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How The Jews Control Elections

How The Jews Control Elections

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when things get ugly in this country. and they will. i don't want to hear the jews pretending to be the innocent victim again. they will get everything they deserve...
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Did this lib. democrat a-hole in the video whom was interviewed by the peroxide  blond monkey girl really compare Clinton with Kennedy?!

White Americans should boycott elections as long as the Jews control them, and seek other ways to make their voice heard. Two ways they can do this is voting with their wallets and voting with their feet.

Keep up the good work sir

omg this is news!
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That's why amendment 2 failed in Florida 2014, because of a Jew named Sheldon Adelson. Wealthy EVIL bastard!
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Jose Custodio Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
How The Jews Control Elections:

Donny Serpico Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
You have to give the father credit..
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we talk and we talk and whe talk, but stil they own our ass!! ::)) nothing ever change
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it is a pity that most people do not know this
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buddah bless you brother n!

we own you
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Sadat Mousa Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
How The Jews Control Elections:
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Mike McDonald Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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I do not believe Americans are completely brain dead, however (if vote is trusted), they have again voted in the same Dem/Gop whores. It is true, the blind lead the blind.

love you brother!
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H George Tavakoli Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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What a bunch of "POMPOUS MORONS" our leaders like Obama, Pelosi , Reid, Biden, McCain, Boehner, Kerry & Hillary Clinton have become! Dems and Republicans are out of touch with REALITY!!! How dare they lecture other countries like Russian and China when ours is a mess run by low-life greedy immoral Politicians who are "Lobbyist Bribed" and owned by Gangster Bankers, Criminal Corporations, and Wall Street Fraudsters!!! STOP VOTING in Democrats & Republicans & GET RID OF ALL THESE SCUM running America into the dirt!!

Now the rich can just about buy every politician. $5,200 each
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Raymond Asfour Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago

The problem is the American people don't wanna wake up to see that the Jewish people control everything in America.

Well, if you fold a dollar bill just right, you can make a picture of one of the WTC buildings burning. Now ask yourself who owns our federal reserve. According to Jesus in John 10 there are 2 herds Christ must bring, and they will become one herd and have one shepherd. Now think of the cultivated olive tree with the wild olive branches grafted in. Paul says not to get haughty, because if God doesn't spare the natural branches he may not spare us either.Some of Abrahams natural get will be saved

Amen Bro! Both parties can go to hell. I voted Ron Paul anyway!

Hitting the nail on the head, again. US is a zionist controlled system full of lies and hypocrisy. They control the banks (money) + media + puppet leaders, its in my opinion impossible to let them stop hijacking the US by evolution. The US needs a revolution to end this.

Another solid one, BN! Cheers.

yeah you should watch video "Whom Real Jews Should Marry"!

Well, I believe those to be the 144 thousand, 12 thousand from each of the 12 tribes of Israel whose identity is known only to God.

The TRUTH will set you free! Oh, I forgot, not with the government or the masses..............only with Yahweh and Yashua! Vincent Bert Commentary!

Facts are Paul the highest population of Jews outside Israel in Middle East is Iran. Hostility towards Jews was on the increase since after the Zionist state was enforced in 1948. But your figure of 1000 is untrue. It's closer to 10,000. Was it not the Persian kings that allowed the Jews to return Jerusalem to rebuild their temple by the decree of of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia

You may have hit the nail on the head. Let's dumb it down for us public school graduates.

How can "most americans" not heard of Ron Paul, when lots and lots of people in other countries know exactly who he is and cheers for him?

@rickiex In 1770, Mayer Amschel Rothschild drew up plans for the creation of the "Illuminati" and had Adam Weishaupt, a Crypto-Jew, who pretended to be Roman Catholic, help with its organization and development. The "Illuminati" is based on the teachings of the Talmud, which is really the teaching of Rabbinical Jews. The "Illuminati" is a Luciferian term which means "keeper of the light". So, to answer your question, it's the Jews.

you are a very brave man

Word is Bon Jovi!

