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Breaking: Iran, World Powers Have Reached Nuclear Agreemen

Breaking: Iran, World Powers Have Reached Nuclear Agreemen
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14 July 2015
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Breaking: Iran, World Powers Have Reached Nuclear Agreement | 14 July 2015 | Iran and world powers sealed a historic accord to curb the Islamic Republic's nuclear program in return for the lifting of sanctions, capping two years of tough diplomacy with the biggest breakthrough in relations in decades. Diplomats reached an agreement in Vienna, according to an official involved in the talks, who asked not to be identified and didn't elaborate on the details of the deal. The accord will curb the nation's nuclear program in return for an easing of sanctions that have crippled the Islamic Republic's economy.

With Iran nuclear deal said to be close, negotiators to hold final meeting | 14 July 2015 | With an historic deal on Iran's nuclear program reported to be imminent, negotiators from the countries involved in the talks will hold a final meeting Tuesday, officials said. Representatives of the United States, Iran and the other participating nations will meet at 10:30 a.m. in Vienna (4:30 a.m. ET), after which press conferences are expected to be held, U.S. and E.U. officials said. A senior Iranian diplomat directly involved in the talks said Monday night, "We are very close but not there yet. Let's see what's going to happen in the next few hours."

US delivers first F-16 fighters to Iraq | 13 July 2015 | The U.S. on Monday delivered the first lot of F-16 fighter jets to the Iraqi government to be used in the fight against Islamic militants. Brett McGurk, the administration's deputy special presidential envoy to the coalition 'against' the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) [I-CIA-SIS], confirmed the deliver on Twitter. "After years of preparation & training in the U.S., Iraqi pilots today landed the 1st squadron of Iraqi F16s in #Iraq," he said. The four jets arrived the Balad air base around midday local time, an Iraqi air force officialtold Reuters. 

The high cost of protecting the CIA's opi-m routes in Afghanistan: Afghan war costs American taxpayers $4 million per hour - study | 14 July 2015 | New data show that America's war in on Afghanistan is costing taxpayers roughly 4 million an hour, despite the Obama administration's 'drawdown' of troops leaving only 10,000 soldiers in the country. Despite the colossal cost, the Obama administration and Afghan leadership both recognize the war will only end with peace negotiations, according to observers. More than 700 billion has been spent on the Afghan war since the George W. Bush administration authorized the invasion in 2001, including more than 35 billion in fiscal year 2015, according to figures from the National Priorities Project, a non-profit, non-partisan federal budget research group.
#ThisIsACoup: Greeks react with fury at new 86bn euro EU bailout deal, accusing Germany of using WW2-style tactics to condemn their country to years of harsh austerity | 13 July 2015 | Greeks have reacted to the news of today's bailout deal with fury, saying the tough reforms agreed to by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras condemned the country to 'misery, humiliation and slavery'. Following marathon overnight talks between 19 eurozone leaders, Greece caved in and accepted a range of reforms to secure a deal worth up to 86 billion euros - the country's third bailout in five years. Some have already taken to social media using #thisisacoup to decry the terms of the deal, with many attacking the creditors terms as unfair. Users even accused Germany of 'destroying Europe once again', adding they 'could not do it with tanks so now they try it with banks'.
Pentagon moves closer to allowing transgender troops to serve | 13 July 2015 | Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Monday issued two directives moving the Pentagon closer to allowing transgender men and women to serve openly in the military. First, Carter ordered the creation of a Pentagon working group "to study over the next six months the policy and readiness implications of welcoming transgender persons to serve openly," Carter said in a statement released Monday afternoon. Carter also said that all decisions to dismiss troops with gender dysphoria would be handled by Brad Carson, the Pentagon's acting under secretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.
Mega barf alert: Scott Walker Makes 2016 Run Official | 13 July 2015 | Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought to portray himself not only as a fighter but a winner when he when he became the 15th Republican to enter the 2016 presidential race on Monday. Like he has done during his frequent visits to early voting states, Walker used his 2016 kickoff to highlight his battles with the labor unions in his state and his success winningstealing three elections in four years. Walker has at times stumbled with his frontrunner status, with even some supporters worried about his foreign policy chops. He raised eyebrows earlier this year when he compared his battle with the unions to ISIS and has since spent recent months studying [LOL!] international affairs.
New York City Reaches $5.9 Million Settlement With Family of Eric Garner | 13 July 2015 | New York City reached a 5.9 million settlement Monday with the family of Eric Garner, whose death after he was placed in a chokehold by a police officer sparked a public outcry, officials said. Garner's family filed noticeof a 75 million lawsuit against New York City and the New York Police Department last October, according to New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, who announced the settlement. "Following a judicious review of the claim and facts of this case, my office was able to reach a settlement with the estate of Eric Garner that is in the best interests of all parties," Stringer said in astatement. 
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