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The Need For A New Economic System

The Need For A New Economic System

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Binu Mathew

 The Need For A New Economic System
By John Scales Avery

The wisdom of our ancestors, their respect for nature and their hospitable traditions of sharing, can help us to create a new economic system founded on social and environmental ethics

Five Myths About Economic Growth
By Brian Czech

It seems like all the talk of economic growth was overblown, more the result of Wall Street excitement and political rhetoric than sober thought. Maybe what we really want is economic slenderizing

Netanyahu: Unserious Leader Of A Fearful Nation
By Jeffrey Rudolph

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot be taken seriously when he talks about Iran. While Netanyahu is a master at exploiting fear in a particularly fearful society, the following points demonstrate that thinking people can ignore his claims dealing with Iran

Hiroshima: 70 Years Of Lies And Propaganda
By Mickey Z.

"Why did we drop (the bomb)?" pondered Studs Terkel, two decades ago. "So little Harry could show Molotov and Stalin we've got the cards," he explained. "That was the phrase Truman used. We showed the goddamned Russians we've got something and they'd better behave themselves in Europe. That's why it was dropped. The evidence is overwhelming. And yet you tell that to 99 percent of Americans and they'll spit in your eye." Let the spitting begin

Hindutva In Hurry
By Shamsul Islam

Political arm of the RSS, BJP could secure only 31% of the total votes polled in the 2014 parliamentary elections. This clearly showed that 69% of the Indians; 80% of whom were Hindus did not vote for BJP. However, overlooking this reality the masters of BJP; the RSS top brass boasted that BJP's victory put "an end to 800 years of slavery" and by 2020 "entire country will be Hindu". The VHP patron Ashok Singhal went to the extent of declaring that by "2030 the entire world will be Hindu". With this frame of mind RSS is getting more myopic and accelerated its game of turning a democratic-secular India into a Hindu theocratic polity. After getting political power they seem to be in hurry and resorting to all kinds of tricks to capture national institutions specially belonging to the realms of art, culture and academia. This clique knows that time is running out fast and they need to bulldoze

Unanimous Rejection Of Land Acquisition Bill 2015,
Joint Forum To Intensify Opposition
By Bhumi Adhikar Andolan

Representatives of people's movements, peasant unions and farmers' organisations from across country reject the bill as anti-farmer and undemocratic at public hearing. Strong message to JPC to oppose anti-constitutional Land Bill

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