Wednesday, October 7, 2015 Did Gandhi endorse the Hindu Nation? Had he any role in partition at all? फिर क्यों गांधी की हत्या कर दी हिंदुत्व ने और हत्या का वह सिलिसिला क्यों जारी है?

Did Gandhi endorse the Hindu Nation? Had he any role in partition at all?

फिर क्यों गांधी की हत्या कर दी हिंदुत्व ने और हत्या का वह सिलिसिला क्यों जारी है?

Palash Biswas

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I have been talking about Ambedkar`s stand on partition.

I has been talking about the roles played by Netaji,Fajlul Haq,Jogendra Nath Mandal and Seemant Gandhi.I have been talking partition since I learnt ABCD,lifelong. Because we are predestined people selected for ethnic cleansing and subjected to persecution,exclusion and repression.The holocaust continues for us as the bloodshed continues till this date and the Cast and  Identity war civil war continues worldwide against humanity and nature.

Across the border,Gandhi is considered responsible for partition.Because the Gandhi Mountbatten meetings had been highlighted and focused and hyped so much so in every story told on partition of India as he was the supreme commander of India`s struggle for freedom.

We have not discussed the cabinet proposals as yet.

What were the cabinet proposals?

Who were considered to finalise those proposals for transfer of power in accordance with?

We did not discuss about the grand alliance of Hindutva which created the Muslim League to demand separate homeland Pakistan.

The Indian peasantry had been united rocksolid against feudal and imperialist forces and as well as religious identity though it had been the abode of diversity and pluralism which is all about the phenomenon of Indian geopolitics and its culture beyond identities and borders despite it had been always divided by religion and caste.

Indian peasantry had never been the part of the Hinduta or Islamic camps.It did not consider Muslim league at all until leaders like Fajlul Haq,Netaji and Seenat Gandhi had a say.Three of them sidelined by grand hindutva alliance and the alliance further invoked Muslim League as a reckoning force.It was followed by hard bargaining for the share of power to suatin the monopolistic Manusmriti rule beyond identities and borders.It was hell losing and the hell continues to lose due to the conspiracies of transfer of power.

It is clear that Dr.BR Ambedkar was not a party!

Had gandhi been a party either?

Dr Ambedkar was helpless.

Jogendra Nath Mandla stayed back in Pakistan as his leader Dr.Ambedkar advised him to stay in pakistan and ensure the rights of stranded hindus,minorities and dalits there despite the incomplete population transfer.

Thus,Jogendra Nath Mandal is held responsible for the partition of Bengal against which he fought!

The story was created with surgical precision as the transfer of power and creation of Hindu and Islamic nations,Hindustan and Pakistan were accomplished with surgical precision and Gandhi had been made the victim of partition as we happen to be!

If Gandhi created this Hindu Nation why the Hindutva did kill him on 30 January,1048?Why does Hindutva continues that draconian attempt to kill Gandhi yet again after almost seven decades while India remains a Hindu nation?

I am in quest of truth and what I say,it is not the ultimate truth at all!I do not want to end in talking in solitude.I want to be intervened in every situation whether I am wrong or right.I want to interact and debate on these questions as I want to stop the free flow of Blood Rivers! The infinite war and civil war!The inherent hatred and racist apartheid most blatant!The Identity clash and the regime of hatred and the governance of fascism!

I want to sustain humanity and Nature! I want an interactive society full of love,equality and justice!

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