Hey BN you called this one. I guess the Jews really do control everything.

Plenty of both is right B.N!

Is brother nathanael a Jew or orthodox Christian

Sad to listen that shit has already arrived to beautiful Ireland, I lived there for years, in my country Spain we have several freemasons ministers in the government, same shit, their gentiles employees, you know that one of the persons that has ruined Ireland on behalf of the talmudic kabala jew mafia banksters is Angela Merkel, she is daughter of a polish jewish woman and now married to a jewish man.

I thought Barack's main backer was George Soros, is this wrong?

Since Obama became president Iraq ~ got a muslim bros Theocracy & it's citizens got armed w/ american gun purchases Egypt~got a muslim bros Theocracy & it's citizens got armed w/ american gun purchases Libya~got a muslim bros Theocracy & it's citizens got armed w/ american gun purchases Syrias headed for; a muslim bros Theocracy & it's citizens got armed w/ american gun purchases Hey ya think Afganstan & paki will get; a muslim bros Theocracy & it's citizens got armed w/ american gun purchases

Wieso töten jüdische Soldaten unschuldige muslimische Kinder ??

in many ways but at the end he wasn't just anti-jew he was anti everything that is not german

"There's little to choose between the Juice".. ;-)

Russian Jews own Diebol voteing systems wich is 90% of Americas votes..Jew money through Federal Reserve etc etc Jew World Order only 3 countrys are with out a Jewsih Central Bank guess what they are?...One were about to go to war with..


Galatians 3:29 "Ye who are Christ's are Abraham's seed and heirs to the promise" Christianity is the new Israel, and America is about to be judged, torn down, and taken into captivity, just like ancient Israel was, for the same reasons. The STATE of Israel is a counterfeit Israel.

Gun sales are gonna SKYROCKET now....

The "Israel of God" is THE CHURCH. St Paul made this crystal clear. +BN

Hey, Maybe Mossad will do to Obama what they did to Yitzah Rabin so Washington, DC can be officially moved to Tel Aviv -- or vice versa -- and get it over with once and for all! What do you think?

On the money Brother. ;)

Kennedy was different!

Daniel 11:20 in play now!

Ron Paul Wright in for the upsetting win.

1 more thing.Remember this a lot of Christians are in line with the re-building of the temple in Israel,Not good...They're deceived into believing this is for Jesus,While in fact it will be for the false prophet.This is why it's important to not jus read,but to study our bibles.What's the easiest way for satan to deceive people?Through the "Church".satan knew scripture and used it against Jesus,And Jesus defeated satan with Scripture.It's still going on today...

..I wonder why some are so keen to pinpoint your coordinates BN.. ?

0:29 I wouldn't say most Americans "never heard of Ron Paul", though I could always be wrong in that case. In my opinion, many Americans have indeed heard of him, but they mostly recognize him as someone revered by kidults, and most call him a conspiracy-theorist due to his heavy criticism of the Federal Reserve System. Basically, he's just one of the more "unpopular" politicians, because he doesn't seem to hold a black-and-white stance like what's expected of DNC and/or GOP candidates.

quite right they want a return to serfdom , where 99% of the populace are on their knees to the elite 1% - the good old days ! the middle classes ( really anyone who works - so that includes the so called working class ) are paying all the bills , while the elite pay no tax ( they set the rules after al ) and the rest are on the dole , wasting as much money as possible ;the public sector is so bloated in many countries - they employ morons who are so inefficient and a total waste of money

cheers it's election day.....and yes there are still plenty of other resaons to get out and vote.!

I say it's time to Abolish the position of the President. No 1 person should ever be allowed to have so much power over anyone.

We dont live in a democracy,its an illusion..

The 144k will be taken from those who resurrected with Jesus the day he arose from the grave, those were the first fruits. It was recorded in Jerusalem the day Jesus rose from the grave the dead were seen walking and conversing with theri relatives and decendants in Jerusalem. The church has always been around for 3500 years, thats what the menorah symbolizes. From Adam to today there has always been loyal followres of the Savior, even before he came they believed in him, even Moses believed.

