Monday, August 10, 2015

NHRC has received your complaint regarding MUNNU TANTI. The Regn. No. is : 2410/4/19/2015.

Dalit crushed in the thrasher Machine Re: Time to rise against dalit attrocities.

Dear Friends

Greeting !


You all remember that on 24th July we had disseminated a picture of a Dalit Mannu Tanti from Lakhi Sarai (Bihar) who had been murdered by crushing on thresher (Fodder cutting machine) on April 26, 2015.


After we got lot more responses and different set of people, movements, organizations etc had taken up this issue to ensure justice to the victim.


I wanted to add that just on 7th Aug2014  National Human Rights Commission-NHRC has registered a case and made me complainant.


On 7th Aug2015 we had received a mail from NHRC stated that"NHRC has received your complaint regarding MUNNU TANTI. The Regn. No. is : 2410/4/19/2015. You may use this registration number for future reference.


Now we appeal to all the friends to use this information and reference no wherever it is useful/ needful.


We do wanted to inform you that most of the commissions are regularly monitoring our news updates and registering cases basis on our information.

Warmly !



Sorry to post these Horrible Photos.Be brave enough to face the Indian reality of Class Caste hegemony role of genocide culure,the BRUTE Apartheid.I am afraid that I have to shock you if you happen to be human enough!However biometric robotic clones have no mind or heart as most of us remain headless chicken as they describe:KABANDH!
Palash Biswas

Where are the fundamental rights and constitution of India ? Where are the Gandhian , Ambedkarite , Socialist , Communists of all directions , Akali , Dravidian , Bahujan and Sarvjan political parties to punish those who did cut an alive labourer into pieces when he asked his four days due wages ?
We must slap on the faces of such sociopolitical and religious leaders who talk about the God and Constitution but they keep mum on such murders and other heinous crimes !
Shame on the Indian President , Vice President , P.M. , Indian cabinet and the Bihar state govt. !
जाति व्यवस्था का क्रूर परिणाम है जो मन्नू तांती के साथ घटित हुई है. अपने देश में दलितों की दशा एवं दिशा का यह जीता जागता प्रमाण आपके सामने है.
यह घटना बिहार राज्य के जिला लक्खीसराय गांव खररा की है। स्व. मन्नू तांती के साथ यह घटी है. केवल अपने पिछले चार दिनों की मजदूरी मांगने के कारण मन्नू तांती को गेहूं निकालने वाली थ्रेसर में जिन्दा पीस दिया गया. इस जघन्य हत्या का अंजाम उसके गांव के दबंग लोगों दिया.

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