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CC News Letter 24 August - War Refugees Trapped, Under Fire Trying To Enter Macedonia

CC News Letter 24 August - War Refugees Trapped, Under Fire Trying To Enter Macedonia
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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

War Refugees Trapped, Under Fire Trying To Enter Macedonia
By CommonDreams

Several thousand rain-soaked war refugees and asylum-seekers ran across Macedonia's border from Greece Saturday as riot police chased them lobbing stun grenades, tear gas and beating them with batons. The violence came as Macedonia is cracking down on the flow of thousands of Syrian war refugees attempting to reach safety in western Europe by traveling through the Balkan region

Unite Against Communal Fascism: Fr Ajaya Kumar Singh

Living an ostrich like existence in the face of growing communal fascism will lead the country to destruction said Fr Ajaya Kumar Singh, one of the leading campaigners of Kandhamal justice movement. He said the Hindutva fascist forces are adopting the same tactics that they used in Odisha in Kerala too

The Wild Edge Of Sorrow
A Book Review By Carolyn Baker

Grief work is unique to each person grieving. There is no one way to grieve in a world where everyone and everything is inundated with sorrow and loss. Nevertheless, The Wild Edge of Sorrow, empathically and compassionately shows us how to begin the descent and how we might intertwine our journey with the journeys of others who long to engage in the sacred work of grief. For there, in the cold, dark well are bright, golden coins of joy and gratitude

The Pernicious Math Of Plutocracy
By Romi Mahajan

We have gotten to a point in which the "facts" of the world read like fiction of the absurd. One person's blink of the eye is equivalent to another's life of toil. This is the pernicious math of plutocracy and it has to be undone

Sri Lanka Parliamentary Polls 2015: What Does It Mean To Us?
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

An argumentative, free thinking and free speaking political culture, buried for decades is once again sprouting with good hopes and dreams in Sri Lanka. Such trends will construct space for healthy social discourse which can, hopefully, re-engineer the nation

Re-Reading 'Manjhi-The Mountain Man'
By Adfar Shah

Already in the political limelight even before its formal release, Manjhi is set to make a big success at box office. Manjhi -The Mountain Man is actually a biography that is based on the life of India's Mountain man, Dashrath Manjhi who was a poor man (labourer) from Gehlaur village of Gaya, Bihar. Dashrat carved a path through a huge mountain for twenty two years as a token of love to his deceased wife, who died after slipping from the same mountain and couldn't reach the far off hospital on time

False Case Slapped Against Debaranjan Sarangi
By Concerned Citizens

False case slapped against Mr. Debaranjan Sarangi, a human rights activist and a member of Ganatrantik Adhikar Surakshya Sangathan, Odisha, by the police of Malkanagiri District

OROP: Where Is The Bitterness?
By Maj Gen S.G.Vombatkere (Retd)

Veterans' peaceful and dignified agitation including relay fast for OROP at Jantar Mantar has crossed the 2-month mark. The ill-conceived police action against demonstrating Veterans on August 14 raised nation-wide condemnation and media attention, and caused two Veterans to start an indefinite fast. Veterans hold PM Narendra Modi along with his cabinet of Defence, Home and Finance ministers accountable, while on the opposite side, some persons are stating obstacles to OROP

Suicide-Bombing Is Not Islamic
By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Today, in line with their degenerate communal mindset, a phenomenon has emerged among large sections of Muslims which is an extreme form of tahleel-e-haram, or making the unlawful lawful. And that is suicide-bombing—or, in other words, strapping bombs onto oneself and blowing oneself up in order to kill a supposed enemy

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