Hey Shlomo! How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Freemasons are the tool of Jews. Jews can not be Presidents all the time so they use their loyal gentiles, but sometimes the heads of state are Jewish like David Cameron and Disraeli in UK, Sarkozy in France, Ion Iliescu, Petre Roman, Mihai Ungureanu in Romania, Erno Gero, Bela Kun, Rakosy in Hungary, Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov in USSR and many others.

have some fucking integrity, stop fucking participating in this piece of shit system that has us all enslaved. People like you trying to justify voting for one evil or the other are who is keeping this shit going. We need a fuckin revolution, not another 4 years of lies and war.

All the trouble in the middle east is in preparation for the next phase toward "greater israel". The Palestinians are finished according to the jews, they are like cockroaches crawling around their enclosures. Israel is getting close to bursting out of old Palestine and invading numerous Arab nations, preferably with lots of oil wells. Once the American elections are over and especially if Romney wins it will be on. War, and the jews want it all, from the Nile to the Euphrates.

where foes he live

Ron Paul !!!!!!!!!

another great vid. keep it up!

Vote for Obama: Same BS for another 4 years and is owned by the Jews! Vote for Romney: Same outcome as obama and is owned by the Jews! Doesn't matter who wins this election because the American people are screwed either way.

In other words that Zionist cunt cares deeply about the destruction of christian values, the destruction of christian morals, and the destruction of christian families.

Sorry I can only give you one Thumbs-up.

Well, why ya'll still watchin' TV. Mine had a collision with a brick 35 years ago. Get rid of TV; get rid of public education and we might still have a chance. Naw, we passed that threshhold 30 years ago. I'm grateful that I lived long enough to see Brother Nathanael turn on the light.

He was right in one sense, but I don't like how he ended up sacrificing Christian faith or principles for the race struggle ideology. I could see how the latter would be easier to to follow, rather than having faith that there is a God in control of human events. He killed many many people of all kinds, including dissenting Christians, the movement quickly got demonic.

How is Alan Turdshowitz relevant or his Pro Zionist Opinions?Only If he keeps up the Mantra that it's okay for White Jews/Isreal to Discriminate/Racist policy's against Arab/Palastine!

Israel of the bible is the name given to prophet Jacob, not to netanyahu

Has anyone see this. How much veracity can one put to this: Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress (Updated) veteranstoday()com/2012/11/01/romney-leaks-drugs-blood-diamonds-and-a-cuban-mistress/

It makes no difference that Obama won. Romney would have been just as much a puppet for the Federal Reserve monetary system and Israel.

honest work always so good n hope you can stay alive n give us more honest work.

They pretty much own everything. Hollywood and Music Industry is controlled by them as well.

Fuck em all... Ron Paul.

Sergey Bryn and Larry Page are Jewish....

Brother, who will you be voting for in this election?

I though you were in Wisconsin? No?

Stay at home folks. it is'nt even worth the bother of taking u'r slippers off for. !

Brother Nathaniel, your gooood.

How do we of the one true God respond to such a cabal of evil?Do we simply leave it in the hands of Jesus and pray for guidance-it seems the only response?

How do you write in anything when it's electronic?I was going to write in Ron Paul.

Romney's handlers look much nicer than Obama's, I'd suggest voting for him. Plus first Mormon, let all the different faiths have a turn, next could have a Budhist or Hindu

I have read Galatians, and while I agree that the promise of the (Holy) Spirit was given to believers in Jesus Christ thru Abraham, it also states that the original promise to Abraham by God can not be nullified. Galatians 17, etc. I'm inclined to think that while we as Christians do inherit all the blessings God gave to Abraham, and even so may be "Spiritual" Israel now, we are not physical Israel, which was resurrected specifically so God COULD fulfill all that He said He'd do, here at the end

are these true?you would know,jews claim they never said this but they are the source I got these from. 1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a). 2) He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).

africans should colonize israel. the israel lobby likes to promote ethnic cleansing, lets start a fundraising for nice african people to colonize israel, nice african people to form there own government inside the israel government, i will donate money every month to this cause for nice africans to form an equal rights movement in israel,

How fucking TRUE?!?!???!?!? Our society is FUCKED!!

