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Racism In USA: Psychology And Perception Fail The System

CC News Letter 20 June - Racism In USA: Psychology And Perception Fail The System

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Binu Mathew

Worldwide Displaced Population Reaches Record 59.5 Million In 2014
By Evan Blake

Worldwide forcible displacement due to armed conflict or persecution is at its highest level in recorded history, according to a report released Thursday by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The annual Global Trends Report: World at War estimates that a record 59.5 million people were forcibly displaced by the end of 2014, with the largest recorded annual increase of 8.3 million and a staggering increase of 22 million from merely a decade ago

Racism In USA:Psychology And Perception Fail The System
By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava

The worst fears are here to stay. In USA again on the racial grounds innocent people have been killed in African-American church by a very young white fellow. Nine people died on the scene at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church when young white men shot them dead. A 21 year old young white men Dylann Roof was arrested and presented before the magistrate on the charge of killing nine innocent black people. Dylann Roof also raised racially inflammatory statements during killing. This killing has brought out reality of racial structure in the US society

Why Are Some Lebanese Sunni Muslims Becoming
Sympathetic Toward Da'ish (ISIS)?
By Franklin Lamb

The extreme' ideology of Da'ish and its embrace of brutal violence have allowed it to quickly attract the attention of millions worldwide and is estimated to have resulted in thousands of recruits, many being from Lebanon. The group's ability to effectively leverage social media and disseminate its message -- with near instantaneous global repostings -- has enhanced its success. Governments around the world-including Lebanon have been ineffective in significantly curtaining its actions

Weeding Roses In Kabul
By Martha Hennessy

Of the estimated six million child laborers in Afghanistan, 60,000 work in Kabul, competing for meager wages. They sell bread and shine shoes on the streets to support their families so that they may eat. The June 2015 CIA World Fact Book reports that it is impossible to estimate the numbers of children out of school, however, in Afghanistan's teen and adult population, the literacy rate is 38.2%. Among females over age 14, only 24.2% can read and write. How can the street children achieve a better life if they remain illiterate?

European/Russian Crisis Created By Washington
By Paul Craig Roberts

The hope is that Washington will cause its European vassals to rebel by pushing them too hard into conflict with Russia. The hope that European countries will be forced into an independent foreign policy also seems to be the basis of the Russian government's strategy. Perhaps intellectuals can help to bring this hope to fruition. If European politicians were to break from Washington's hegemony and instead represent European interests, Washington would be deprived of cover for its war crimes. Washington's aggressions would be constrained by an independent European foreign policy. The breakdown of the neoconservative unipower model would be apparent even to Washington, and the world would become a safer and better place

International Yoga Day: Yoga Must Reach To Gandhi's 'Last Person'
By Ravi Nitesh

There is an ongoing debate over Yoga. Unfortunately this debate is not concerned with objective of yoga, rather only on its socio-political aspect that took religious turn by questioning if all religions should do yoga

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