [eco-terrorists] would take the case to France's highest appeal court.
WikiLeaks' Assange: 'US empire' planned to overthrow Syrian govt years before uprising | 09 Sept 2015 | WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has opened up about his new book, 'The WikiLeaks Files,' speaking about the 'US empire' and telling RT's 'Going Underground' program that Washington had plans to overthrow Syria's government long before the 2011 uprising began. Speaking to RT, Assange referred to the chapter on Syria, which goes back to 2006. In that chapter is a cable from US Ambassador William Roebuck, who was stationed in Damascus, which apparently discusses a plan for the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria.
Russian troops join combat in Syria: sources | 10 Sept 2015 | Russian forces have begun participating in military operations in Syria in support of government troops, three Lebanese sources familiar with the political and military situation there said on Wednesday. The sources, speaking on condition they not be identified, gave the most forthright account yet from the region of what the United States fears is a deepening Russian military role inSyria's civil war the illegal US war on the Assad government, though one of the Lebanese sources said the number of Russians involved so far was small. US officials said Russia sent two tank landing ships and additional cargo aircraft to Syria in the past day or so and deployed a small number of naval infantry forces.
U.S. to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees: White House | 10 Sept 2015 | President Barack Obama has directed his administration to prepare to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, the White House said on Thursday. It is the first specific commitment the United States has made toward increasing its acceptance of refugees from the war-torn country. Since the start of the [US-engendered] Syrian civil war in 2011, the United States has taken in 1,500 refugees, with 300 more expected to be cleared by October.
Senate Blocks GOP Measure Against Iran Nuclear Deal --Move ends opponents' chances of unraveling international agreement | 10 Sept 2015 | The Senate on Thursday narrowly blocked a measure aimed at derailing the landmark nuclear accord with Iran, effectively ending a bitter, partisan fight in Congress over the deal. The 58-42 vote clears the way for President Barack Obama to implement an agreement seen as the foreign-policy capstone of his second term without the embarrassing spectacle of a veto war with the GOP-controlled Congress. Sixty votes were needed to advance the disapproval resolution. The procedural motion was opposed by all 42 members of the Senate Democratic caucus who backed the nuclear deal.
Democrats clinch critical votes for Iran nuclear deal | 08 Sept 2015 | Pressing their advantage, the White House and insistent Senate Democrats locked up the votes Tuesday to frustrate attempts by outraged Republicans to pass a legislative rebuke to the Iran nuclear accord. Four previously undeclared Senate Democrats -- Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Gary Peters of Michigan and Maria Cantwell of Washington state -- announced their support for the international agreement in a coordinated burst. That pushed supporters to a 42-vote total, one more than necessary to block a GOP disapproval resolution with a filibuster, and prevent a final vote.
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory | 11 Sept 2011 | Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. [VIDEO.TRANSCRIPT: On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor....The DIAdestroyed 2.5 TB of data on Able Danger, but that's OK because it probably wasn't important. The SEC destroyed their records on the investigation into the insider trading before the attacks, but that's OK because destroying the records of the largest investigation in SEC history is just part of routine record keeping. NIST hasclassified the data that they used for their model of WTC7's collapse, but that's OK because knowing how they made their model of that collapse would "jeopardize public safety".
Tory plan to scrap the Human Rights Act confirmed in Parliament | 08 Sept 2015 | The Government will publish its plans to replace the Human Rights Act in the autumn of this year, ministers have confirmed. Asked in the House of Commons when the detailed plan for the Government's "British Bill of Rights" would be made public, Dominic Raab said it would be available soon. Mr Raab said the bill would give the UK Supreme Court supremacy over the European Court of Human Rights and give "a greater respect for the legislative role for honourable members in this place" - referring to MPs. It is not clear whether giving the UK Supreme Court supremacy over the European Court of Human Rights is compatible with membership of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Marine killed, 18 injured in accident at Camp Pendleton in California | 10 Sept 2015 | A Marine was killed and 18 others were injured Thursday in a vehicle rollover accident at Camp Pendleton. Officials are investigating the accident, said Lt. Colleen McFadden, a spokeswoman for the 1st Marine Division. They haven't released details about the conditions of the injured.
British Airways plane catches fire at Las Vegas airport; 14 injured | 08 Sept 2015 | A fire broke out Tuesday on an outbound British Airways flight at the Las Vegas airport, leading 14 people to be transported for medical care for what a fire official called "minor injuries." A majority of the injuries came as passengers slid down the inflatable chutes to evacuate the Boeing 777, Clark County Fire Department Deputy Chief Jon Klassen said. The incident occurred shortly after 4 p.m. (7 p.m. ET) and involved British Airways Flight 2276, which was bound for London's Gatwick Airport, according to the McCarran International Airport's Twitter feed.
New Justice Dept. policy aims to get tough on Wall Street fraud | 09 Sept 2015 | The Justice Department issued a new policyWednesday that made the prosecution of Wall Street executives involved in financial fraud a major priority, all but acknowledging nagging criticism that powerful corporate figures have escaped criminal charges in favor of giant monetary penalties. "Effective immediately, we have revised our policy guidance to require that if a company wants any credit for cooperation, any credit at all, it must identify all individuals involved in the wrongdoing, regardless of their position, status or seniority in the company, and provide all relevant facts about their misconduct," according to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates' prepared remarks for a Thursday speech at New York University Law School.
Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Suspending His Campaign for President | 11 Sept 2015 | Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is effectively ending his second campaign for president, breaking the news to conservative activists at a weekend conference. Perry becomes the first 2016 presidential candidate to suspend their campaign. In an interview last month, as the campaign stopped paying staffers amid mounting money woes, Perry's team insisted it saw a path forward that would keep the former Texas governor's candidacy alive through to the start of next year's caucuses and primaries.