Very accurate. The Jews are killing innocent people in Palestine in their own land. And America is already Jew infested

I bet they also rig British elections when it comes to politics.

Anybody still have any questions as to why these people were expelled 109 Times throughout history? America, will wake up sooner or later.

The Truth be told..Thank BN.

My friend's only real Jews in Iran. Nowhere else are Jews in Israel are just some of them.

..yep, and that wonderful new catchphrase springs to mind. "same shit, different arsehole"

Wow.. This guy is wise..Haha.. True.. Jew already control all businesses, corporate media and politics here in our country..

Its fun to pretend apparently, in 2 years from now people will be going well... maybe 2016. Yep in 2016 that president will make positive changes for the people & uphold the constitution. Do we ever learn!? ''Forward''? Nah, drop the D ''For-War'' is more like it.

So tell me what Christianity really is if I am comparing it to Papism since I believe much of Christianity came via That CHURCH in ROME and well if your speaking Eastern Orthodox I"m sure that belief system isn't far off of Roman Catholism unless you can prove to me some way which I doubt.

monkey elected,jews won

I heat when they say "I suport women's rights!" They should be saying I suport Equal rights! maybe not for the Jews though.

Please do a video on the Talmud and it's racist teaching

Jews are NOT the problem .People have no Idea that ZIONISTS are NOT Jews ,but use Judaism as a cover for their operations.They are really anti Jewish n atheists.They committed the Holocaust n blamed Hitler.

Do Names matter? Or is it all TITLES? That is the way we are programmed to think in Belief Systems, even Christianity, Catholism, Islam and so on and so forth Corruption has been around since when? Who was cast down to Earth since he wanted to sit in THE FATHER'S SEAT? Who has Confused THE NATIONS? What has His Mission been? CONFUSION, and has HE did a Great Job? Read Dt. 13:1- when ever you feel like stopping and tell me with all the above in mind when reading, what?

its almost time for the election cycle to begin again. I wonder what tomorrows ópinion'poll will show. how do the 'voters rate Obama's first day in office

It seems that Zionism has well and truly duped the Christian world. Who can stop them now? The Zionist backed war machine is now making its way through Muslim lands. The Saudis are in the pockets of America along with the UAE countries. The only obstacle left in their way to form the greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile is Iran. Guess we better pray the Iranians stick it to the Zionists when that day comes.

In order to build the temple will the al aqsa mosque have to be destroyed?

Dershowitz is a joke.

brilliant work!! I am such a huge fan!

of course they are ... google is ... everything related to money and power is!

Douchewitz does not care about Palestinian rights no matter their sexual persuasion or gender AT ALL (never mind deeply), does not care about their basic human rights though does he, does not care that his tribe stole their homes/homeland et al. Freaking hypocrite reptile.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado. FILMED LIVE! +bn

Romney had super jew Michael "TSA" Chertoff and a handful of zionist scum who were advising him. They didn't do a good job did they? The Kock brothers and Shelly didn't seem to feature too promising. And by the way, fzuck Kristol!!

Dershowitz claimed to be a Kennedy liberal? Really? If he was, he would not vote for Obama, he would cast a vote for Romney.

The brother telling it the way it is

It's one big mob

Wow. Womens rights. Gay rights Church and state? Are you kidding me? look folks. If i can keep my job and weather this sick ,Evil storm. I'm a happy man. This coming from a cousin of Willam Travis and Mark Twain...God Bless from TEXAS. This is hell on earth and getting hotter!!!

Both, he talks about it in another video. Shalom

TRUE TRUE TRUE, love your chanel.

After Israel and the US, Iran has the largest Jewish population in the world. They work and live in peace there. As they should.

we in EU also. have fact. when political parties bought homeless people votes. And also have problem, if people vote incorrectly(to other party), they can cancel votes.

