Wednesday, June 17, 2015

open letter to politicians

open letter to politicians


 Mr. President , PM ,K,P.OLI ,J .N Khanal and many other  looters of the taxpayers' money


Subject –Return of the looted money in the PM's relief fund


Dear politicians /office bearers


You all know how the last EQ of 12th Baishak devastated our lovely country and many lives and billions worth property damaged. This is undoubtedly a time to mourn and make determination that you will do that needed to restructure the country, help the victims and reconstruct the damages. In this context all Nepalese citizen are doing their best to help the victims of the EQ.

At this stage we need strong unity and determination to overcome the tragedies brought by the last EQ. However the political leaders are neither showing their strength to re- structure nor doing any kind of help to the victims as they are interested only to loot the nation. They are busy in smuggling the relief materials like corrugated sheets, blankets and misuse the money allocated for the tents purchase. The funny and disgusting part is that the same looters who looted millions of taxpayer's money in the name of medical treatment are visiting various sites of damages and telling the people to keep courage and fooling them that the corrupt government will help them to fight with the EQ damages.  These shameless people talk big and give false assurances and false promise saying Rs 15,000  will be provided to you for buying the corrugated sheet, 5 lacks low interest loan to built new house etc but in reality the corrupt politicians  are looting the taxpayers money in different pretext. It looks so ridicules when looters like PM ex PM, President , etc  request the poor people to help the victims and poor innocent Nepalese people are carried away on emotion seeing the damages of the EQ and the result is that even the recent flood victims do cut down their expenses and donate to the EQ victims where as the  corrupt ministers continue to  loot the relief fund  as mentioned by the government report itself .The corrupt leaders rovers around the damages area  in the helicopter and make fun of the victims.

I do not know there is record of your looting in the name of medical treatment or not but if you have any moral it is time you all looters from president to PM return back the looted amount and deposit it in the PM relief fund to reconstruct the EQ damages. If you people have even a tint of moral values left in your soul and consider yourself as worth to be called as human being, in this juncture of the country when people are in big problem , there  hope shattered, tons of miseries in their head, and being looted from all sides like politicians, traders, school, vendors, etc  deposit all the money you people have collected as medical treatment in the PM's relief fund or else your request to the donor countries for donation  to reconstruct the EQ damages will be as hollow as you people are.

I heard the corrupt government is preparing to show all the damages to the donor agencies and in my opinion this is nothing but to beg without any dignity exposing the miseries of the people. Neither Nepalese people are so poor, inefficient and corrupt as the politician of  the country nor we Nepalese people want to be humiliated in the way you corrupt politician want to exhibit the miseries and fill your pocket.

This is the time to show your dignity and honesty to fulfill the needs of the people and uplift the image of the country and show to the world that Nepalese people can stand on its own feet in any circumstances without losing their dignity and honor. We Nepalese people are humiliated at times by world community because you people are corrupt and interested only to fulfill your vested interest.

The corrupt international INGOs who take back more than 90% of the donated money through salaries ,perks and spent unnecessarily in seminar, PR  etc   blames Nepal as corrupt nation simply because you politically related people are corrupt  and give enough opportunities to insult Nepalese people .where as they INGO s etc themselves are none the less corrupt than you people. Example is FIFA.


People like we who love to have rule of law in the country and want the good governance and transparency are eager to ask few pertinent question to the donor agencies like the following

1.  What is the source of money that you donate to Nepal –the taxpayers money cannot be spent and misuse the way the donor funded money are used by the donor agency itself

2.   What percentage of the money is spent for salary perks and other facilities like use of  helicopter where the vehicle can easily reach ,

3.  Inform us the actual percentage of money that reaches to the victim for whom it is said to be donated.

4.   How you decide on the modus operandi for the optimum utilization of the donated money?

5.  The extravagance that is easily visible to any concuss citizen suggest the proper book keeping of the donated money is not undertaken and we want as much transparency from the donor agencies as we demand from the government

Dear President, PM ex PMs and other many looters of the taxpayers money ,  I feel sorry to say this that we are unable morally to ask mentioned  question directly to the donor agencies and  sent letters to the PM/president of the concerned  donor countries directly requesting  to give proper attention on such pertinent issues simple because our bed sheet is also dirty as theirs because of you corrupt politicians whose only notion is to loot the nation in different pretext  

I consider this is big opportunity to you people (all who have looted the taxpayer's money in the name of medical treatment, ) to return back the looted money in PM's relief fund and show to the international organization ,donor countries that you are corrupt no doubt but still you have not killed your inner voice totally and are not yet morally dead and are still concerned with the miseries of your country men. This will not only boost up your character and help a lot to get back your lost respect but also provide a strength to people like we to write directly the concerned donor agencies and their  government to watch and monitor the donated money and its status.


As I have worked in many word Bank and ADB funded projects and have fair knowledge  how the organization are run but because of the corrupt   character of you politicians we lose our strength to ask directly the donor agencies  to be transparent, open and specific and show your book keeping

I hope at this time when the people and country need the moral values to fight with the corrupt INGOs , so that the Nepalese are not cheated in the name of relief you people will help the country by returning all the money you have looted in the name of medical treatment and provide enough strength to people like we to ask for the required transparency from the INGOs Donor agencies etc

Thanks for cooperation

Yours truly

Kalyan Dev Bhattarai

Senior citizen 0f Nepal 

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