CNN announces Republican candidates' lineup for 16 September debate, alters rules to ensure Fiorina is included in top tier | 10 Sept 2015 | The stage is set for the CNN Reagan Library Debate next week in California, with Carly Fiorina joining 10 other leading Republican presidential candidates at 8 p.m. ET.Thursday marked the close of the two-month window for determining eligibility based on averages of national polls...The top 10 candidates overall -- plus Fiorina, whose average support places her within the top 10 in polls conducted after the first debate heldAugust 6 -- have all qualified for the 8:00 p.m. debate next Wednesday in Simi Valley. The remaining five candidates will appear during an earlier debate beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Bernie Sanders overtakes Hillary Clinton in Iowa | 10 Sept 2015 | Hillary Clinton's Iowa edge is gone. Bernie Sanders leads the former secretary of state for the first time among Iowa Democrats likely to caucus in February, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll unveiled Thursday morning -- the latest in a string of surveys that show a tightening race in the Hawkeye State. The Vermont senator's advantage is within the margin of error -- he took 41 percent compared with Clinton's 40 percent -- and another 12 percent said they would support Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to declare his 2016 intentions.
Clinton: Scott Walker is a tool of the Koch brothers | 10 Sept 2015 | Making her 2015 debut in Scott Walker's home state of Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton on Thursday unleashed her harshest and most extended diatribe yet against a Republican rival not named Donald Trump, accusing the governor of being a tool of the billionaire Koch brothers. While Clinton frequently criticizes her Republican opponents on the campaign trail, her barbs are rarely so extended or pointed. She also mentioned Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul on Thursday evening -- but Walker faced the brunt of her fire. "It looks like he just gets his marching orders from the Koch brothers and just goes down the list," she added.
Poll: Donald Trump surges to 32% support | 10 Sept 2015 | Donald Trump has become the first Republican presidential candidate to top 30% support in the race for the Republican nomination, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll, which finds the businessman pulling well away from the rest of the GOP field. Trump gained 8 points since August to land at 32% support, and has nearly tripled his support since just after he launched his campaign in June.
Bush on Trump: You can't insult your way to the White House [Right, you can just steal your way with SCOTUS] | 10 Sept 2015 | Jeb Bush said Thursday that Donald Trump cannot insult his way to the presidency, a reference to controversial remarks Trump made about Carly Fiorina's looks persona that were published in a recent magazine story. "Look, I don't get it. I don't see how over the long haul that you can insult your way to the nomination or the president -- certainly not the presidency -- and not the nomination either," Bush said on CNN's "The Lead." EarlierThursday, Trump attempted to defend the remarks he made about his fellow GOP presidential contender in a Rolling Stone profilepublished Wednesday.
Flashback on hypocritical outsourcer Carly Fiorina: Carly Fiorina blasts Barbara Boxer's hair and Meg Whitman on hot mic | 10 June 2015 | In this video, Carly Fiorina, the Republican GOP representative in the race for the Senate seat currently held by her Democratic challenger Barbara Boxer, talks on a hot mic about Meg Whitman (the Republican GOP representative in the California Governor's race against Jerry Brown) making a "bad choice" in going on Fox News' Sean Hannity Show... Then, the former Hewlett Packard CEO sounds really catty in blasting U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's hair for being "so yesterday."
Trials for officers charged in Freddie Gray case will stay in Baltimore | 10 Sept 2015 | A judge ruled Thursday that the trials for six officers charged in the Freddie Gray case should stay in Baltimore -- at least for now. A change of venue hearing attracted demonstrators and national media to Baltimore one week after Judge Barry G. Williams decided that all six officers should have six separate trials. The hearing also comes the same week Gray's family reached a 6.4 million settlement agreement with Baltimore in the 25-year-old's death. The judge's decision was celebrated outside the courthouse, where demonstrators chanted "the trial stays here" and "all night, all day we will fight for Freddie Gray."
Baltimore Says $6.4 Million Wrongful Death Settlement Reached in Freddie Gray Case | 08 Sept 2015 | City officials have agreed to a 6.4 million settlement proposal with the family of Freddie Gray, whose death in April from spinal injuries he suffered while in police custody sparked protests and rioting. The proposed settlement came just over a month before the first of the six Baltimore police officers charged in Mr. Gray's death is scheduled to stand trial. The agreement doesn't affect the criminal proceedings against the officers. The proposal still needs final approval from the city's five-member spending panel, the Board of Estimates, which is slated to take up the matter Wednesday.
Kentucky clerk Kim Davis released from jail after judge lifts contempt ruling | 08 Sept 2015 | A Kentucky county clerk emerged from jail on Tuesday, six days after a federal judge put her behind bars for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, as her attorneys reasserted their argument that licenses issued in her absence are "not valid". With tears in her eyes, and having taken to the stage to the tune of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, Kim Davis thanked a crowd for their support. In an order issued Tuesday, US federal judge David Bunning, who remanded Davis to US marshals during a high-profile hearing last week, ordered the Rowan County clerk released from jail on the condition she doesn't interfere with efforts by her deputies to issue marriage licenses.
9/11 search dog honored with dream birthday bash | 10 Sept 2015 | As the 14th anniversary of Sept.11 approaches, one known surviving search dog who worked at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks was honored in New York City with a Sweet 16 bash. In human years, Bretagne (pronounced Brittany) is now more than 100 years old. She is being honored for aiding efforts in finding people trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center, and comforting officers and firefighters during her first deployment as a search-and-rescue dog in 2001.
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