Obama won just like I said he would. The illusion of choice with the Hollywood Election Television Series is over.

Water is right, it is a great idea! I would donate money for this too. Africans in Israel!

Only certain of the Illuminati are claimming to be Jews to make Gods chosen people to appear evil and to be hated amongst all nations. Rev. 3 v. 9 Says... Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

in America, it is the Jewish vote that determines US Elections ....anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Thank you so much Brother Nathanael you really open my eyes and fill in the missing gaps of true knowledge. You are a great contributor to the truther community.

The whole election in USA is a giant freakshow.

Jews on Webcam INSULTING OUR DEAD! Youtube search "Jews Mock Gentile Funeral" MAKE THIS VIRAL!

hey brother nathanael have you ever seen the money masters documentary? Anywho this is why ron paul makes me skeptical but he was going after the fed. That is a no go for the controllers in washington.

Do a vid on the ADL

Well, I a roman catholic, are you daring to tell me that I'm not a christian?????

Obama just gave israel a $70 billion present for their so-called "iron shield". Dershowitz is a cunt - excuse the language but he is a cunt!

Jews have been living in Iran long before the Zionist entity was created. Iran has no problem with Jews its the Zionist entity which is the problem.

Excellent video. Both these two groups are destroying America and the World, while the Jews and Zionists laugh. And when they are laughing you know something is wrong!

The way I see it, One is going to be in bed with the Jewish Banksters, and the other one is already in bed with Jewish Banksters. So no matter who wins, the Jews will have their man in the charge. Just like a Casino on Wall St, the House (Jews) can't loose, they are backing both sides.

You´re gonna vote for either one who will go to war and r*pe your country. The other however will r*pe your contry and go to war. Just ass the always been doing. I feel for you all.

You nailed it, bn. Both candidates put Israel first. That is the choice we are given, puppet 1 or puppet 2.

a hornet's nest of problems

Wow - they did it again - youtube unsubbed me from your channel!

Sir, what do you think of Gary Johnson?

Ionacaddy. The Israel of God is the holy catholic (universal) and apostolic church, made up of true believers in Jesus Christ throughout the world. The counterfeit people of God are those who call themselves "Jews" but are the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9). Read Paul's letter to the Romans, the Christian church replaces carnal Israel as God's chosen people. The modern political state of so-called Israel is the capital state of the coming worldly rule of Antichrist.

It is so real you can see the wind blowing the trees a bit. Use your eyes please. +BN

It's great how you keep us informed about the jewish power games behind the scenes, brother nathanael, but how do we remove parasites from the power elite now? How do we move forward from diagnose to therapy?

I to was a rebellious human before ,Jesus found me ,No person can find GOD ,HE finds you ,then you make the deceison to hear or not ! people find or convert to "religion ' in which is devoid of thuth !

you are my hero.

But the Jews lived in Arab countries for centuries in peace too. The majority of Jews immigrated in 1950-1960 in America, Canada, Palestine, Europe (70/100 the Jews of France are from North Africa). And now those Jews who had lived in peace with us, spread a lot of propaganda against Muslims in their media. You can not say that the Jews are innocent or victims of Zionism

I follow everything related to what BN is talking about, and I'm surprised I only just discovered him today, smart man.

LOLOL. Obama who has sent the IRS against any Pro-Israel Jewish organization is controlled by Jews and Israel?! LOLOL.

HoloCost Revisionism by Snordelhans /watch?v=ptDVpYw2suY

Write in Ron Paul on your ballot.

Romney was pro israel, had a good friendship with the prime minister, unlike obama, so why Romney did not win

The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries! They immigrated into our nations and then secretly declared war upon us! They conspired to take control of our nation's infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners. Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!! For a FREE informative BOOKLET & video on the Zionist-engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of White people go to: youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

AIPAC? Which is the Strongest Lobby...

