Tuesday, July 7, 2015

- In Ecuador, Fight For Mankind; In Greece, Fight For Greece!

CC News Letter 07 July - In Ecuador, Fight For Mankind; In Greece, Fight For Greece!

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

The Greeks Have Spoken: What Happens Next?
By Kavaljit Singh


There are two possible scenarios that stand out, at this critical juncture. First, a new deal is feasible if the European leaders realize the true importance of 'No' vote. The message of Greek referendum is loud and clear: harsh austerity measures imposed by the EU lack democratic legitimacy. And the debt relief should not be treated as a taboo. The second scenario revolves around a Grexit. There is no denying that the prolonged stalemate may lead to more defaults in the coming weeks, thereby increasing the chances of a Greece exit from the Eurozone which would have grave consequences for both sides

In Ecuador, Fight For Mankind; In Greece, Fight For Greece!
By Andre Vltchek


If Ecuador will get under direct fire, I will go back, and I will stand by it, doing all I could to support it. And if the Western Left will do nothing to help, I will break, fully and categorically, all my ties with it! As many wrote: Greece will survive. "It is, after all, in Europe". Even when it is down, it is, somehow, up. We, "down here", will not have another chance. And if we fall, entire non-Western world will fall with us!

Debt Slavery
By John Scales Avery


At the moment, the issue of debt slavery is very topical because of the case of Greece; but it is an issue that has a far more general significance

Israel's Army Of Spin-Doctors Is Doomed To Defeat
By Jonathan Cook


The Israeli government believes it is locked in an epic struggle to save Israel from the growing movement calling for an international boycott. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that Israel must quickly "rebrand" itself to avoid pariah status. Ordinary Israelis are therefore being conscripted into an army of spin-doctors in a campaign termed "hasbara" – Hebrew for "public diplomacy", or more literally "propaganda"

Unions Must Act Now To Survive Supreme Court Deathblow
By Shamus Cooke


Unions have a decision to make: organize or die. It's that simple. These are the only two options now that the Supreme Court announced it would hear the case "Friedrichs v. California Teacher Association."

Workers' Guide To Health And Safety
Book Review By Kim Scipes


Health and safety is about as boring a subject there is for most workers: they don't want to hear about this "crap," they just want to get the job done. Yet we now have a new book, published in May 2015—based on 10 years of work, field-tested by workers in a number of countries around the world, and with an enticing cover—that not only advances health and safety in workplaces, but does it from a worker-centered, pro-union, organizing perspective

Neoliberalism, Fukushima, And The Pope's Letter
By Mateo Pimentel


Unless the history, politics, economics, and ecological elements of nuclear energy and entities like Fukushima all garner attention, there is no way of telling what the resultant half-life of the poor's oppression will be

I Love GMO: The Warped World Of The Pro-GMO Lobbyist
By Colin Todhunter


There's a massive spike in cancer cases in Argentina that is strongly associated with glyphosate-based herbicides. These herbicides are a huge earner for agribusiness. But don't worry, Patrick Moore says you can drink a whole quart and it won't harm you. Who needs independent testing? He says people regularly try to commit suicide with it but fail. They survived - just. So what's the problem? Perfectly safe. Patrick Moore says he is 'not an idiot'. So he must be right. Right?

Wrong Development Priority In Spite Of Socio-Economic Census
And National Sample Survey Findings
By Dr Rahul Pandey


Partial results of two important official surveys were released recently. They point to dismal living standards of India's rural population and rising cost of health and education beyond the means of ordinary citizens. In spite of this reality the Modi government is undermining the public health and public education sectors among other social infrastructures, as reflected in its funding priorities. This does not bode well for future living standards of India's ordinary citizens who are already struggling with meeting basic needs

Does It Matter How An Average Indian Lives?
By Romi Mahajan


How then do we reconcile our affirmative answer to the question with the paucity of effort we expend actually spending time with the average Indian, learning about her life, and helping her with her needs? Is this reconciliation simply a fundamental part of privilege or is there something deeper afoot? Can we ever hope to live responsibly if we continue to live with the dissonance between what we profess and what we do?

The World Forum Of Fisher People's (WFFP) International Meeting Will Be Held
From 14th July To 19th July, 2015 At Pondicherry, India
By National Fish Workers Forum


The World Forum of Fisher People's (WFFP) was the outcome of the meet of the leaders of the International fisher communities held at New Delhi in 1997.The World Forum of Fisher People's (WFFP) International meeting will be held from14th July to 19th July, 2015 at Pondicherry, India. The fisher community leaders from 30 countries including USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Spain, Kenya, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil and Mauritania will participate in the meeting

Dolls Also Have A Story To Tell
By Priyanka Dass Saharia


Stringed marionettes; a riot of colours, sparkling sequin jackets, maroon pleated skirts and kohl rimmed eyes - all add to a certain candour. The dolls come alive. The intimate lives of the diverse communities in this spatial polyglot; the everyday and the ordinary come together with the ethereal and extraordinary in these embodied artefacts

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