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The Problem Of Greece Is Not Only A Tragedy, It Is A Lie By John Pilger

CC News Letter 14 July - The Problem Of Greece Is Not Only A Tragedy, It Is A Lie By John Pilger

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Binu Mathew

Greek Bailout Deal Highlights Monumental Scale Of Syriza's Betrayal
By Chris Marsden


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has signed up to an agreement that transforms Greece into a de facto colony of the European Union and places the country under the dictates of Germany. What remains of the Greek economy, above all its most valuable assets, is to be pillaged so that Athens can continue to pay back loans from the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Greece is to be placed under the direct control of EU officials. The function of Greece's parliament will be to rubber-stamp the transfer of real authority to Brussels and Berlin. It has until Wednesday to pass a series of laws implementing the demands of German imperialism and the EU

The Problem Of Greece Is Not Only A Tragedy, It Is A Lie
By John Pilger


The leaders of Syriza are revolutionaries of a kind - but their revolution is the perverse, familiar appropriation of social democratic and parliamentary movements by liberals groomed to comply with neo-liberal drivel and a social engineering whose authentic face is that of Wolfgang Schauble, Germany's finance minister, an imperial thug. Like the Labour Party in Britain and its equivalents among former social democratic parties such as the Labor Party in Australia, still describing themselves as "liberal" or even "left", Syriza is the product of an affluent, highly privileged, educated middle class, "schooled in postmodernism"

Our Nuclear Heritage: The Fukushima Catastrophe, Too Clever By A Half-Life
By Robert Snefjella


Has the Fukushima nuclear disaster, beginning in March 2011, been extremely harmful and is it extremely ominous? Or will the Fukushima 'problem' have negligible health impact, as offered by various 'experts' and 'prominent' institutions and commentators. On the one hand, massive numbers and large varieties of lifeforms in the North Pacific Ocean, in the post-Fukushima period, are already extensively destroyed, dead or dying, or deformed

Pakistan, India Join The Strategically Important
Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO)
By G. Asgar Mitha


I've drawn blanks searching the western media coverage of the rather very important SCO summit hosted by Russia. Why there has been no coverage is beyond understanding

Arabization Of Bangladesh: An Asset, Liability Or Threat?
By Taj Hashmi


Since the late 1970s, Arabization of the popular culture has become synonymous with the Islamization process in Bangladesh. This synonymy is ominous. It has long-drawn implications for the country. Moderate Muslims, liberal/secular Bangladeshis, and the friends of Bangladesh need to understand the long-term consequences of this slow and steady transformation of the popular culture of Bengali Muslims. Cultural transformation of people is a major step towards their political orientation and makeover. The apparently innocuous Arabization process has all the potentials to nurture Islamist extremism. In sum, Arabization is a Trojan's Horse to usher in Islamism or political Islam as the only political alternative in a Muslim-majority country. Pakistan is a glaring example in this regard

"Orphaned" Kashmir!
By Mohammad Ashraf


The attempt at establishing a Guinness/Limca world record by holding the longest Iftar party for "orphans" truly conveys the present "Orphaned" status of the state of Kashmir!

Not Simply Lauding But Sania Owes Modi's Apology!
By Shamim Zakaria


More than anything else what intrigued me to write this piece was a comment by one of my social media follower who hammered Indian hypocrites stating, 'just because Sania has won she is India's daughter and need not prove her nationalism, but losing Wimbledon would have made her daughter-in-law of Pakistan.' After Sania's victory among the congratulatory messages from various bigwigs included that of our PM Narendra Modi, who tweeted: Well played @mhingis & @MirzaSania. You played wonderful tennis & registered a fantastic win at @Wimbledon. We are proud & very happy

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