So sad to see the American government putting Israeli interests ahead of her people's interests

Bibi is such a macho man... If good ol' Bibi Netanyahu is so gung-ho about having an American president who is hawkish on Iran, they why doesn't Bibi himself don an IDF uniform, put on a helmet, grab a gun and go into Iran himself? F*cking coward of a leader!

Were you aware that of the "British Uganda Program" at the beginning of the last century? The British Uganda Program was to give the Zionists some 5000 sq miles of territory in in what is today Kenya and Uganda, seemingly as a temporary refuge for Jews in Russia . So your "Africans should colonize Israel" has my vote! Of course, as Zionists are some of the most racist and xenophobic groups on this planet, it may be a bit impractical, but I say lets give it a shot!

Don't compare papism with Christianity..... Many Orthodox Saints were killed by "catholics". Saint John of Suceava and Saint Peter the Aleut. I don't want to see the Orthodox Christians being accused for things we never did.

yes. zionist jews are in control.

It's crazy how a small group of people control millions of peoples lives.

very few people even know what a jew is where im from including me, what is a jew a bloodline a life style both or what, i have heard according to the jewish beleaf a jew can only marrie a jew and a blood test must be done first, what blood are they looking for if a jew is not a nationality ?

Prayers can turn the tide of evil in the US and its chaotic effect in the world. Until then, only President Vladimir Putin can prevent America's military Democracy from destroying the world.

the voter fraud is done at the local primary level, just to prevent ron paul type constitutional libertarians (not R or L wing) once the federal reserve candidate is selected on both sides the people just go to the circus for a show. the fraud is going thru the motions at the local level.

Great video.. Informative.

Catholics aint the true church, you worship Mary the "co-redemptrix" Queen of Heaven who is really Ashtoreth. The Pope wears the robes of the Dagon High Priest, and the regular clergy priests wear the garb of the Mithra priesthood and are forbidden to marry just like them (which Jesus never forbid marriage). The Vatican is built ontop of the temple of Cybele. Even your communion is blasphemy as transubstantiation is sorcery. I found at least 5 pagan roman gods hiding in catholicism.

While asleep and dreaming last night I was walking down a busy street in my dream when BroNat walked past me! He turned his head and looked directly at me for a second, then continued on his way. What was strange was he wasn't wearing his priestly attire, but instead was dressed casually without even his hat. His face and beard were unmistakable. Keep up the good work BroNat.

Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox( that's how you call it in English).

:)) Both of the were... There was no victory:(

The Republican "party" is so stupid in pandering to 2% of the US population, of which 70% vote Democrat! This equates to 950K jewish votes for Repubs, whereas they receive 500K black votes & totally ignore that voting block. Like BN showed in another video, William Kristol proudly declared that the Repubs were purged of any non Neocons. The party of Lincoln has degenerated into a Reactionary, chickenhawk shill group for zionism

But your thought is ill-informed. The Jews rule through fear and intimidation as Harold Rosenthal stated...and if that doesn't work, murder (ie. Abe Lincoln, Louis T. McFadden and JFK for starters). IQ has nothing to do with being a better conniver or manipulator.

A vote for Romney means your gun rights will stay alive a little longer.

Which I have done, study, pray and pick others brains and hearts... And get to know the ins and outs on what is written if in fact it existed in the Books in the Bible or not and when the verse(s) have been Added to or taken or manipulated in any way. Yes, get to know the environment one dwells and get out if it promotes lies.

If we don't take back our world from the Jews who hate gentiles, muslims, asians, and anyone who isn't a jew, we are all a gonner by crackee. And here's a major hint for all you pacifist jerkwads out there, it ain't gonna be by "voting" (aw haw haw haw) or protesting (uh duh). Get the picture pinheads. If you ain't gonna help, then get the Hell out of the way or get rolled over by the liberty steamroller.

FILMED LIVE on location! LOL! Beautiful area my friend!

There are a few that will bow at my feet for sure, as well as many Christians in that case. Rome is just as guilty.

