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Press - Note Social Movement Party SMP

Ref. No. 016/SMP/NL/2015
Date:  27thof July, 2015.
Social Movement Party (SMP) has organized a "PRESS CONFERENCE" on the issue of "ARBITRARY & COMPULSORY RETIREMENT OF 63 GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES BY THE J&K STATE GOVERNMENT UNDER THE GARB OF PUBLIC INTEREST" in the Press Club, Jammu on Monday, 27-07-2015 at 11:45 a.m. held by its National Secretary - General Mr. Ashok Kumar Basotra.
Mr. Basotra expressed shock over the arbitrary & compulsory retirement of 63 Government employees by the J&K State Government as it has flouted the Apex Court directions as well as basic principles of natural justice.
Addressing the media persons, Mr. Basotra alleged that the present PDP-BJP Coalition Government is working against the interests of the common masses as well as employees of the J&K State and this act of BJP-PDP Government is being questioned by common masses at large. The Constitution of India provides that the opportunity is a fundamental right of all the citizens of India, but the present Coalition Government is using the policy of "Hire & Fire" like the private companies in order to clear the road for their blue eyed incumbents to be promoted who are less competent as compared to these 63 persons thrown out stigmatizing as "Dead Wood" despite the fact that almost most of them are having outstanding APRs, and some of them have been recently promoted by the Government itself. Moreover, the material relied upon by the Government of J&K for said removal seems to be just hearsay and not the actual service records of the said 63 employees, and so, the orders passed against them are arbitrary and whimsical.
1)     What are the rules/criteria/yardsticks applied for the removal of these 63 employees, and what "public interest" it has ultimately served?
2)     Why the basic principle of Natural Justice viz. opportunity of being heard not provided to these employees?
3)     Why were they given favourable APRs and why some of them had been even promoted recently if they were the "Dead Wood"?
4)     Why there was no member from Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe in the Committee appointed for removal of these employees proving the said committee completely biased, as otherwise, every appointment committee mandatorily has at least one?
5)     What are the credentials of the members of the committee appointed for said removal and what credibility do they have in the society? Do they have the unblemished career or no pending FIRs/Enquiries against them?
6)     Why the Big-Wigs involved in the infamous Sex-Scandals and Roshni Act Scam not removed declaring them as "Dead – Wood"?
Mr. Basotra further expressed that while making appointments, the Government never fills the complete requisite reservation quota, rather there is always the backlog, but while removing, the Government has shown generosity in removing SC/ST employees out of the total 63 removed.  The action of the J&K State Government is arbitrary, unconstitutional, malafide and without any material, whatsoever, just to get publicity only. The method seems to be pick & choose as the blue eyed Big – Wigs have been ignored and these 63 persons have been made scapegoat in this compulsory retirement.
Finally, the SMP thanked all the Press & Media persons who attended the Press Conference, and also thanked its members, activists & leaders to make this Press Conference a grand success. Prominent amongst those who attended the press-conference were Mr. Dayal Singh, Mr. Dheeraj Thapa, Mr. Ajit Kumar Vashishath, Mr. Hem Raj phonsa, Mr. Des Raj Yadav, Mr. Abid Hussain, Mr. Parshotam Kumar, Dr. Bodh Raj Bawa, Ms. Madhu Bala, Mr. Sarwan Kumar Kundal, Mr. Bansi Lal Chargotra, Mr. Jai Paul, Ms. Purshotama Kumari, Mr. Ajay Jagotra, Mr. Bharat Bhushan & Mr. Kanwarjeet Sethi.
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