Alan Dershowitz is a reason why one who is anti-war should dismiss the Democraps

Voting Yes on amendment 64 In Colorado today and voting Gary Johnson

I would LOVE to see the Jews bring Larry Sinclair onto 60 Minutes.... LMAO!! It's awfully funny we've heard NOTHING from Barry's "former girlfriends".... Obama's a filthy sodomite!

btw... there's an "alternative" to google that claims to "offer more privacy". It's called DuckDuckGo... But look who owns it, Gabriel Weinberg... :)) another Jew.. What an alternative!!!

i can see the strings being tightened on romney and obama= jewish puppeteer at work!

Pornography, major IT Companies( besides Google, Microsoft( Balmer), Facebook( a lot of them), Oracle( ellison), Dell, Wikipedia, Reddit and more)

does Brother Nathanial realize that his idiology is backed by the kind of people that would want to cause him harm. former jew or not, it doesn't matter. he is still a jew in their eyes.

How accurate is this guy?

right on point brother nathanael

What video-editing software are you using?

Face it, American's had the chance to elect Ron Paul, now look who's up for election. Fuck you America, you stupid at bastards! You fuckers deserve everything you get. This is amerimica. Idiots!

No matter who is elected ..Americans will get more wars, more national debt, less freedom, more outsourced jobs, more police state. Lose lose lose lose.

A vote for Obama or Romney is a vote for WW3 and the Satanic Jew World Order.

Great job again Brother Kapner. Sorry to hear about the State Troopers attitude towards your street evangelism. Keep up the good fight and the donations will soon start to increase. Down with Jewish Zionism!

Good clip Brother. That Zionist's speech reminded me tho, no Zionist is a real liberal, because real liberals are not warmongers, but Zionists are aggressive war mongers. What a fake Uncle Tom Obama turned out to be - dancing to the Zionists' tune. I'm sure the "neo-con" and "liberal" Zionists secretly get together and celebrate their usurpation of the USA in its financial & military support of Israel's lebensraum in the Arab World. Good instance of 'race' meaning nothing - the heart is all.

You're the best Brother.

You Can't lose when you Own Both Parties!

Good question.Honestly my friend It's one I use to ask myself,That's why I'm no denomination.Jus a follower of Jesus that seeks truth,such as this video.Christian means follower of Christ.The one true Church is/are TRUE followers of Christ,Jesus knows who His people are.We're God's temple.Not something made of hands.I base this strictly on Scripture.The people who follow Christ are the 1 Church of the Lord.

Obama ist auch proisraelisch !!!

Welp, Obama wins again...lets see what the Zionists have in store these next four years. If America can last another 4, that is.

Israel is actually very racist they have laws that they enforce concerning black and Jewish marriage and were supporters of apartheid in South Africa Not to mention they actively commit hate crimes against Palestinians all the time

I feel that there may be such a thing as Christian Zionism and Judaic Zionism. Christian Zionism is the New Jerusalem Rev. 21:1 (where there is no longer any sea), and Judaic Zionism is the earthly kingdom of antichrist messiah that the Jews want to establish with the rebuilding of the Temple as Heaven on earth. Judaic Zionism seems to fool Christian Zionists.

Nice scenery..if it's real.

He says he was a Jew before converted to Christianity.

Israel is 20% arab fucktard, go there and take a look you people do not understand israel

Many Wonder why the Jew's suck the blood from the freshly circumcised babies? Is it a Vampire ritual. Seems beyond sick.

Hitler was right after all.

The jews candidate was romney and he lost, so its a small victory against zionism.

GIves us back our money you jews

Brother Nathanael, I used to be one of those Christians that considered Israel to be our charge, thinking that we Christian nations should protect and help Israel against the heathens because it was expected of us by God, probably because I grew up reading Hal Lindsey. But I believe this no longer. After realizing who brought down the twin towers, I am left reassessing the State of Israel's place in the bible, as I still do believe it's rebirth is a major end time prophesy. What do you think?

Maybe the Jews are just smarter and the Christians and Muslim (especially the conservative ones) are just jealous... Just a thought.

im confused, is the jews in control of the world? or the Illuminati?

Hitler was right!!! ;(


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